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SF Shenzhen Contact Number

CITYPhone NumberEmail AddressCompany Address
Shenzhen(+1)855 901 1133[email protected]3702, 37/F, SF HQ building, No. 3076 Xinghai Avenue, Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone, Nanshan Sub-district, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

Official Website Link: https://www.sf-international.com/cn/en/

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SF International India

In the global strategies administration field, SF is committed to giving advantageous and dependable cross-line coordinated factors and store network answers for overall makers, exchange ventures, Online business traders and shoppers. SF International is not only assisting Chinese businesses in expanding globally but also bringing high-quality products from overseas back to Chinese customers, especially for the China market.

SF Worldwide furnishes different selections of administrations with various kinds and travel time, incorporating Standard Express, Economy Express, E-Package, Weighty Cargo, Reinforced Warehousing, Abroad Satisfaction/Distribution centre and SFBUY. Additionally, altered administrations to give incorporated import and commodity arrangements incorporate market access, transportation, customs freedom, and dispersion to meet different client assumptions.

Worldwide Expedited Administration Organizations covers Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Indonesia, India, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei, the Unified Bedouin Emirates, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and EU 28 nations.

Over 200 nations and regions are covered by the International E-Parcel Service Network. Greater China Service Network serves 34 cities and provinces (including the districts of Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan).

SF Express’s Vision

Achieve typical achievement and participate in a prevalent life

Forge a digital supply chain ecosystem, reshape global business, aid excellence, provide reliable services, and deliver joy.

As per a social perspective, SF Messenger in 2025

Serve initiatives and construct a new global network framework for brilliant production.

Serve the overall population, take steps to green regular protection, become a carbon-unprejudiced benchmark adventure, and add to the viable improvement of the overall economy. Serving people’s work, the association shows up at every neighbourhood, town, family and every person, helping with achieving typical achievement.

As per an association perspective, SF Planned operations in 2025

Consolidate superb resources, accelerate overall business improvement, structure a more changed overall and local business portfolio, and complete the overall savvy creation network design. Keep working steadily to ensure that business scale and company esteem rank first in Asia and among the top three worldwide.

As per a delegate’s perspective, SF Freight in 2025

An enduring platform for global talents to pursue excellence, embody values and find fulfillment. Upholding a “group” culture.

To encourage self-esteem and the pursuit of greatness, establish a straightforward and fair evaluation framework. Competitive pay, robust training system, providing global growth opportunities, embracing career values for employees worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions By SF Express Tracking

Is there a fee to file a formal declaration with the customs office for Standard Express (China Export) shipments?

No help charge for ordinary traditional announcements.

SF’s responsibility is pickup administration in 60 minutes, is it material to the worldwide shipments also?

For Standard Express (China Product) from China, SF ensures pickup administration in an hour whenever.

Will your courier simply leave the shipments at my door in the United States without contacting me?

The activity rules in the abroad express industry are unique to those in China. Typically, shipments follow waybill addresses; however, US laws restrict BAs from delivering smartphones during transport. Hence, BAs can’t contact clients straightforwardly, and protection is vital in the US, entrance is now thought to be a confidential region, so the shipments must be conveyed at the entryways.

What kinds of things are considered “personal items”?

Items for personal use only; not for industrial production or trade samples, including clothing, jewelry, and electronics.

In the wake of giving the custom announcement records, how long could it take to finish the import leeway?

Ordinarily, it requires 1 working day to complete the announcement and illuminate their clients to pay for the import obligations. Customs release Type D imports upon payment of all duties; the timing of delivery depends on completing payments.