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Panvel+91 22 27482991[email protected]Ground Floor, Offices 1, 2, and 3, Niki Tower, Opp. Israily Talav, Panvel (Maharashtra), 410206

Official Website Link: http://www.exzone.in/

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Exzone Tracking


Exzone, a condition of workmanship strategies facilitator in one of the world’s quickest developing economies. Exzone was consolidated in the year 1999 inside a tiny range of time they have grown up quickly.


They have developed an infrastructure that makes it easier to provide services like freight forwarding, warehousing, primary and secondary road and air transportation, train freight, express services, and so on thanks to their ever-increasing level of experience.


In India, Exzone Logistics Tracking serves a select group of clients in a cost-effective, effective, creative, and individualized manner.


All industries, including the core sector like 3PL Engineering, electronics, the paper industry, food and beverage, retail, and others, demonstrate their expertise in logistics services.


Culture: Constantly evolving in accordance with global standards.

Exzone Logistics


Create value and expand your network in order to meet the needs of your customers, supported by an innovative and transparent data system.


Delivering dependable services with a highly motivated workforce through the use of a single-point-of-contact strategy in order to exceed customer satisfaction.

Exzone Solutions


Exzone Tracking specializes in providing cost-effective and dependable international courier services that go directly into the United Kingdom, the United States, and South Africa, as well as the rest of the world through multiple networks. Exzone Logistics Tracking can deliver to any location in the world, whether you need to send a letter or urgent equipment.

Door-to-Door Air Courier Express: General Cargo Export Sea Freight Import Clearance & Deliveries Road Freight

  • Door-to-Door Air Courier Express
  • Air terminal to Entryway Express.
  • From Airport to Airport
  • General Freight Product.
  • Services for trains.
  • Road Transport.

Global Diamond Service

They can send a specialist with the packet from origin to destination if you need a special delivery for a specific location. This specialist will arrange the quickest route for your shipment with a guaranteed delivery time at the destination.

Elite Services

There are times when you want a bundle to be conveyed inside a predetermined time region. They perceive this need and they commit their administration to convey something very similar. 

Exzone Tracking will reimburse you for any additional costs associated with this service if Exzone Logistics break its promise to you.

Premium Service

At the point when your dispatches are vital and time touchy or when you require a surefire conveyance browse their scope of premium administrations.

Standard Service

Set up delivery at very low prices for a typical serviceable area.

Exzone Logistics Tracking Priority Service

You can take advantage of priority handling for any and all urgent packages and documents. Using the on-track and trace system, priority delivery on the driver’s routes.