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CITYPhone NumberEmail AddressCompany Address
AHMEDABAD91-79-26580901[email protected]503, 5TH FLOOR, SAKAR V, OFF ASHRAM ROAD, AHMEDABAD – 380 009

Official Website Link: https://www.wanhai.com/views/Main.xhtml

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Wan Hai Lines India Pvt Ltd

Wan Hai started out primarily as a raw log shipping business with locations in Southeast Asia, Japan, and Taiwan. 

They purchased their first full-container ship, the MV “Ming Chun,” in July 1976, anticipating the upcoming containerization trends, and began container shipping between Taiwan and Japan. From that point forward, Wan Hai had developed into a completely containerized delivery organization.

From that point forward, they have put resources into selective terminals and holder stations at Taichung and Taipei, as well as abroad in areas, like Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and China.

Wan Hai Container Tracking was able to increase its presence thanks to the support of its clients by entering the Asian market. They currently have directly serviced ports and business operation centres in 33 nations. By establishing shipping routes in India and the Middle East, they increased their service coverage. 

Wan Hai Vessel Schedule expanded its services for trans-Pacific trade by opening additional routes between the Far East, the west and east coasts of the United States, and the west coast of South America, making Wan Hai a global shipping company.

Vision And Mission of Wan Hai Tracking


  • “Excellence empowers global trade.”


  • Wan Hai’s goal at Wan Hai Container is to be a major player in the container shipping industry and contribute to the expansion and prosperity of global trade. 

Wan Hai Lines India Pvt Ltd is dedicated to completing this task by

Reliability: Providing their customers with container shipping services that are dependable and available on time, ensuring that their cargo reaches its destination in a safe and timely manner.

Innovation: Embracing state-of-the-art innovation and imaginative answers to upgrade the proficiency and supportability of their activities while consistently further developing their administrative contributions.

Global Reach: Expanding Wan Hai Container Tracking global network to connect businesses on all continents and make it easier for trade and economic expansion to flow seamlessly.

Environmental stewardship: Taking a proactive approach to environmental sustainability by employing eco-friendly methods and lowering the maritime industry’s carbon footprint.

A focus on the customer: Putting their clients at the focal point of all that they do, grasping their necessities, and conveying revised answers to meet their interesting delivery prerequisites.

Development of Employees: Fostering a culture of excellence, teamwork, and dedication, as well as providing opportunities for advancement, is essential.

Ethical Behavior: Promoting openness, honesty, and ethical behaviour in their business, as well as responsible corporate citizenship.

Frequently Asked Questions By Wan Hai Container Tracking

In India, how can I track my Wan Hai container?

Visit the Wan Hai Tracking website and enter your courier number to receive real-time status updates to track your Wan Hai in India.

What information is required to track my container?

To keep track of your container’s location and status, you will need its unique identifier, the container number.

Is there 24-hour access to Wan Hai Tracking in India?

Yes, Wan Hai Container services are available round-the-clock, enabling you to monitor the condition of your container at any time.

In India, do Wan Hai Lines India Pvt Ltd apps exist?

Indeed, Wan Hai might have portable applications accessible to holders in India. For more details, go to the official website or the app store.

How would it be advisable for me to respond assuming I experience issues with compartment following in India?

If you are having trouble tracking your Wan Hai container in India, you can get assistance from Wan Hai’s customer support. They are able to direct you and assist in resolving any issues connected to tracking.