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CITYPhone NoEmail Address Company Address
MUMBAI(022) 6736 9999
(022) 2522 0423
(022) 2522 0424
(022) 2522 0425
(022) 2522 0426
[email protected]Unit No. 06, Corporate Park,
V.N. Purav Marg,Chembur,
Mumbai – 400071.

Official Website Link: https://vtransgroup.com/

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About V-Trans India Ltd

Since 1958, V-Trans has developed into a brand that stands for trust and dedication. The group diversified and became a single-window logistics solution provider from a local transport player as the landscape changed. 

Today, V-Trans is the preferred logistics solution provider that offers solutions in PTL, FTL, ODC, express cargo movement, warehousing, and 3 PL. 

It has a presence in India and SAARC countries, state-of-the-art infrastructure backed by tech-enabled operations, and a team that is passionate about delivering excellence to its clients and elevating its supply chain performance.

V-Trans Tracking is a dependable partner for your cargo deliveries because V-Trans Courier uses cutting-edge technology platforms to connect all of their locations and provide visibility. 

In addition, they have well-trained staff members who will handle the cargo all the way through the journey. V-Trans India Ltd has booking and delivery offices, as well as transhipment, spread out over strategic locations, to create the ideal hub-and-spoke model that enables cost- and operation optimization.

One of their unique advantages is the range of services V-Trans Logistics provide as well as their adaptability and ability to find the best solution. 

Their group companies are crucial partners in providing their clients with top-notch, hassle-free logistics solutions. 

They have been able to consistently offer all of their products and value-added services solutions to their customers as a group. One business, one representative, and a single individualized solution.

V-Trans Group Tracking

Core Values

Each and every one of their activities is based on their company values. The values are ingrained in everyone, from management to employees.

Be Energetic. Love what you do, strive for success, and do not compromise on quality.

Be Completely Trustworthy. Always respond to changes and maintain trust.

Be a Dreamer. Always think creatively, in a new way, and about the future.

Be Real. Respect the worth and dignity of each person.

Be Moral. Honour your social and behavioural morals by knowing the difference between right and wrong.

V-Trans Tracking Quality Policy

V-Trans India Ltd has a strong belief in the importance of high quality to customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

Process enhancements are needed to comprehend customer requirements, provide individualized solutions, and ensure customer contentment. 

Fulfil customer requirements

V-Trans Logistics are able to provide its customers with solutions tailored to their preferences and regular updates on the status of their cargo and delivery times with the assistance of its trained staff and up-to-date technology platforms.

Evaluations on a regular basis

In order to introduce new ideas and procedures that can assist in increasing productivity, reducing inefficiencies, and lowering costs for their clients, V-Trans India Ltd encourages monitoring and periodic review of their work.

Reduce waste to a minimum

V-Trans Tracking encourages all of its internal stakeholders to practice minimal waste because they are an environment-conscious business. Respect for resources and time allows employees to increase output throughout their workdays. 

Partners come up with new ideas to improve solutions. Additionally, clients assist them in reducing waste through numerous initiatives related to resource productivity and communication.

Zero Flaws

V-Trans India Ltd wants its logistics and cargo management solutions to have no flaws. This means ensuring that the cargo is handled better at the various stop locations, that the equipment used to handle the cargo is better, and that the staff is well-trained to ensure that there are no errors throughout the process.

V-Trans Logistics

Part Truck Load / PTL – LTL

A client cannot always have a full truckload available when they need some material shipped. All customers, no matter how big or small they are—a multinational corporation, a large Indian company, or an MSES—need a solution that lets them shipload faster than a full truck at all times. 

To provide these solutions, a service provider needs a well-integrated network, operational expertise, technical support, and, most importantly, domain expertise. 

Costs that are optimal.

V-Trans Tracking competitive structure aids the client in maximizing delivery efficiency for cargo that requires less space than a full truckload.

Diverse Shipments

V-Trans India Ltd is able to load a variety of materials in order to maximize space utilization thanks to their automated systems and desired vehicle capacity. 

Because V-Trans Logistics are a leader in the part load market, V-Trans Courier is aware of the compatibility of goods and takes precautions to ensure that each customer’s goods receive the best possible space allocation to prevent damage during transportation.

