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New Delhi0120-4333115/116 / 022-28213757[email protected]1301, 13th floor, Vikrant Tower, Rajendra Place, New Delhi

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About BSA Courier Tracking

BSA Group is a name of trust and value in the field of courier, logistics, verification, and collection portfolio solutions.

BSA Courier Group, which was founded in 1990, provides solutions for courier, verification, and collection portfolio through its three subsidiaries:

1. Private BSA Citi Couriers Ltd.

2. Pvt. BSA Logistics Ltd.

3. BSA Infomedia Ltd. 

It has revolutionized the courier service industry for more than two decades by providing unparalleled delivery and distribution services to international courier companies like DHL and UPS as well as retail customers. In 2008-09, the company made 400 million INR in revenue.

BSA CITI couriers and promoted by industry professionals who are driven by excellence and have a spirit of entrepreneurship. A team of dedicated professionals has transformed the start-up into a company with 459 employees under the capable direction and vision of Mr Charanjeev Batra, founder and Managing Director of BSA Group. 

Over the past 25 years, BSA has expanded both naturally and through diversification. The company first started out as a bulk courier service for businesses, promising to deliver the highest quality possible.

BSA Courier Tracking thought it prudent to respond with a new set of product offerings, which required exploring new avenues, in light of their customers’ ever-changing requirements. BSA logistics tracking company established BSA Infomedia in 1997 to meet the verification and collection portfolio requirements of its customers. 

This was done with a concerted effort to excel in any field and take advantage of opportunities. Since then, the business has operated in a highly disciplined manner to achieve well-managed growth in the sector.

BSA Logistics Tracking Services

BSA Courier Tracking Infomedia

Infomedia primarily serves banking, telecom, and insurance companies as corporate clients for its verification and collection services. The core of their Infomedia business is their highly trained executives in customer service. 

Their outcome-driven practice helps clients in their resource recuperation. Experienced management provides executive direction with support, ensuring that ethical standards and best practices are adhered to at all times in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

The arm effectively provides the following services to banking and telecom sector clients with cutting-edge technology, which includes dedicated data correction and receipt reconciliation software as well as a strong back-office team in India that quickly handles more than 25,000 points per month:

  • Payment pickup for PDD and bucket – X/30
  • Collection on buckets – 60 and 90 
  • Field visits and collection from cases that are not contactable 
  • Field verification and credit rating
  • Tele verification
  • Welcome visit
  • Data update
  • Data correction

BSA Logistics Citi Messengers

Through its subsidiary, BSA Citi Couriers, the 1990-founded BSA Group offers intra-city courier services to 26 cities. The company’s core competency is bulk delivery. The business started out with just five people working for it. Now it has 459. 

The core service is the “intra-city” courier service, which provides high-quality service at an affordable cost. From “a service that delivers mail” to “that delivers an experience, and assuredly on time, along with delivering mail,” the company has successfully rebranded “intra-city” couriers.

By giving them access to world-class service, BSA Citi couriers Pvt Ltd’s long-running initiative aims to benefit a large number of small and medium-sized businesses, corporations, and individuals.

BSA delivery developed custom software for courier operations and dedicated software for each portfolio to provide optimal customer service. 

Furthermore, the company has a significant workforce of around 4,000 employees spread across India. It has 19 offices and a robust network of HUB centres for improved linkage as well as an associate network.

BSA Logistics

Corporate clients’ courier needs are met by the logistics division. BSA logistics tracking offers a variety of same-day pickup and delivery services that are tailored to meet individual needs because it recognizes the significance of timely and speedy deliveries for its corporate clients, which specifically include the banking, insurance, and telecom sectors. 

This feature sets it apart from standard courier services. In point of fact, BSA tracking boasts that it was the first and only vendor to supply RBS N.V. Bank with its solutions and services.