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CITYPhone NumberEmail AddressCompany Address
Karnataka1800 599 7800[email protected]Giriraj Annexe, Circuit House Road Hubballi,
Karnataka 580029 India

Official Website Link: https://www.vrlgroup.in/

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VRL Logistics

VRL Tracking was established in 1976 by DR. Vijay Sankeshwar was born in Gadag, a tiny town in North Karnataka. He had a single truck and a vision that was a lot ahead of its time. Bangalore, Hubli, and Belgaum became part of VRL’s gradually expanding service area. 

From these humble beginnings, VRL Courier is now a nationally recognized logistics and transportation company with a fleet of 5111 vehicles, including 295 passenger transport vehicles and 4816 goods transport vehicles. 

It is also the largest owner of commercial vehicles in India.

“The Limca Book of Records lists VRL Tracking as the largest private sector fleet owner of commercial vehicles in India.”

Mr Vijay Sankeshwar has now been joined by his child Mr Anand Sankeshwar who gets more up-to-date systems to additional drive the development of the Organization.

In the field of parcel service, VRL Group has pioneered the provision of a secure and dependable delivery network over time. In order to meet the increasing demands of its expanding customer base, it has expanded its operations to include Priority Cargo, Courier Service, and Air Passenger Transportation.

3PL and Warehousing arrangements presented by VRL are tailor-made and take special care of interesting necessities of its different client base. A lot of corporate houses rely on VRL’s parcel service because it has the largest network in India for moving goods. 

They strategically position transhipment hubs to provide support for this nationwide network. To serve their valued customers, VRL Logistics operate through a network of 956 branches and franchisees, and they are currently expanding their services to reach even the country’s most remote areas.

VRL Courier Tracking


To emerge as the torchbearer of each market it enters and become the premier company that spans multiple sectors.


  • To maintain delivery deadlines while continuously improving cost efficiency in order to provide their customers with the best possible service.
  • To urge their labour force to persistently take a stab at quality and greatness in all that they do. 
  • To foster a work environment that encourages talent and brings out the best in their employees and encourages teamwork.

VRL Logistics Tracking

Quality Policy

VRL is committed to providing consistent, high-quality logistics services at a fair price so that we can continue to satisfy our customers over time.

VRL Group

Priority for General Parcel and VRL

The core of VRL’s business is General Parcel, which involves moving parcels of varying sizes and weights across India on a Less Than Truck Load (LTL) godown to godown basis. Additionally, the company charges customers for door collection and door delivery. Door-to-door delivery is a part of the Priority Cargo business. 

VRL provides goods transportation services to all of India’s major cities and towns in 22 States and 4 Union Territories. In India, VRL Tracking has exclusive offices in 553 towns and cities. Tasks in this division are directed through an organization of 875 branches and franchisees. 

Their ability to provide door-to-door services using company-owned vehicles and their extensive service network set them apart from other service providers. Services like billing, collection, load tracking, pick-up, and delivery are offered to VRL Group clients. 

Operating with owned vehicles makes it possible to move goods in the safest way possible, with the fewest chances of theft, damage, or another mischief.

  • Surface transportation for the best connectivity in the last mile.
  • An online track-and-trace feature
  • Company-owned dedicated vehicles
  • 24x7x365 days tasks.
  • Items weighing anywhere from one kilogram to forty tons.
  • Entryway gets an entryway conveyance office.
  • Special customer service window.
  • Prompt delivery
  • Broad cross-country organization.
  • Outstanding service record

Courier Service Business

VRL Logistics Limited offers Messenger administrations for time touchy reports and bundles. As of now, their Dispatch offering is accessible inside the Province of Karnataka. Certain major out-of-Karnataka areas are being adjusted through tie-ups with different administrators. The VRL Group courier company serves 109 cities and towns.

In addition to serving walk-in customers, VRL Tracking also picks up commercial documents and packages from customers and delivers them door-to-door in a time-bound manner to their designated location. 

By the consistence with Indian regulations, they don’t offer support corresponding to mail and letters. In this industry, their services include documents and packages that are delivered on time, as well as local ground transportation for hand deliveries.

  • Time-bound door-to-door service.
  • Multi-Modular Network.
  • Deliveries with deadlines.
  • Special transportation to and from remote areas.
  • Facilities for cash on delivery and pay
  • Pick-Ups in the reverse or return
  • Early connections and late pickups.
  • Cash the board and L.C. Administration for Bank.

VRL Courier Tracking

Full Truckload Services (FTL)

VRL Group’s extensive network of select branches and independent brokerage agents enables us to provide FTL service to their clients. VRL Courier gives house-to-house FTL administration to their clients, in which the merchandise is stacked onto their vehicle at the premises of the client and afterwards conveyed to the predetermined objective. 

Manufacturers who need to transport a lot of goods typically use this service, which comes at a predetermined cost. In general, they offer FTL services to customers who offer attractive margins or maximize the utilization of VRL Logistics Limited vehicles’ capacity. 

VRL Logistics keep its network of independent brokerage agents, many of whom have worked with them for a long time. Business specialists supplement the organization of their branches by broadening admittance to clients requiring such FTL administration.

Other Capabilities

VRL also has capabilities for the transportation of vehicles (cars) and liquids within the goods transport domain. VRL Tracking possesses an armada of 101 vehicle conveying vehicles and is a merchant of decisions to rumoured customer bases like Maruti, Nissan, Hyundai, Toyota, and so on. 

Additionally, the company owns and operates 17 tankers for chemical and liquid transportation. Fuel, molasses, and other similar items are currently transported in these. 

In light of explicit client demand, VRL additionally embraces the development of particular freight, for example, sensitive testing supplies, high voltage testing types of gear, high voltage control boards, high voltage circuit breakers, car skeleton outlines, extra wide lodges, glass, high limit transformers, and so on.

VRL Parcel Tracking


Permitting the use of VRL vehicles for branding purposes. Mahindra & Mahindra, Bosch, Maruti, Michelin, Hindustan Petroleum, United India Insurance, National India Insurance, and other well-known companies have previously collaborated with them. 

VRL Group vehicles traverse the entire Indian Highways stretch, adding significant value to your products and increasing brand recognition.