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New Delhi+91 11 2464 3458,
+91 11 2464 5876,
+91 44 6563 3666,
+91 44 4863 3455
NEW DELHI, 110003

Official Website Link: http://www.pccscargo.com

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Prakash Courier & Cargo

PCCS is more than just moving cargo from point A to point B; it also involves the management of an efficient supply chain, requiring a lot of knowledge, skills, and expertise. 

A company can cut costs, increase efficiency, and, most importantly, remain competitive in its industry by having an effective supply chain and appropriate logistical procedures. Planning, Execution, and Coordination are the three fundamental pillars of logistics. 

PCCS Planned Operations Private Restricted operates as one of the deeply grounded Freight and Strategic Organizations. They have a fantastic office network in. all of India’s major cities. They give fantastic messenger/field/freight and calculated administrations to their clients, serving Private and Public Ltd. 

Medical Equipment

Whether a machine’s coming directly from the producer’s creation line to a clinic ward or a piece of test hardware that is being moved between laboratories, PCCS Tracking gives dispatches who are able at stacking, ship and dump clinical gear without anything turning out badly. 

Clinical organizations choose their dispatches supplemented by their range of vehicles, professional lashing, and packing materials for this reason.

Medical Supplies

Not all Medical organizations or Clinics have the right testing or solution offices to hand. Now and again, mentioning clinical extra parts/Types of gear by dispatch or requesting that messengers take conveys to the closest Area can assist with accelerating determination and treatment. 

To be used frequently by the medical industry, couriers must have the ability to collect and deliver quickly at any time of day or night.

Vision, Mission And Core Value of PCCS Tracking


  • For PCCS Logistics Private Limited, the most important keywords are “on time” and “safe.” PCCS is devoted to being an on-time and safe calculated conveyance association with an emphasis on client enjoyment, regard and responsibility towards workers and the local area.


  • By combining effective time management with efficient operations and ensuring the achievement of their objectives, they are committed to delivering.

Core Values

  • Clients Are Truly Everything.
  • Moral Obligation In Conveying Greatness.
  • Unwavering quality, Morals, Responsiveness, Flawlessness, Strengthening, Inventiveness, and Custom.

Why choose PCCS Logistics?

  • If you run a business that sells medical supplies, you need couriers who can properly handle your products.
  • Moving medical supplies and equipment as quickly and safely as possible is critical. Whether it’s not too far off to the neighbourhood facility or up the country to a significant showing emergency clinic, clinical organizations need dependable dispatches.
  • PCCS Tracking possesses the specialist knowledge and experience necessary to assist you in maintaining your customers’ trust when handling the delivery of medical supplies or equipment. After all, if your couriers fail, you risk losing the client’s business and damaging your reputation. PCCS Logistics Private Limited invest wholeheartedly in working intimately with you to guarantee that all your clinical conveyance prerequisites are met and to guarantee their administration levels are of the best quality.
  • Their fleet includes ODC vehicles that are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, motorcycles, small vans, and transits. They supply dire, committed, same-day administrations to a scope of organizations in numerous areas including producing, printing, legitimate, banking, clinical and processing among others.

They make sure the following in order to face the obstacles along the way:

  • Achieving administration through cutting-edge innovation by incorporating transportation and interchanges framework.
  • Setting aside time and cash for clients.
  • Service enhancement on a regular basis.
  • Maintaining the highest ethical standards in the business.
  • To give Devote Messenger/Freight the board for multi dispersion/assortment of shipment on critical and quick premise.
  • PCCS Tracking is outfitted with advanced and completely mechanized pleasant and responsive staff parts giving fast and brief data nonstop.
  • Additionally, on a daily basis, providing all valuable data via KPI and other informative formats.
  • Serious their group comprises profoundly prepared proficient and committed staff that are well versed in significant criticisms and association methods to save costs for their esteemed clients.

Air Freight By Prakash Courier Cargo

They refer to the process of moving goods from one location to another using the air as the mode of transportation air freight. Albeit costly, it’s the quickest and most dependable method of transportation. 

Your brand can benefit from an increase in demand for your products, establishing your credibility as a dependable company. Thus, go on, to address the issue of your client and convey your products on time utilizing PCCS Logistics Private Limited airship cargo administration.

Air freight is a service that PCCS, a leading logistics company, offers with efficiency and dependability. With a brilliant organization of committed CRM groups and workplaces at significant air terminals, PCCS guarantees that your merchandise is securely conveyed. 

PCCS has a plan with every one of the carriers for the transportation of freight by air and keeps a conveyance timetable of 24 to 48 hours at the hour of air freight conveyance. 

Their air cargo operations operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they equip them to handle urgent shipments, ensuring timely delivery.

The expense of the airship cargo relies upon the heaviness of the shipments, nonetheless, there are different charges as well. They quote all the costs involved in the process in advance, ensuring they are the best possible rates that anyone could hope to find.

At PCCS Tracking, they adhere to the highest ethical standards in business. Their team completely commits to providing customers with the best possible experience and services.

