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CITYPhone NoEmail AddressCompany Address
Chennai9443312306+91 9443310770
No INFO#1169, P.H. Road, near the signal at the Rohini Theater, OPP: Metro Train H.O. Koyambedu, 600107, Chennai

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About Mettur Parcel Service

Mettur Transports is a logistics division of Mettur Super Services (mSs). It has been in the transportation business for more than 30 years. It started with two buses from Chennai to Mettur. 

Now, it operates more than 40 buses and 250 trucks to multiple destinations in South India. It has served more than 10 million passengers and counting. 

Their packages and parcel services have handled transits of more than 400 tons, and Mettur Transport Tracking is sincerely working to surpass their previous accomplishments.

Mettur Super Services has been a trusted name for passengers in 1993 who wanted a safe trip, comfortable seats, and great service.

Their devoted customers, who began to associate with them as customers and have since become their extended family, had earned their trust and faith through their dedication to their passengers.

With an expanding fleet of buses on the newest routes in and around the nearby states and various locations in South India, Mettur Parcel Service has grown to become one of the leading bus operators.

After having understood the requirement for customary package administrations between significant towns and urban communities, MSS continually deals with growing the courses to guarantee the accommodation of clients from even rustic regions and impending urban communities.

Mettur Super Service Tracking has been serving their clients such that they get a choice to get down at the nearer vicinity of their picked stop even though they have in the middle between stops there, which makes them grin and their satisfaction is their objective.

Their Parcel and Cargo services ensure that their valued clients’ packages are transported with the utmost care and concern for their safety, making the cargo handling procedures stress-free for them. They always trust them and rely on them for their requirements.

Services of Mettur Super Service Tracking

In South India, Mettur Transports Services is regarded as the most dependable transporter and parcel service.

Their cargo facility accommodates nearly all permitted goods, including food, flowers, mail, couriers, machinery parts, household items, and more. For transportation, the best vehicles are used.

LOGISTIC SERVICES of Mettur Parcel Service

They have their headquarters in Mettur Dam, and they can take advantage of business opportunities in all of the other major cities and metro towns.

TRANSPORT SERVICES of Mettur Transport Tracking

Mettur Transports says it will find a way to transport anything, aiming to be the industry leader in logistics.


One of Chennai’s most well-known parcel service businesses is Mettur Transports.


Individuals and businesses alike can get door-to-door national transportation services from them.


They give house-to-house conveyance answers for the two people and corporates.


Their primary objective is customer satisfaction and care. Mettur Parcel Service places efficiency as its top priority.


Mettur Bundle administration is viewed as the most dependable in South India. They have locations throughout Tamil Nadu.

NEXT-DAY DELIVERY of Mettur Super Service Tracking

You can get next-day delivery guaranteed by Mettur Transports at a predetermined time.

Taxes And Conditions of Mettur Transport Tracking

For all LRs with a total value of more than Rs. 750, GST is assessed at a rate of 5% of the freight.

Consignors and consignees who fall under the Reg Company category and book milk, fruits, vegetables, and fish will not be subject to GST.

Prohibited Items in Mettur Parcel Service

Gas cylinders, rationed goods, liquor, spirit, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, oil, acids, wood, forest products, bones, horns, crackers, explosives, weapons, bullets, batteries (with acid), currency notes, gold, silver, diamond, and any valuable jewellery are all examples of rationed goods.