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Phone Number(91) 22 66594700
Email Address[email protected]
Company Address402, 4th Floor, Rustomjee Aspiree Off Eastern Express Highway, Sion Mumbai 400 022

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Samudera Container Transport India

The company has steadily developed into a prominent player in regional shipping services since its inception in 1993, facilitating connections between Southeast Asia and global markets. Their activities range from containerized and non-containerized freight transportation across key shipping lanes connecting ports in Southeast Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, the Far East, and the Center East. Serving a wide range of customers, including manufacturers, exporters, and importers, their Container Shipping segment offers dependable feeder services from their hub port and interregional container shipping services. 

They maintain representative offices across Southeast Asia, Indochina, the Far East, the Indian Subcontinent, and the Middle East. Headquartered in Singapore, they manage chartering services for bulk carriers and tankers globally. Their fleet handles dry bulk and liquid cargo under various contractual arrangements. Specializing in Bulk and Tanker shipping, they ensure efficient transportation solutions worldwide. They offer comprehensive logistical support, leveraging a robust network and strategic global presence.


Container Shipping Services

They provide a wide range of container shipping services, with a focus on reliable feeder routes and connections between regions in Southeast Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, the Far East, and the Middle East. Their organization guarantees effective transportation of containerized freight, serving different customers from producers to exporters and merchants. 

Hub and Spoke Feeder Services

They specialize in hub-and-spoke operations, centred on a key port in Singapore. This hub connects seamlessly with various spoke ports throughout Asia. Their network enhances regional and interregional trade routes with frequent feeder services. Efficiency and connectivity are prioritized, facilitating accessible trade routes across the region. They ensure seamless logistical connections, supporting trade with reliable and effective port operations.

Logistics Solutions for Manufacturers

With tailored operational plans, they meet manufacturer needs, offering just-in-time delivery and supply chain management. Their extensive network and expertise enhance distribution and operational efficiency for manufacturers globally.

Charter Services for Specialized Cargo

They specialize in handling specialized freight needs, from large equipment to delicate items. Their charter services ensure reliable transportation solutions with adherence to industry standards. Focused on operational excellence, they tackle unique logistical challenges with dedication and precision. Safety is paramount in their approach to moving oversized equipment and sensitive cargo. They provide tailored logistics solutions that meet stringent industry requirements with exceptional reliability.