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Avikam Indian Logistics Tracking is the next-generation shipping remedy for all of your needs. To check all of your Courier shipments, enter your docket number and simply access all of your Avikam Courier Tracking shipments.

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Bangalore+91 – 7676005627[email protected]No. 48 & 49, Avikam House, International Airport Road Jakkur, Bangalore 560 064, India

Official Website Link: http://avikamindia.com/

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About Avikam Tracking

Avikam Logistics Private Limited is based in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley. They are a company that manages the entire supply chain and offers 4PL services to businesses of all sizes.

Avikam Logistics Pvt ltd is the most preferred supply chain management partner by their customers because they offer services such as consultation, ideation, project planning, and implementation of projects of any size using a 360-degree approach.

Obtainment, warehousing, worldwide operations, air and ocean cargo, customs leeway, paving the way to last mile conveyance and returns the board (invert strategies), they give their clients an accomplice who can be relied upon for their start-to-finish production network the executive’s prerequisites.

It offers a one-stop solution from the first mile to the last, whether you need local FTL, PTL, air cargo, trailers for special equipment, cold chain, or heavy equipment container moment to any part of the world.

It has relentlessly provided customers with advantages throughout, including global and local transportation, customs and regulatory consultation and services, long-term and temporary based warehousing, stocking, packing, and distribution through e-commerce and traditional channels, as well as the highest quality of technology and communication provided by Human Resources trained on specific sectors or processes.

Purpose of Avikam Tracking

The paradox of long-term stability and constant change is business. The most crucial impetus for achieving one’s objectives is purpose.

Companies with a purpose expand, people with a purpose prosper, and businesses with a purpose endure. Employees will always be more engaged in purpose-driven organizations because they provide ample opportunities to make a difference.

To expand, businesses need the best talent and the most precise partners. The one characteristic that sets achievers apart from everyone else is “a solid purpose in life and a deep-rooted belief in it.” They do not view their desire to achieve professional or business success solely in terms of their titles or salaries. Co-creating something meaningful that they are emotionally invested in brings them great satisfaction.

Best Things Of Avikam India

Pvt. Avikam Logistics In exchange for a small fee, Ltd. grants the franchisee a license to conduct business and offers assistance with organization, training, merchandising, and marketing. Candidates who share their vision and enthusiasm for providing world-class customer service are eager to discuss the opportunity.

  • National express network for parcel delivery and pickup.
  • Fees for franchisees.
  • Exclusive region
  • Economical rate structure without royalties
  • Simple payment options.
  • During the initial phase of establishment, new franchisees receive an income guarantee.
  • an initial period of orientation, as well as complete ongoing support and training for marketing and sales.
  • Monitoring online.
  • Support for customer service centralized.
  • Rate agreements with banks, businesses in the public and private sectors, and multinational corporations.
  • Over time, the franchisee will be elevated to the position of the super franchisee, with the authority to divide their exclusive territory and hire their own franchisee.

Value-Added Services of Avikam Tracking

Delivery @ 3RD PARTY

To deliver the packages next door or to a third-party location, or to leave the packages at the designated location at a specific time.

Flyer / Handcarry

Avikam offers a product called “flyer” or “Handcarry” in which they will quickly book flights and fly their airport executive for extremely urgent shipments.