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Som Logistics Solutions

Let’s introduce SOM LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS (SLS), a growing company that provides valuable and individualized services in the supply chain management subfield of logistics management and warehouse management.

 The movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption are all part of the supply chain, which is an essential function for any industry. 

They strive to provide effective and efficient logistic management with the goal of lowering a company’s handling costs and maximizing profits.

Som Logistics Tracking uses improvised distribution centres, prompt and clear communication, staff that is well-trained, and customized service.

A flawless and effective distribution network with cutting-edge infrastructure is made possible by the Director(s)’ 15 years of experience in the same field.

Today’s challenge is to add value and delight to every micro and macro transaction, given globalization and constantly shifting business environments.

Their punch “THEY DELIVER COMMITMENTS” serves as a foundation for their commitment to deliver on time.

Som Logistics


Workforce management is the backbone of any organization, and the desired output is directly correlated with its execution. This served as the foundation for their decision to hire the best employees at all levels to provide the best customer service. The employees are chosen and trained to demonstrate the following skills.

  •  High Result.
  •  Ethical.
  •  Courteous.
  •  Flexible.
  •  good comprehension of work.

Som Logistics Tracking Core Values

Customer orientation is one of SLS’s core values. Ethics are the foundation of the people, the environment, and education. 

The following values are part of their system:

  • Integrity: SLS do the right things.
  • Commitment: They keep their Word.
  • Respect:  They Value People.
  • Excellence: Som Logistics Give its Best.

Corporate Responsibility

Som Logistics Tracking put stock in attempting to get harmony between individual opportunity on one hand and social obligation on the other.


Quality is not a matter of chance; rather, it is the result of applying what has been learned from previous experiences and keeping an eye on them through a set procedure. At SLS, they guarantee that the quality of their services will always be maintained and provided.

Som Logistics Ltd


  • To be a useful partner for their clients by offering superior logistics and warehousing services.
  • Make a system based on morals and values.
  • Embrace and incorporate a work culture which exhibits a “they can, they will” mentality.
  • Personalization of services, efficient networking and communication, and innovation is, however, necessary for developing core competence.
  • To empower ourselves in the direction of social and spiritual growth.


“To work with Som Logistics Tracking cherished clients to grow their businesses by providing high-quality and dedicated supply chain management services that are both effective and efficient. And striving for a high level of networking, communication, and personalization that enhances the value of the raw material or finished goods supply chain.”

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Surface Transport Services

SLS renders administrations in the field of Production networks. The supply of raw materials through the distribution of finished goods constitutes the supply chain.

Production network The executive’s plans carry out, and control the proficient, compelling, forward and switch stream of merchandise between the starting place and the mark of utilization to meet the client’s prerequisite.

Premise the above SLS gives beneath administrations:

Logistics is the management of the flow of things or goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to satisfy the requirements of customers or businesses. 

Som Logistics Tracking is also known as door-to-door organized transportation. SLS offers high-quality surface transportation services throughout North India.

SLS has firsthand knowledge of providing services for surface transportation from door to door. They oversee the specialized fleet of closed-body container vehicles used for goods mobilization at the local and route levels.

Material loading and unloading take place on docks with in-house workers working around the clock.

The goal is to provide express delivery services with 100% product safety.

SOM Couriers


Both standalone and integrated logistics-based warehousing options are available. Top tier foundation is accessible in different areas in north India, which are all around interconnected with the Administrative centre.

Customers are able to have more control over their goods without having to worry about how to do it, and at the same time, they are able to reduce the costs associated with inventory with a well-developed system and procedure for planning and controlling storage. 

By releasing goods when demand exceeds immediate production, warehouses make it possible to store goods when supply exceeds demand. This not only helps to stabilize prices by matching supply and demand, but it also ensures a consistent supply of goods on the market.


Som Logistics Tracking provides logistics services to third parties. S LS is a company that specializes in transportation, warehousing, and integrated operations services that can be scaled to meet the needs of customers in accordance with market conditions and demands as well as delivery service requirements.