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CITYJohns Creek, Georgia
Phone Number1-800-765-7242
Email Address[email protected]
Company Address11465 Johns Creek Parkway, Suite 400, Johns Creek, GA 30097

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SAIA Freight Transport Tracking

Saia’s history dates back to 1924 when Louis Saia Sr. responded to customer requests in Houma, LA. The company started by converting a family car into its first truck to move goods. Over time, Saia expanded with terminals across Louisiana and Texas. By the mid-1980s, it became a prominent LTL carrier with 23 terminals, 1000 employees, and $50 million in revenue.

In 1987 the Saia family moved proprietorship to Preston Shipping, which was subsequently obtained by Yellow Enterprise and in this way converged with Smalley Transportation in 1995. Therefore in 2001 Activity Express and WestEx joined under Saia’s umbrella widening their inclusion to envelop 21 states and work from 100 terminals. Besides Saia teamed up with Jevic to lay out SCST in 2002 with an emphasis on giving LTL administrations. 

Saia strengthened its presence in the Midwest with the acquisition of Clark Brothers Transport in 2004. In 2006, strategic decisions included selling Jevic under SCST’s banner and listing on NASDAQ. Expansion continued through acquisitions like The Connection Company and Madison Freight Systems in 2007. Achieving over a billion dollars in revenue in 2008 was a significant milestone for Saia. Saia made strategic moves and acquisitions, marking notable achievements in its growth trajectory.

In an endeavour to broaden its portfolio further, Saia wandered into load and operations administrations by obtaining The Robart Organizations in 2012. Furthermore, LinkEx Inc. Turned out to be essential for Saia’s network in 2015 reinforcing its capacities as an outsider coordinated operations supplier (3PL). As of now working the country over with an organization of 196 terminals and utilizing nearly14 000 people. Its organizations cover areas, in Gold country, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. 

SAIA Services

Freight Transportation Services

Their organization provides comprehensive cargo transportation services, including LTL and TL options. Utilizing a vast network of terminals and experienced drivers, they ensure efficient delivery.

Logistics Solutions

They offer end-to-end logistics solutions tailored to meet their clients’ unique needs. Services include warehousing, stock management, and supply chain optimization, enhancing operational efficiency. Their logistics solutions streamline operations, ensuring efficiency and meeting clients’ specific requirements.

Specialized Freight Services

Their specialized freight services cater to unique cargo requirements like hazardous materials, temperature-controlled shipments, and oversized loads. They possess the expertise and equipment necessary to handle specialized cargo safely and efficiently. Their capabilities ensure the safe and efficient transportation of unique and challenging freight types.

International Shipping and Customs Clearance

They provide global shipping services, including customs clearance assistance, for organizations with global operations. Their team ensures smooth customs procedures, compliance with regulations, and timely delivery of international shipments. They tailor global delivery services to meet international shipping requirements, ensuring seamless operations and regulatory compliance.

Technology-driven Tracking and Reporting

Using progressed following innovation and announcing frameworks, they give continuous perceivability of shipments, permitting clients to follow their freight’s advancement from pickup to conveyance. Their innovation driven approach improves straightforwardness and consumer loyalty.

Frequently Asked Questions By SAIA Freight Logistics Tracking

How much time does my record require to become dynamic after enlistment? 

The time required to circle back is roughly 48 hours. This application includes delicate business data and they need to check your enlistment data. 

I was connected to a page from your old site and it isn’t working. What do I do? 

You should reset all old bookmarks. Go to and select the page(s) you were utilizing previously. When you are on a page, save the connection and erase the old connection. 

How might I at any point manage this receipt in PDF? 

PDF records can be saved to your PC, printed, faxed, or joined with an email. 

Will E-Charging cost me anything? 

No. All enlisted clients can get an electronic receipt in PDF joined to an email for nothing. 

What is a cargo bill/star # and how could it be placed? 

The transporter assigns a cargo bill/expert number to each shipment, which is used for tracking. Cargo bill numbers vary in their structure. At Saia, they track status using the 11-digit number (no runs). The last digit serves as a check digit and is not necessary for tracking.