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Phone Number+971 800 155
Email Address[email protected]
Company Addressdu (Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company) Dubai Hills – Business Park 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Official Website Link: https://www.du.ae/

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DU Order Logistics Transport Dubai

They have put in a lot of effort ever since they started in 2006 to improve and expand their services in a field that is at the centre of social and economic change. Through their expertise in providing broadband connectivity, IPTV services, mobile and fixed services, and broadband services to individuals, homes, and businesses throughout the UAE, they want to connect people and businesses. They are focused on propelling media communications by hoisting networks to address future issues, continuously focusing on their clients. 

Their administrations include transporter contributions, an information centre, web trade offices, and satellite administrations for telecasters, all supporting shrewd city drives to upgrade the UAE’s situation as a worldwide centre point for the travel industry, business, and a euphoric spot to live. In 2017, their imaginative server farm and Center East task, Datamena, was perceived as empowering development and accomplishment for clients in the area. By 2018, they were praised for their business arrangements and satellite assistance developments, accomplishing huge upgrades in effectiveness, speed, and quality. 

They operate ethically and responsibly per their sustainability pillars, aiming to improve the well-being of their employees and surrounding communities. Their goal is to make life better at any time and anywhere. Through business excellence and innovation, they are committed to delighting their customers, becoming the employer of choice for top talent, maximizing shareholder value, and proudly contributing to the transformation of their community. They try to carry out this vision every day by connecting, inspiring, and rewarding everyone they come into contact with.

DU Products

Mobile Services

They cater to a wide range of customer requirements with a comprehensive selection of mobile services. From voice and information plans to the most recent cell phones and frills, their contributions guarantee consistent network and correspondence.

Broadband Connectivity

Their broadband availability arrangements convey high velocity web admittance to homes and organizations across the UAE. They offer different bundles custom fitted to various requirements, guaranteeing everybody can partake in a vigorous web-based insight. 

IPTV Services

Customers can take advantage of an extensive selection of television channels, on-demand content, and interactive features through their IPTV services. This helps take care of the inclinations of all relatives, settling on it a well known decision for families. 

Data Hub and Internet Exchange

The UAE’s digital ecosystem is supported by its data hub and internet exchange facilities, both of which are essential pieces of infrastructure. Businesses can make efficient use of these facilities secure, high-speed connectivity, which makes data transfer and communication possible. By giving hearty and versatile information arrangements, they assist organizations with improving their activities and driving advanced change. 

Satellite Services

Their satellite administrations take care of telecasters and different businesses requiring dependable and far-reaching correspondence organizations. These administrations guarantee the continuous transmission of information, voice, and video across huge distances. Their satellite solutions support crucial applications and contribute to the growth and success of their clients in a variety of industries with a focus on innovation and quality.