The best level of productivity

With a perfect hub-and-spoke model of transhipments and branches and predefined routes, V Trans Courier Tracking ensure that their vehicles travel at optimal delivery times. 

Consignments can be tracked with a single click thanks to vehicles equipped with GPS and an easy track and trace facility.

On-Time Conveyance

V Trans Courier Tracking are able to pick up and deliver loads from any part of the country in the shortest amount of time because of the sheer volume of over 20 lakh metric tons of cargo that V-Trans India Ltd picks up and delivers across the country each year. 

With computerization and accessible burdens, V-Trans Logistics lessen travel time and improves the stacking-offloading time at different stops in the conveyance courses.

Full Truck Load Cargo Service

It is simpler to assign a client the most recent truck with trained and dependable drivers when they have a load that is equivalent to a full truck. This ensures that the shipment will be picked up and safely delivered on time to the destination. 

Because it does not make a midpoint stop, the full truckload consignment completes the journey more quickly.

Material Safety & speed

V-Trans Tracking shipment is delivered quickly and safely because the vehicle moves quickly from the pick-up point to the destination point without stopping.

Fleet and Vendor Network

The large number of fleets that are part of the network is an advantage for the V-Trans group. 

The organization claimed armada as well as the emplaned merchants’ armada is prepared and accessible for any Full truck burden to be conveyed effortlessly and speedily and at a powerful expense. For a full truck consignment, V-Trans India Ltd offers all sizes of trucks, including 19-, 21-, and 32-foot models.

Reserved Shipment

When goods are shipped on full trucks, they are never lost in transit or cannot be tracked. Once loaded, the cargo is not moved onto another vehicle or unloaded. After loading, the truck is sealed, and it is only opened at the destination.

V-Trans Tracking Over Dimensional Cargo

Sometimes the material comes in sizes that range from 40 feet to 60 feet or even larger. To handle ODA consignments, an expert is required to identify the appropriate vehicle, ensure that the material reaches its destination safely, and adhere to traffic regulations. 

V-Trans Logistics has delivered a number of such shipments with ease and accuracy thanks to the expertise of their team, which takes care of all of these requirements.

Reliable & Efficient

Safety, promptness, efficiency, and dependability are hallmarks of their ODC Cargo Handling.

Cargo Solutions

They have a specific group that can investigate your freight and give proposals to correct arrangements.

Accurate & Safe

They have conveyed various Over layered transfers of any size or volume, across India with exactness and security

Single-window Logistics Solutions

Customers can choose them because they offer a wide range of business services, including surface transportation, door-to-door express transportation, multimodal logistics, and comprehensive warehousing. 

V-Trans Tracking clients value peace and prefer to concentrate on their core work while entrusting them with the logistics, confident that a champion will take care of them.

Flexible & Scalable

V-Trans Logistics have developed logistical services and capabilities that are adaptable and scalable and can grow and change in response to the volumes and requirements of your business.

Secure & Efficient

They are fully equipped with cutting-edge technology to handle your specific logistics requirements securely, effectively, and efficiently.

Optimized Time & Resources

They provide a single point of contact for customers, offering everything from infrastructure to transportation management and optimization to enabling technologies to maximize time and resources.

Value-Added Services of V-Trans Tracking

V-Trans Logistics know that each client has unique logistics needs because they have been in business for more than six decades and know many different industries. As a result, they provide a wide range of services with added value for their customers. 

A customer can select from Paid, Pay, or Billing service options for payment options. For delivery options, they can choose from Door to Door, Godown to Godown, Delivery against Consignee Copy (DACC), Cash On Delivery (COD), or any combination of these options. 

With their wide range of services, customers can easily select from surface transport, express cargo movement, warehousing, or complete logistics solutions.

Focus on the Customer

V-Trans Tracking keep clients in the middle of all that they do and their undertaking is to give the best client experience generally. If you have any questions or need support, their dedicated staff is just a click or phone call away.

Transparent Cost & Billing Structures

Their clients take pride in having transparent cost and billing structures. They make sure that their customers see the value in their services and comply with GST. Their single-point billing system guarantees prompt billing to their customers.