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Satara880 5797 979[email protected]Plot No. 105, Old MIDC, Pune-Bangalore Highway, Satara – 415 004, near the Mahindra Showroom

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About ACPL Courier Tracking

ACPL was founded in 1989 to transport industrial goods and provide logistics services. It has a strong presence in the Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Goa, and Madhya Pradesh regions as well as an extensive network in western India that makes timely deliveries to more than 200 branches in 85 districts and to more than 3,000 customers.

In 1989, ACPL introduced door-to-door services to cater to various market segments. ACPL went from providing small cargo services to managing cargo and logistics as its business volume, services, and revenue increased. 

Avinash Cargo Tracking added interstate operations and multimodal services to its service network. The business developed from adjusting single districts like Satara to different 24 areas across the western and southern pieces of India.

ACPL Tracking’s highly maintained fleet of more than 900 vehicles ensures safe, speedy, and committed delivery across the region, allowing them to provide customized supply chain solutions to customers across industries. 

By placing customer satisfaction at the forefront of business decision-making, ACPL Courier Tracking is continuously evolving its strategy. The emphasis on new product innovations has increased.

This is even more relevant in light of the upcoming GST regulation, which will necessitate significant modifications to the supply chain models their customers use for their business operations.

History Of ACPL Transport

The Opening Years of ACPL Courier Tracking

To progress through life’s journey, total dedication and foresight are required. In addition, being firmly seated in the driver’s seat is the key to success. This is demonstrated in ample detail by Baban Shelke, founder of ACPL. 

He nearly overcame every obstacle to success despite coming from a humble background. The company “Avinash Carrier” had already started its initial intercity operations after it was officially established.

In 1989 the organization enlisted according to the organization Act 1956 under the name “Avinash Transporter Pvt. Ltd”. 

Building a network in ACPL Transport

Established in 1989, ACPL is a logistics service provider incorporated for the transportation of industrial goods. It has a strong presence in the Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Goa regions, as well as a vast network in western India that makes timely deliveries to more than 130 branches in 75 districts.

ACPL introduced service quality standardization, refined vehicle tracking systems, and technologically advanced container vehicles to support and expand its promise of superior service delivery.

ACPL Tracking is able to offer customized supply chain solutions to customers from a variety of industries thanks to ACPL’s well-maintained fleet of more than 500 vehicles, which ensures safe, prompt, and committed delivery across the region. 

With more than 550 young employees, 25 business associates, 78 offices, and 11 transshipment centers, ACPL is proud.

Innovation and Added Value of Avinash Cargo Tracking

In 1989, ACPL introduced door-to-door services to cater to various market segments. ACPL went from providing small cargo services to managing cargo and logistics as its business volume, services, and revenue increased. 

Technique and Technology of ACPL Transport

ACPL reorganized the professional use of technology in business operations to focus on marketing, increase operational efficiency, and enhance service quality. It has established distinct corporate functions and verticals. 

HR and operations ACPL transformed into a process-oriented organization through the implementation of performance metrics and evaluations across the services.

ACPL Transport kept revisiting its fundamental value proposition—timely service delivery—to remain competitive. 

The ACPL Tracking web was launched in 2007 and provided its front office with the information it needed to tailor its response to each individual customer’s needs with a single click, including information on shipment tracking, service quality, customer complaints, and more.

In 2016, ACPL began preparing Consignment Notes at the customer’s desk using cutting-edge electronic devices. 

ACPL implemented the CRM module to enhance the customer experience by providing essential information to keep customers focused on their core business. Then again, ACPL has taken the brief choice of global positioning framework for vehicles, courses and plans for a time.

The Mission of ACPL Transport

To provide superior customized logistics services with services of excellence and on-time delivery, thereby enhancing the business value of their clients and assisting them in achieving their own company objectives.

The Vision of Avinash Cargo Tracking

Avinash Freight Pvt Ltd devotes itself to understanding client expectations and identifying and developing opportunities that enhance client supply chain processes.

ACPL establishes its way of thinking for work based on maintaining the highest level of quality management in the most efficient manner.

This Tracking Transport commits to continuous process improvement through leadership, creativity, and technology.

ACPL Transport Tracking Services


  • Facility for centralized billing.
  • Cheque to the facility for delivery.
  • Conveyance Against Recipient Duplicate.
  • Online Delivery Verification.


  • Automatic SMS and email alerts for booking and delivery in real-time.
  • Additionally, ACPL offers a GPS-based vehicle track system and real-time consignment.
  • Using a cutting-edge electronic device, make a reservation at the customer’s desk.
  • Operations tailored to the requirements of the client’s business
  • CRM assistance at the front desk.


  • Best industry record for achievements in end-to-end service level.
  • Service for delivery the next day on some routes.
  • Close Body Vehicles and weatherproof, secured godowns ensure a safer delivery.
  • Operations explicitly designed for your business’s needs.
  • Capacity to answer unrefined substance-completed products and auxiliary transportation necessities of any client across the western and southern parts of India.
  • Pre-established routes and transit times between the booking and delivery branches.
  • Full trucks accessible for any objective in western and southern India, administered through the possessed and enrolled merchant organization.