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Salem0427 – 2333333[email protected]Swarnapuri, Salem, at 23B Rajaji Street, 636 004.

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About KPN Parcel Service Tracking

K.P.N. Speed Package Administration is the sister worry of K.P.N Ventures India Ltd – India’s most eminent voyages associations working in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. 

In the south of India, the three letters KPN have become synonymous with luxury bus travel, making the company a household name in its industry. It is prudent to recognize the extensive history of the business to comprehend its notoriety.

KPN Ventures was established under the stewardship of its maker K.P Natarajan in 1972. K.P. Natarajan, who came from a very poor farming family, started working as a bus driver for his brother’s bus company in 1968. 

He envisioned a company that could provide dependable luxury transportation throughout Tamilnadu because he was aware that he could start his own business. Likewise, he proceeded to cooperate with his sibling and begin an intercity Omni-transport organization in 1970 just to bomb under enormous obligation. 

Unperturbed, KP Natarajan resurrected the business on his own and established KPN in 1972. Under his direction, KPN Travels adopted its founding principles, which continue to this day.

K.P. Natarajan went to great lengths to meet every customer’s need and instil a customer-first mindset among the company’s employees. 

Without their passengers and staff, this progression would not be possible. With more than 260 buses, KPN Travels can transport up to 12,000 passengers per day across their areas of operation at peak capacity. 

KPN Parcel Service Tracking has 250 locations in Tamil Nadu alone, transports 12,000 tons per day, and processes upwards of 13,000 packages per day. Surprisingly, delivery of 85 per cent of all packages occurs within 24 hours of booking. 

Why KPN Parcel Tracking?

Shipping Time24 (1 Day)
Covering South India5

Policy on Cancellation and Refund

Before the packages are loaded onto their transhipment vehicles, they can be cancelled for any booked parcel. The customer will receive a full refund without any cancellation fees if they cancel a “Paid” package. The customer is not required to pay any cancellation fees if the parcel is marked “To-Pay.”

Refund for Error Transactions in KPN Parcel Service Tracking

Network errors, timeouts, multi-window bookings, saved sessions, Back Button use, and non-IE browsers may cause incorrect debits from the account.

An in-house team performs a daily analysis of issued tickets and payment reports from banks, excluding holidays. The team identifies and checks for any discrepancies caused by network congestion or user negligence and proceeds to refund them.

The respective gateways used by the user process and send the refunds back to the issuing bank (the user’s card banker) in batches. This process should take about five working days. 

K.P.N. Speed Parcel Service makes no promises about how quickly or accurately refunds will reach customers’ bank accounts or credit cards. 

This is because of the number of organizations that process online transactions, issues with the Internet infrastructure that is currently in place, and financial institutions working days and holidays.

Conditions for the Transportation of Goods

  • The KPN Parcel Service Tracking, Salem (hereafter referred to as the company) is unaware of the consignments’ nature, content, conditions, or value. All transfers acknowledged by the organization for dispatch through the vehicle are conveyed totally at the proprietor’s gamble.
  • Internal damage to the contents of packages, damage to unpacked goods, deterioration-related damage to perishable goods, or damage to brittle goods is not the responsibility of the company.
  • Transportation of hazardous or flammable items is prohibited.
  • Without justifying, the company reserves the right to accept goods for shipment.
  • The consignee must present the original LR before the booked goods can be delivered.
  • The Court at Salem alone shall have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute between the parties and the Carrier regarding any Claim about the consignment entrusted to the Carrier for transportation.
  • KPN Parcel Service Tracking Company’s claim liability is restricted to ten times the LR’s freight charges or the assessed value of goods, whichever is lower if the claim is received within 90 days of booking.
  • For paid or paid parcels, depending on the situation, loading and unloading fees will be assessed either at the parcel booking location or the parcel delivery office.
  • Any remaining agreements are liable to change whenever at the carefulness of their organization with practically no notification to the consigner/agent
  • Baggage Unwavering quality restricted to Rs. 100/-