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Rajahmundry (Head Office)0883 – 2473568[email protected]Bharat complex, trunk road, Rajahmundry- 533104

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About The Founder of BMPS Transport

Sri Tammineedi Visweswara Rao Garu passed away in 2000. Born to farmer Sri T. Narayana Murthy and Buli Venkammma Garu in Otaada (west Godavari) in 1926.

Before he made the difficult decision to start a business where he could earn respect and wealth, he worked as a farmer with his father. In 1947, when he was 22 years old, he moved to Rajahmundry and started working in the lorry business. In 1959, he came up with the idea of a transport company.

He began the bundle administration alongside the help of his own siblings for the sake of Bharat engine package administration with 3 trucks and 10 branches at first in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh which quickly extended towards the east-seaside area of Andhra Pradesh and afterwards towards Rayalaseema, Telangana in the 1980s and late 1990s and widely spread all through every single piece of Andhra Pradesh, and has opened up branches in significant urban communities like Orissa (Berhampur) metropolitan urban communities like Bangalore, Chennai.


In 1959, the company only had three trucks and ten locations. a few decades after its founding. grew to 243 locations, 250 vehicles, and 4,000 employees in total.

Their founder’s humble beginning must inspire his beloved brothers to be diligent and trustworthy at work, with employees, and with customers.

The growth of Bharat Motor Parcel Service Tracking under their capable leadership into numerous branches and routes with a large customer base prompted them to concentrate on expanding into additional states.

Indian Bank Association (IBA) approved

  • BMPS Tracking carried forward the founder’s vision in a responsible manner to provide quality service to customers. BMPS Transport Tracking conviction firmly permitted BMPS to work in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Berhampur, and aside from Andhra Pradesh.
  • From the beginning, strong efforts were made to ensure the success of the businesses as a whole, the well-being of employees, and unwavering customer service.
  • BMPS Transport has served as the motivator and gauge for putting Quality & Conviction into action at every stage of the operations. It is thought that their perspectives and experiences are a direct reflection of their beloved founder. Today it is an expertly coordinated organization with different offices that capability connected at the hip to guarantee top consumer loyalty.
  • Over 4,000 employees, including everyone who is directly or indirectly associated with the business.
  • The company has a strict policy of delivering packages on time and without delay. The department in question will examine any legitimate claims before resolving them in accordance with the company’s policies.

BMPS Tracking Corporate Profile 

  • BMPS Tracking owns a dedicated fleet of 250 trucks and regularly hires over 100 additional trucks.
  • Bharat Motor Transport Tracking’s trucks have closed bodies and come in a variety of sizes; they are well-maintained and have their own workshop for going to facilities for fabrication and repair.
  • 4000 employees, both directly and indirectly, are involved.
  • 240 branches in South India, including major cities in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Orissa and locations in every corner of AP
  • By partnering with multinational corporations, the company has grown year after year thanks to its efficient and well-organized workforce.
  • Services include the safe transportation of all closed-packed goods on a weight basis, as well as larger size, height, and weight consignments on a volume basis (CDM) and the distance the consignment is to be transported. 
  • Staff members who are trustworthy, honest, and hardworking make this possible.
  • Answering questions quickly by the staff member in charge.

BMPS Transport Infrastructure 

  • Through the dedication of our employees in the bodybuilding unit and workshop, BMPS Tracking has been providing exceptional and high-quality service to our customers for the past fifty years.
  • BMPS Transport vehicles include cargo, e-comets, large giant tuskers, and Ashok Leyland vehicles of medium size. 250 vehicles, 243 branches, and trucks, including tuskers with a 20-ton capacity, e-comets, Ashok Leyland, Eicher-909, and Tata, transport all of the cities in Andhra Pradesh, including Bangalore and Chennai.
  • Lifting weights limit of 20 vehicles and furthermore handles fixing and adjusting offices which work with armada upkeep.
  • 30 odd organization courses covering every one of the branches by parcels and branch focuses.
  • Gaining more business from multinational corporations by offering prompt service.