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Mumbai+91 99200 79384 [email protected]101B, PRIME AVENUE, S. V. ROAD, VILE PARLE(WEST) MUMBAI MH 400056 IN.

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Mirakle Dispatches was established in January 2009 and started by Dhruv Lakra, who created a for-profit social enterprise by combining his education with experience working in both the social and business sectors. The plan to help the hard of hearing was set off by one specific episode he encountered while transporting in Mumbai.

Sometime in the distant past, Dhruv was perched on a transport close to a little fellow glancing enthusiastically through the window. He was enthusiastic as well as being exceptionally fretful. He was glancing around tensely, appearing to be somewhat lost. 

Dhruv asked him where he was going however the kid didn’t answer. It took him a couple of moments to understand that this kid couldn’t hear or talk. He was hard of hearing. However, the transport guide routinely declared the stops this kid didn’t have the foggiest idea where he was. 

Dhruv took a piece of paper and kept in touch with him in Hindi asking him where he was going. Through the volatile pen and paper trade, it abruptly unfolded on Dhruv how troublesome life was for the hard of hearing. Something as direct as a transport turned into a battle.

Throughout recent years Mirakle Dispatches has developed to work in 2 Branches in the city, utilizing 70 hard of hearing representatives and conveying north of 65,000 shipments each month. They have won a few honors including the 2009 Hellen Keller grant and the 2010 Public Honor for the Strengthening of Individuals With Disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions By Mirakle Couriers Tracking

Is gesture based communication all-inclusive from one side of the planet to the other?

No. For various regions, distinct sign languages exist. There are a few normalized public gesture based communications. In India the informed hard of hearing local area utilizes Indian Gesture based communication (ISL), in the UK it is English Communication through signing (BSL) and in America it is American Communication through signing (ASL). While certain words are similar there are likewise a great deal of contrasts.

Will hard of hearing individuals utilize the telephone?

Indeed, they can utilize a telephone. They can utilize a TTY or TTD (phone typewriter or media communications gadget) at home or out and about.

How can hearing aids be of use?

Portable amplifiers assist a few hard of hearing individuals with hearing, however, they don’t work for everybody.

What is a cochlear embed?

A cochlear embed is a robotized gadget that a specialist carefully implants in the bone behind the ear.

Will hard of hearing individuals talk?

Yes, a few hard of hearing individuals can talk. Some of them utilize communication via gestures and don’t utilize their voice. Other hard of hearing individuals utilize their voice and communication through signing simultaneously. Some talk. They place a strong emphasis on using Indian Sign Language (ISL) to communicate throughout the office at Mirakle.