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New Delhi1800-3010-1000[email protected]Directorate General of Systems and Data Management (ICEGATE), 1st Floor, CR Building, IP Estate, New Delhi, 110095

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ICEGATE Shipping India

Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC)

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs is a piece of the Branch of Income under the Service of Money, Legislature of India.

It manages the errands of detailing strategy concerning duty and assortment of Customs, Focal Extract obligations, Focal Merchandise and Administrations Assessment and IGST, avoidance of sneaking, and organization of issues connecting with Customs, Focal Extract, Focal Products and Administrations Expense, IGST, and Opiates to the degree under CBIC’s domain. 

Indian Customs EDI System (ICES)

The Indian Customs EDI System (ICES) is currently functional in 256 significant traditional areas, dealing with almost 98% of India’s Global exchange terms of imports and product transfers. ICE has two perspectives:

  • Inside Mechanization of the Custom House is a far-reaching, paperless, completely computerized tradition freedom framework that makes the working of Customs leeway straightforward and productive.
  • On the web, continuous electronic connection points with the exchange, transport, banks, and administrative organizations worry about customs freedom of import and commodity freight through ICEGATE Air IGM Tracking.
  • An enormous number of reports that exchange, transport, and administrative organizations (all in all called Exchanging Accomplices) are expected to submit or get during the time spent living traditions freedom are presently being handled on the web.

Indian Customs Electronic Gateway (ICEGATE)

Indian Traditions Electronic Information Exchange Door (ICEGATE) is the public gateway of Indian Traditions of the Focal Leading Body of Aberrant Assessments and Customs (CBIC) that gives e-documenting administrations to the Exchange, Freight Transporters, and other Exchanging Accomplices electronically.

ICEGATE Air IGM Tracking fills in as a connection point between the exchange clients and Customs Division and goes about as a center for trading data with outside exchanging accomplices associated with worldwide exchanging.

Mission And Vision of ICEGATE Tracking


  • The central goal of Air IGM Following is to change the worldwide freight coordinated operations industry by providing front-line, solid, and available answers for global air freight shipments. 
  • Their focus is on empowering entities with real-time visibility, enhancing security, and optimizing efficiency in the airfreight supply chain. Through client-driven development, they aim to streamline global tracking systems, making it an essential tool for worldwide businesses.


  • Their vision is to lead globally in air freight tracking services, establishing industry standards for transparency, security, and efficiency.
  • They will continually push boundaries in innovation, data analysis, and customer service to shape the future of global airfreight coordination.

Core Values of ICEGATE Air IGM Tracking

Air IGM Tracking gives a few qualities and advantages to the two transporters and beneficiaries of worldwide air freight shipments:

Continuous Perceivability: Air IGM Following offers continuous perceivability into the area and status of your freight shipment. This considers better preparation and coordination of strategies.

Improved Security: Knowing the exact area of freight helps in guaranteeing its security. Any inconsistencies or issues can be immediately recognized and tended to.

Diminished Deferrals: With Air IGM Tracking, transporters can proactively address postponements or disturbances in the shipment cycle, limiting the effect on conveyance times.

Documentation and Consistence: Air IGM streamlines global shipments by providing access to advanced documentation for easier compliance with customs and regulatory requirements.

Proficient Issue Goal: This tracking data is vital evidence for resolving disputes, investigating lost or damaged cargo, and addressing various concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions By ICEGATE Air IGM Tracking

What is Air IGM tracking?

Air IGM means “Aviation Route Bill for Global General Manifest.” It is a framework used to track and screen the development of global freight shipments via air.

How might I follow my shipment utilizing Air IGM?

To follow your shipment utilizing Air IGM, you commonly need the aviation route bill number given by the transporter or delivery organization. Enter this number on the transporter’s site or at the following stage to get continuous updates on your shipment’s status.

What data might I at any point acquire through Air IGM?

Air IGM tracks shipment location, departure, arrival times, delays, and occasionally provides an estimated delivery date for your convenience.

Is Air IGM accessible for every single worldwide shipment?

Air IGM is fundamentally utilized for air freight shipments and is presented by the most significant worldwide transporters. Be that as it may, its accessibility might differ depending on the transporter and the particular shipment administration chosen.

How might I determine issues with my next shipment utilizing ICEGATE Air IGM Tracking?

If you encounter issues with your tracked shipment, such as delays or lost items, contact the carrier’s customer service or support. They can help you settle any issues or give you extra data.