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Primex Logistics Tracking Courier Status Shipway is the future shipping option that meets all of your needs. To view all of your courier shipments, enter the tracking number.

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Delhi+91 9354476763  [email protected] B-96 A, Ground Floor, Street No 5 South Ganesh Nagar Delhi 110092

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Primex tracking India

Primex Worldwide Mailing Administrations is NCR based Print machine (OFFSET AND Computerized) and Express Messenger Organization in India, Offer the best types of assistance in Dispatch, Indian Post, Freight Transportation, Package Conveyance, and Mass Dissemination Conveying and Postal Mailing Administrations at least expensive/Practical expense contrasted with other Homegrown Dispatch Organization in India. 

The Company Primex Administrations incorporate Printing and planning of yearly reports, offer letters, postal voting forms, notifications and a wide range of Individual and Business Messenger-like Records, Yearly Reports, Magazines, Cards, Gift Package, Mass Dispatch, Premium Dispatch, Freight, Bundle conveyance and Variable Information Printing and so forth. 

In Primex Logistics Tracking undertake to give clients well-disposed administrations at the level of fulfilment. They give data on the development of your transfers till coming to the location on step by step premise. 

At their centres, they have completely electronic activity, Robotized Data The executive’s framework (Points), Howdy Tech gear, High-velocity Web and Mechanized Variable Information printing Machine, Computerized Inland Manufacturing Machine and Report Filtering and Stockpiling alongside related pre and post Mailing exercises and so forth. driving too effectively smoothed out the activity. 

For their esteemed clients, this converts into the well-being of transfers, in-time conveyance of bundles like clockwork and obviously genuine serenity. Their 100 per cent centre around client needs joined with a pledge to persistent improvement has fabricated them an imposing standing for greatness inside their industry.

Mission and Vision of Primex Logistics Tracking


Their group of experts will successfully accomplish set goals through decency, development, framework direction and labour force to take a stab at quality and greatness, offering excellent support to clients under one rooftop ceaselessly. To accomplish this mission, the organization has embraced the accompanying key drives:

  • Advancing Premium Express Items for better consumer loyalty and higher productivity.
  • Esteem-added administrations to take special care of developed requests of clients.
  • Persistent enhancement of assets to deductively lower costs.
  • Income assurance at each step of the worth chain.
  • Predominant income of the executives.


  • To be India’s Favored Messenger and Postal Specialist co-op with an Extraordinary Customer (2C) Concentration. They centre around extreme complexity giving rich Postal and Messenger Answers for Clients’ needs and Want. 
  • To constantly make framework expected for giving steady, safe, esteem-based transportation and inventory network arrangements worldwide to every one of their clients. 
  • Be More Client Cordial and accomplish brand upgrades by the abuse of IT and different innovations for supported quality guidelines, Preparing and inspiration. 
  • To be recognized as the biggest dispatch in the Country with the presence felt in each niche and corner of India To be distinguished as a practical and powerful Messenger Administration.

Why Choose Primex?

24 Hours Support

  • Primex Logistics Tracking Represents considerable authority in worldwide cargo sending of products.

Global Supply Chain

  • Productively release cross-media data without cross-media esteem.

Mobile Shipment Tracking

  • They Offer intelligent ideas for street and tail well as intricate extraordinary administrations.

Careful Handling

  • Freight Center points are shipped at some phase of their process along the world’s streets.

Time On Door Delivery

  • They Offer intelligent ideas for street and tail as well as intricate, extraordinary administrations.

Quality Affirmation in Primex Tracking

Planning and printing within a brief timeframe. They take the most extreme 2-3 days for printing a maximum of 50 thousand.

  • Printing and making of envelopes
  • The firm picks the Yearly Reports, or different records connected with secretarial divisions for dispatch to investors from the Print machine of a particular Organization.
  • The Firm can dispatch around 4-5 Lacs Records within Delhi in the brief time frame of 3–4 days.
  • The Firm may likewise dispatch around 10 Lacs records beyond Delhi For example Rest of India within a period of time of 4-5 days.
  • The Firm gives the conveyance report in Succeed Sheets to its clients and furthermore gives the output duplicate of that Unit/DRS Sheet, assuming there is any issue or question emerging on the conveyance under 90 days old.
  • Primex Logistics compiles undelivered annual reports and related documents in Excel for return due to non-delivery, managing the process efficiently.
  • The Chief of the firm additionally goes to the Yearly Comprehensive gathering of separate Organizations to figure out the need and want of investors of the organization in regard to the delivery of the Yearly Report or other related records.
  • The Firm likewise helps the Administration in settling the issues connected with the conveyance of reports annually and Regular gatherings of Organizations.
  • The General Act of the Firm is to move toward the objective 2-3 times prior to placing the status in records.

Frequently Asked Questions By Primex Logistics Tracking

How might I follow my shipment with Primex Strategies?

To follow your shipment with Primex Operations, visit their authority site and find the “Track Shipment” choice. Enter your interesting following number given at the hour of booking, and you’ll get constant updates on your bundle’s whereabouts.

What data do I have to follow up on my request?

To follow your request, you’ll require the following number allocated to your shipment by Primex Coordinated Operations: The following number is normally given to you when you make a booking or put in a request.

Are there any elective ways of following my shipment other than the site?

Primex Coordinated Operations essentially offer following through their authority site. Be that as it may, you can likewise contact their client service by means of telephone or email and furnish them with your following number. They will help you acquire the most recent data on your shipment’s status.

How frequently is the following data refreshed?

Primex Operations refreshes the following data consistently, ordinarily as the shipment arrives at various points along its excursion. This can incorporate takeoff from the beginning, landing on the waypoint, and conveyance to the objective. The frequency of updates might fluctuate in light of the particular coordinated factors.

How would it be advisable for me to respond on the off chance that my following data hasn’t been refreshed?

In the event that you notice an absence of updates on your following data for a lengthy period, it’s fitting to initially check in the event that there are any help warnings or postponements posted on the Primex Logistics Tracking site. If not, you can contact their client service for help with explaining the situation with your shipment and tending to any worries you might have.