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Mumbai(91-22) 66221111[email protected]World Trade Centre, Center 1, 13th Floor, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai 400005

Official Website Link: https://www.yangming.com/index.aspx

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Yang Ming Line India

Yang Ming Group (YML) and Mumbai-based Marine Container Services (MCS) have formed a formidable joint venture partnership known as Yang Ming Line India Pvt. Ltd. 

The combination of the Taiwanese company with the highly diversified Indian group company that provides services in shipping and international transportation across the country is expected to bring a new level of competence to work in the logistics industry. “The new JV expected to add more lustre to Indian logistics service.”

The expertise that their partners, Chairman Capt. Somesh Batra and Managing Director Capt. J G Lin, bring to the new entity will be of great assistance to the joint venture.

On March 18, Mr. W. H. Huang, President of Yang Ming Group, and Mr. Robert Ho, Executive Vice-President of Yang Ming Group, officially launched the new venture in the brand-new, well-appointed office space at the World Trade Centre in Mumbai.

Naming the organization “Association for Progress”, Capt. “Today is a great honour for them to have the President visit them and also inaugurate the office,” Somesh Batra stated. His last visit was long ago, and I anticipate his return within the next 17 months. They must bring it about. 

Yang Ming must give him the chance to visit India. They desire to take the organization to more prominent levels, just like the practice of the Gathering.” 

Services of Yang Ming Lines Container Tracking

Continuous Shipment Following: With the help of Yang Ming’s tracking services, Indian customers can keep track of their shipments’ current location and status in real-time. This makes it easier to see how the cargo moves from its origin to its destination.

Updates on the status of the cargo: Yang Ming provides regular status updates on shipments, including information regarding the schedules of vessels, the anticipated time of arrival, and any significant transit-related events. Customers can stay up to date on the progress of their cargo by receiving notifications.

Tracking of containers: Yang Ming permits clients to follow individual holders by entering their remarkable compartment numbers. Businesses and individuals shipping goods in containers can greatly benefit from this.

Tracking of documents and bills of lading: Customers can access and track crucial shipment documents, such as the Bill of Lading, which is necessary for cargo release and customs clearance.

Information on Customs and Compliance: In addition, Yang Ming Container Tracking services may provide customers with information regarding India’s customs clearance and compliance requirements, facilitating the smooth import and export process.

Customer Service: While not a following help essentially, Yang Ming commonly offers client care in India to address any requests, issues, or concerns connected with shipments and following. This can include helping with issues with tracking or general questions about shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions By Yang Ming Container Tracking

What is Yang Ming following?

Customers can use Yang Ming tracking, a service offered by Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation, to monitor their shipments’ real-time status and location as they move through the supply chain.

How do I use Yang Ming to keep track of my shipment?

You can use Yang Ming’s mobile app or visit their official website to track your shipment. You should include your special following number or compartment number to get the most recent announcements.

What kind of information can I get from tracking Yang Ming?

Your shipment’s current location, estimated arrival times, and any significant status updates, such as customs clearance or delays, are all provided by Yang Ming tracking.

Is Yang Ming’s tracking accessible at all times?

Yes, Yang Ming tracking can typically be accessed online at any time. However, depending on your shipment’s specific logistics and the time zone in which it is currently located, response times and updates may differ.

If I have questions about my shipment or encounter issues with Yang Ming Container Tracking, what should I do?

You should contact Yang Ming’s customer service or support team for assistance if you encounter any issues or have questions regarding your shipment or Yang Ming’s tracking system. They can give you the information you need and help you solve any problems you might be having.