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New Delhi+91 124 454 1001[email protected] Room No. 218 Export Building, gate no 3 Cargo Terminal, IGI Airport 110037, New Delhi

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Air France Cargo India

Air France Cargo Tracking is the particular air freight business of Air France KLM Gathering. The joint armada of their three carriers empowers them to ship a different range of products. 

Notwithstanding the freight paunch limit of their traveller armada, their vessel aircraft has an adaptable principal deck limit. This versatile methodology permits them to offer a complete exhibit of administrations and answers for addressing market issues, making smooth associations across the world. 

Air France Cargo Tracking India’s two centres, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Air Terminal Schiphol, are strategically placed only 398 kilometres apart, considering more prominent adaptability in conveying your products to their last objective. Their obligation to quality and effortlessness stays relentless as they endeavor to fulfill their clients’ transportation necessities.

Their motivation and mission at Air France KLM Martinair Freight is to associate. They exist to lay out associations with their clients and accomplices, which are fundamental to supporting worldwide availability. 

With a tremendous organization of roughly 230 flight objections around the world, upheld by 3,000 freight representatives and 423 airplanes, they conveyed almost 1,000,000 tons of freight in the year. Air France KLM Martinair Freight isn’t simply working for the world’s broadest worldwide freight organization; it is additionally a motor of the network.

Key figures

  • 2 center points: Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Amsterdam Air Terminal Schiphol (AMS).
  • 1 million tons of freight will flow in 2022.
  • 223 overall objections
  • 417 traveler airplane.
  • Six-vessel aeroplane
  • 208,000 m2 of stockroom floor surface.
  • 3,000 representatives around the world.

Services of Air France Cargo Tracking

Web-based Following 

Air France Cargo provides a simple-to-use web-based global positioning framework on its site. Clients can enter their aviation route bill number or other significant data to follow the status and area of their freight progressively.

Portable Application 

Air France has a versatile application that permits clients to follow their freight shipments helpfully from their cell phones or tablets. The application has a similar usefulness to the site.

Client support

Clients can contact Air France Freight’s client support for help with following their freight. They can ask about the ongoing status of their shipment and get reports on its area and assessed appearance time.

Email Notices

Air France Freight offers email notices to keep clients educated about the advancements regarding their shipments. Clients can join to get email alarms for key achievements during the shipment’s excursion.

Tweaked Arrangements

Air France Freight provides redesigned freight answers for organizations with special delivery needs. They offer, for example, temperature-controlled transportation, secure treatment of important freight, and unique handling of larger-than-average things.

Frequently Asked Questions By Air France Cargo Tracking

How would I follow my Air France freight shipment on the web?

To follow your freight on the web, visit the Air France Freight site and enter your aviation route bill number or other important data in the following device on their landing page. You will get continuous updates on your shipment’s status.

What data do I have to follow my freight?

To follow your freight, you regularly need the aviation route bill number or the shipment reference number given via Air France Freight when you booked your shipment. This data is fundamental for the precise following.

Are there any extra charges for utilizing Air France Freight’s following services?

No, Air France Freight’s following administrations are commonly given to clients for nothing. There are no extra charges for utilizing the web-based following device, versatile application, or email notices.

Could I at any point follow my freight progressively, including its area during travel?

Yes, Air France Freight’s global positioning framework gives constant updates, including the ongoing area of your freight during its excursion. You can screen it from the take-off point to the objective.

How would it be advisable for me to respond, assuming that I experience issues with following my freight or have inquiries regarding its status?

Assuming you experience any issues while following your freight or have inquiries concerning its status, you can contact Air France Cargo Tracking Freight’s client care. They will actually want to help you, give updates, and address any worries you might have in regard to your shipment.