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Head Office – Kolhapur, Maharashtra0231-2537915[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Ghatge Patil Transports Pvt Ltd, 517 E, Old Pune Bangalore Road, Kolhapur – 416 001, Maharastra

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Beginning Ghatge Patil Transport Tracking 

Mr Vasantrao Ghatge, a botany professor at Rajaram College, and Mr J. B. Patil, a freight carrier with two used trucks transporting goods between Bombay and Kolhapur, began their journey together.

Mr Ghatge asked Mr J. B. Patil if he could borrow a truck to transport his brother’s possessions one fine day, while the two friends were out and about in Kolhapur. Mr Patil agreed to assist right away.

The idle trucks floated the idea of forming Ghatge Patil Transports Pvt. in the middle of 1944 after the project was finished. Ltd.; and the two never looked back from that point on.

The two formed the foundation of the organization, which is the flagship business of the Ghatge Group and has a fleet of more than 400 vehicles at this point. Their sheer grit and dedication are to be commended.

About Ghatge Group 

Ghatge Patil Transports Pvt. is a well-known transport and courier company operated by the Ghatge group, which serves a variety of industrial markets.

Ltd. and Tej Couriers, Mohan Travels’ luxury passenger services, Trinity Motors’ dealership, which is their top Mercedes-Benz dealer in Pune, and Tej Couriers The group has MAI HYUNDAI & TATA Motors and Chetan Motors under its wing in the centre of Kolhapur City before acquiring the sought-after Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Their fleet of trucks, which is their most valuable asset, is powered by Bharat Benz under Ghatge Trucking. Ghatge Logistics, a separate business sector, is in charge of the group’s warehousing and core operational tasks.

The distribution channel of Amway, the largest privately held FMCG organization in the United States, is the retail vertical of Tushar Enterprises.

GPT, the group’s flagship company, employs over 3,000 people across all of its verticals. 

They at Ghatge group are committed to providing superior service by exceeding customer expectations and upholding solid values. 


  1. Part Truck Load 

When your goods aren’t big enough for a full truck but are big enough for a partial load, the best option is a part-truck load, which makes your shipment very cheap.

Additionally, In order to guarantee a safe delivery to their respective domestic destinations,

the freight that is picked up across the interior of the country is transported using a Hub and Spoke model.

Their tracking services, which are suitable for both small and large businesses, are available to partial truck loaders. 

2. Parcel Transport Service 

Ghatge Patil Transport offers door-to-door delivery and parcel transportation to its customers, modernizing the service with each order and expanding its network to bring you happiness!

3. Full Truck Load 

They offer their clients the service of transporting uniform cargo to a single location via a Full Truck Load.

Operational experts transport the freight in a secure manner at regular intervals after loading it, without handling it along the way. A full truck load requires loading at least 8 tons of freight.

Why People Choose Ghatge Patil Transport Tracking? 

The transportation industry’s adoption of new integrated technologies like artificial intelligence and business models has raised the importance of connectivity and reduced costs. 

GPS tracking of their fleet enables them to calculate real-time fleet tracking and optimized route planning for an excellent service level. They operate on an optimized operational model.

At their hubs, barcode scanning makes it possible to manage their warehouses effectively and maintain a steady flow of goods between branches.

Due to technology-facilitated continuous monitoring of key parameters, their business figures show exponential growth. After all, encouraging the team to use its own potential every day.

By bridging the gap between finding, providing, and delighting their customers, They are expanding on a daily basis.