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Pasay220 55 731[email protected]10th Floor Tower B, Two E-com Center Bayshore Ave. corner Harbor Drive, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines

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LBC Shipping Tracking

LBC is the Philippines’ market leader in instalments and cash moves, records and mail, packages and boxes, and freight and operations. With a developing organization of north of 6,400 areas, accomplices, and specialists in more than 30 nations, LBC is focused on moving lives, organizations, and networks and conveying grins all over the planet.

Established in 1945 as a financier and air freight specialist, LBC spearheaded expedited service and freight transportation, and 24-hour house-to-house conveyance in the Philippines. Today, it is the most trusted messenger, freight, operations, and settlement specialist co-op of the worldwide Filipino.

Vision And Mission of LBC Logistics


  • Leading in strategies and messaging, prioritizing clients with exceptional services exceeding their expectations, is our core commitment.
  • Global expansion with local care, ensuring consistent, personalized, and efficient support, no matter our customers’ locations, is our top commitment.
  • Relentless innovation in integrated logistics and sustainability, reducing environmental impact while promoting responsible strategic policies, their ongoing mission.
  • Engaging and giving back to our communities, actively participating in local initiatives, ensuring a positive impact in our regions.


  • To give solid, productive, and secure coordinated operations arrangements that work with the consistent development of products, archives, and data.
  • Integrating feasible practices all through their activities, including energy-productive arrangements, lessening waste, and limiting their ecological effect.
  • Fostering a culture of learning, growth, and empowerment, enabling our employees to reach their full potential and contribute to company success.
  • Effectively taking part in local area programs, supporting magnanimous drives, and having a beneficial outcome on the networks where they work.

Services of LBC Transport

Land Freight

LBC Express Shipping Tracking provides dependable land cargo administration, guaranteeing the protected and effective transportation of products over land. This help is great for homegrown shipments, taking into consideration practical and ideal conveyances inside a particular district or country.

Sea Freight

LBC Express offers ocean cargo administrations for global freight shipments. This method of transportation is reasonable for bigger and heavier products that should be moved across seas. Ocean cargo is practical and is known for its capacity to deal with mass shipments.

Air Freight

LBC Express gives airship cargo administrations to time-delicate and high-need shipments. This choice is ideal when speed is essential, as it guarantees the fast transportation of products through air transporters. It’s frequently utilized for critical global conveyances and transient things, ensuring speedy and dependable assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions By LBC Express Shipping Tracking

How might I follow up on my shipment with LBC Express?

You can track your shipment by entering the exceptional number given when it was handled. This number permits you to screen your shipment’s process and assess conveyance time.

What data could I at any point hope to see when I track my shipment?

At the point when you track your shipment, you’ll commonly see the ongoing area of your bundle, the assessed conveyance date, and any new notices, for example, “Out for Conveyance” or “Conveyed.”

How often is the following data refreshed for my shipment?

Data is continuously updated throughout the delivery process, from receipt, en route, out for delivery, to successful completion.

How would it be a good idea for me to respond on the off chance that the following demonstrates a conveyance issue or deferral with my shipment?

On the off chance that you experience a conveyance issue or defer in the following data, if it’s not too much trouble, contact LBC Express client care for help. They can give experiences and assist with settling any issues.

Might I at any point make changes to the conveyance address or reschedule the conveyance in the wake of following my shipment?

Generally speaking, you can make changes to the conveyance address or reschedule the conveyance. Connect with LBC Express Shipping Tracking client care, give your following number, and examine the accessible choices for changing your conveyance guideline