Key Features:

  • Priority Connectivity as an Alliance with All Airlines’ Leading Air Cargo Agents
  • The quickest TAT: 24 to 48 hours.
  • The Train and Road Express Service has confirmed Premium Logistics Cost Reduction as a result.
  • House-to-house pickup and conveyance of your shipments.
  • Facility for Advanced Tracking.

PCCS Logistics Train Freight

Train cargo is the method involved with moving your merchandise starting with one spot and then onto the next through the train as the method of transportation. It is widely regarded as one of the most cost-effective and effective modes of transportation. Now, with PCCS train freight services, you can get your products there on time.

PCCS is the most prominent logistics firm that provides train freight services that are both cost-effective and effective. PCCS has separate train hubs at each station to prevent cargo mismatches, and all of their handling units at train stations are available round-the-clock to ensure that cargo is delivered on time. 

In addition, almost all express trains feature PCCS connections with SLR or VPU coaches. Since cargo is transferred in public trains rather than cargo trains, the PCCS operation team is specifically trained to handle train consignments in a short amount of time. Additionally, they offer bespoke premium train cargo spaces tailored to your specifications.

With their on-time conveyance and magnificent client support, they have figured out how to cut a speciality for ourselves in the business. Reliability, professionalism, adaptability, and hassle-free management are hallmarks of their offerings.

PCCS Key Elements:

  • Lowest average time to market (TAT).
  • Priority Connectivity as an Alliance with All Express Trains and Leading Train Cargo SLR/VPU Leaseholders
  • The dedicated CRM Team is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for immediate assistance.
  • House-to-house pickup and conveyance of your shipments.
  • Facility for Advanced Tracking.

Surface Express Cargo By PCCS Tracking

Surface express freight is fundamentally moving merchandise starting with one spot and then onto the next by means of streets, through trucks. With PCCS surface express cargo services, you can have your goods delivered quickly.

Based on an accurate assessment of your requirements, PCCS offers you a comprehensive package. PCCS keeps the procedure simple and open. They strive to maintain the lowest possible transit time. They ensure that all of your sensitive and critical shipments are safely and securely packaged and delivered on time to the desired location. 

Key Elements:

  • A cost-effective and quick method for getting your shipments anywhere in the country.
  • No matter what the size of your shipment, they furnish you with the most ideal operations arrangements.
  • The largest network of supply chains.
  • Quickest travel time.
  • House-to-house pickup and conveyance of your shipments.
  • Guaranteed delivery on time.
  • Exceptionally proficient group to deal with your shipments and your questions.
  • Practical arrangements.
  • Facility for Advanced Tracking.

Warehousing By Prakash Courier Tracking

A storage system used to safeguard the quantity and quality of stored goods is referred to as “warehousing.” Some of the time there is a period span between the creation and utilization of merchandise or in their conveyance time, and thus the requirement for capacity emerges.

PCCS Tracking is the main strategies organization which gives an effective and solid warehousing administration alongside cargo administrations. The decisively found distribution centres of PCCS guarantee that it can reach and convey freight to any piece of the nation and imprints its public presence. 

As of now, PCCS works with 10 distribution centres. In order to create a warehouse that is both safer and more efficient, PCCS has made efficient use of emerging technologies. 

PCCS gets a clear understanding of what you want and need, and they give you a complete package for storing your goods. They have a broad organization of committed warehousing and dispersion activities alongside the top-tier cycles and frameworks to guarantee cost-productive dissemination arrangements. 

Their warehousing services are available at any time. You can now proceed with them throughout the entire year of creation and store them till the appearance of interest.

Relax and store your possessions safely. They guarantee that you will supply the best warehousing service.

Key Elements:

  • The technology in their warehouses is at the forefront of technology.
  • Control and management of the inventory.
  • After a thorough investigation, the best options for warehousing and logistics.
  • Cost-productive dispersion arrangements.

Packaging Solutions of PCCS Logistics Private Limited

Bundling is the main piece of any cargo. Bundling arrangements are the most common way of pressing every one of the products in a manner as to give them absolute attention to detail and support for them to be protected while being moved to start with one spot and then onto the next. The best packaging options for all of your products are available from PCCS.

At PCCS, they comprehend that protected bundling is basic towards the effective conveyance of your freight. To deal with your shipment with extreme attention to detail, they at PCCS utilize a wide assortment of pressing arrangements be it for weighty materials or delicate things, they guarantee that everything is treated with care and worth.

They’re experts at packing general cargo and fragile items like glass and mechanical items, sensitive cargo (such as equipment for calibration, laboratories, etc.) and a lot of cargo (turbines, generators, etc.). They use all suitable advancements to give you the best bundling arrangements alongside cargo administrations.

They make certain that the boxes they use are the right size for the weight of your shipment. The containers and bundling utilized are firm and unbending in nature, which adds to their obligation to safe conveyance. 

PCCS Tracking tailor their value-added services to meet the needs of their customers. At PCCS, client fulfilment is their essential goal and along these lines, they investigate every possibility to achieve this consistently.

Key Elements:

  • PCCS have solutions for anything from heavy to fragile.
  • Products manufactured with precision.
  • Services That Work Fast and Well
  • Excellent services for assisting customers.