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GMR Cargo Hyderabad

GHIAL is a joint venture led by GMR Group (63%), partnered with AAI (13%), Telangana Govt (13%), and Malaysia Airports Property (11%). The Company was formed to develop, fund, build, operate, and maintain Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA), Hyderabad, a premier Greenfield airport at Shamshabad.

GHIAL was dispatched in a record season of 31 months and initiated on Walk 14, 2008, with an underlying limit of 12 million travellers per annum (MPPA) and 150,000 tons of freight taking care of the limit per annum. The Venture has the adaptability to expand its ability to oblige north of 40 MPPA and will be created in a staged way.

GHIAL’s central location within a 2-hour flight to all major Indian cities, and 5 hours to key Middle East and Southeast Asian cities, is strategic globally. Subsequently, GHIAL can possibly not just become one of the principal air travel centre points in India, yet, in addition, a significant place for objective cum-travel area for movement between the Eastern and the Western region of the planet. 

At present, there are 18 Global and 3 Indian transporters travelling to 18 Worldwide objections and 9 homegrown transporters working to around 45 homegrown objections. Lufthansa Freight, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Freight, Turkish Aircrafts and Blue Dart work tankers from GHIAL.

GMR Air Cargo Tracking

The freight office at GHIAL is the doorway to the entire South Focal India store network. GHIAL, Hyderabad gloats of the biggest measured coordinated freight office, which is spread over more than 14,330 sq. mts. RGIA is an all-climate, a-list Air terminal with Code-F (A380 viable) runway and cover. It houses India’s most memorable Pharma Zone that offers temperature-controlled Truck-Dock to airside climate. 

Lufthansa Freight has ensured the GMR Hyderabad Global Air terminal Ltd. (GHIAL), to be one of its key freight centre points in South Asia for the vehicle of temperature delicate drugs. GHIAL has India’s sole air terminal based Streamlined Commerce Zone (FTZ) and Aviation Park. 

GHIAL’s advanced amenities include an Envirotainer base, AFS, and RFS network, advancing towards becoming India-South Asia’s operational hub with seamless connectivity.

The GHIAL consistently ranked top airport: 1st in 2009, 2010, 2016, and 2017; 2nd in 2012, 2013; 3rd in 2011, 2014, and 2015. GHIAL consistently raised traveller facilities, evident in significant ASQ score growth since 2009, starting at 4.44, showcasing service excellence.

GHIAL consistently strives for service excellence, offering the best to global travellers, reflecting dedication to continuous improvement.

GMR Group engages in Education, Health, Cleanliness, Empowerment, and Community initiatives through its Foundation, reinforcing impactful Corporate Social Responsibility.

Product of Hazardous Freight in GMR Tracking

  • Move toward the Carrier for gathering the trucking request and actually take a look at the list.
  • Document the delivery bill with customs for the product of DG freight.
  • Move toward the GACAEL counters for gathering the VCT for emptying the freight.
  • If they consider the freight as a whole, they will provide VCT for unloading in the Examination Area.
  • Hand over the VCT to the Distribution centre Staff for emptying the freight from the Truck.
  • Customs will analyze the freight and issue LET Product Requests.
  • They will X-ray screen and transfer customs-cleared freight to the sterile area.
  • The Aircraft will provide the Load plan, and the Manifest will generate and handle the freight.
  • GHA will gather the freight as expected for interfacing with the flight.
  • The Carrier will receive FFM when the flight departs.

Frequently Asked Questions By GMR Courier Cargo Tracking

What is GMR freight following?

GMR freight following is a help given by GMR Gathering to screen and follow the development of freight shipments through different phases of transportation, guaranteeing productive conveyance and ongoing updates.

How might I follow my freight with GMR?

To follow your freight with GMR, visit their authority site and explore the freight in the following area. Enter your shipment subtleties, for example, the following number or reference code, and the framework will furnish you with constant data about your freight’s ongoing area and status.

What data could I at any point anticipate from GMR freight following?

GMR freight following gives subtleties, for example, the ongoing area of your freight, assessed conveyance time, any travel stops or deferrals, and significant achievements all through the transportation cycle.

Is GMR freight following accessible for a wide range of shipments?

Yes, GMR freight following is for the most part that anyone could hope to find for an extensive variety of freight types, including air, ocean, street, and rail shipments. Be that as it may, explicit accessibility and highlights might shift in light of the kind of freight and the transportation techniques utilized.

Is GMR freight following help allowed to utilize?

GMR freight following help might be presented free of charge to clients as a component of their transportation administration bundle. Notwithstanding, it’s prescribed to check with GMR or allude to their authority site for the most dependable and state-of-the-art data in regards to any expected accuses or expenses related to freight following.