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CITYPhone NumberEmail AddressCompany Address
Mumbai (Registered Office)+91-7428584513
[email protected]Mahindra Towers, P. K. Kurne Chowk, Worli, Mumbai – 400018
Haryana (Corporate Office)+91-7428584513
[email protected]AIHP PLAMS, 2nd Floor, “B” Wing, Plot 242-243, Udyog Vihar, Phase 4, Gurugram, Haryana – 122015

Official Website Link: https://www.rivigo.com/

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Rivigo Courier Tracking

Rivigo, founded in 2004 by Mr Deepak Garg, is the Indian company with the fastest growth rate. 

By investing in brand-new, one-of-a-kind relay trucks, allowing the use of cutting-edge technology, and excelling in cultural and operational data management, this courier logistics company is building India’s material movement pipeline.

Using a ground-breaking relay model, Rivigo is addressing the real and fundamental problem of a shortage of truck drivers. 

This logistics company’s primary objective is to speed up, make safer, and make the project of organizing the movement, accommodation, and equipment of people and goods more worthwhile. 

It provides delivery services to the automotive, pharmaceutical, frozen food, and apparel industries.

One of Rivigo Courier Tracking’s missions is likewise to guarantee that their transporters and pilots can invest less energy away from their families and can have a significant existence with nobility and regard.

Lastly, and most importantly, their mission is for their employees to work in the right direction with less anxiety and more respect. Every employee at Rivigo is regarded as an enthusiastic owner and a future builder of the company.

Rivigo enables pilots and truck drivers to plan for a secure financial future by providing them with financial education, comprehensive health plans, and home loan programs. This company has teams that provide pilot children with scholarships and free academic opportunities.

With exact expectations, elevated degrees of the guideline, basic computerized tasks, and a solid and unadulterated mission, they are reconceptualizing operations for India and the world. 

It wouldn’t be inappropriate to say that they are trailblazers and supporters of the advanced shipping industry.

Mahindra Logistics

Part of Mahindra Logistics

Mahindra Logistics Limited (MLL) provides mobility solutions as well as integrated supply chain management. Being a part of the Mahindra Group, one of India’s largest business conglomerates gives them great pride. 

Rivigo Tracking Company’s goal of “Accelerating Commerce, Empowering Communities to RISE” enables them to rapidly progress toward its goal of RISE and becoming a logistics service provider worth INR 10,000 crores by FY 2026. 

Right from the transportation of the parts to the assembling plant, putting away them, getting them to the sequential construction system, and lastly carrying the item to the market, Rivigo deal with everything as a genuine start-to-finish coordinated operations arrangements supplier. 

Every strategic decision Rivigo make is based on Rivigo’s distinctive asset-light business model and dedication to innovation.

A network covering more than 3 million square feet across India makes up Rivigo’s comprehensive warehousing solutions. ft. of cutting-edge Grade A multi-client storage.

For Rivigo vehicle, driver, and warehouse needs, Rivigo employs a large network of business associates and operates on an asset-light business model. 

Being asset-light makes it possible to scale services and be flexible enough to provide individualized solutions to a wide range of customers.

In India, Rivigo is among the quick to enter the EV freight space. With EDeL, Rivigo’s electric last-mile delivery service for a variety of industries, Rivigo have expanded its service offerings and actively implemented electric vehicles in its operations. 

Rivigo Courier Tracking are likewise effectively putting resources into making their warehousing offices energy productive and uncommonly maintainable, with a vital objective of accomplishing IGBC platinum and LEED confirmation for all their multi-client enormous organization distribution centres. 

Rivigo Tracking Online

Quality Value

  • The organization has in excess of 3,000 representatives.
  • They have finished half-million outings effectively.
  • Over 200,000 people own their fleets there.
  • In India, they are successfully operating over 70 pit stops.
  • They have covered more than 500 truck feet of high-tech space.
  • They have more than 1 billion kilometres driven.
  • It has effectively arrived at in excess of 4000 urban communities in India.
Pincodes Served19,000+
Cities with Centers for Processing17+
Branches Across the Country270+
Colleagues to Oversee First Mile and Last Mile400+
Daily Feeders for Regional Connectivity150+
Daily National Line Hauls150+

Rivigo Services Pvt Ltd

Zero-Defect Operations

Rivigo Courier Tracking runs error-free operations by reducing misrouting, damages, and thefts by utilizing the appropriate infrastructure, technology, and procedures to handle parcels at all stages of the docket journey.

Tech-First Approach

Simple client ERP reconciliations to serve clients with the least manual obstruction. This saves time and promotes excellence.

Skillet India Reach

Covers north of 19,000 pin-codes the country over, with more than 250 handling communities and branches crossing a region of more than 1.5 million sq. ft.

Client Centricity

Devoted group of Record Directors, drawing in with clients consistently to determine any business solicitation or question, bringing about 80% or more assistance levels.

Rivigo Services

Planning the network and consignment

  • Auto-planned shipment movement to make sure service promises (like delivery dates) are kept at the lowest possible cost (like using up the target vehicle capacity).
  • Planning algorithms with two phases that use linear optimization and the greedy algorithm.
  • Start to finish shipment development following utilizing a stock sweep and vehicle GPS.

Uberisation of First Mile and Last Mile Colleagues

  • Application and technology for pickup, delivery, payments, collections, and operations based on smartphones for business partners and their staff.
  • An instantaneous automated payout engine for digital payments.
  • The allocation engine automatically assigns pickups to the right business partner to guarantee smooth, zero-touch daily operations.

Package of Financial Products for Complete Billing

  • One-click invoice generation with downloadable links to archived digital POD and automated consignment/trip level annexure linkage are two customizable tools for first-time-right billing.
  • Over 50 distinct pricing parameters and value-added services are covered by digital contracts.
  • Built with geofenced location checks as a step for two-factor verification. identity verification and OTP authentication for the comfort of the consignor.

Rivigo Courier Tracking Automated Sales Management Tool

  • Focal information and data storehouse through the client lifecycle for shrewd experiences.
  • Mechanized data trade with client entry, messages, and WhatsApp combinations.
  • Digitization tool for sales planning, collections, and meetings that are integrated to aid hunting. farming and the activities of salesmen’s collectors.