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CITYPhone NoEmail AddressCompany Address
Ahmedabad07926933377 / 0792693366
[email protected]
B-1321, 13th Floor, Dev Altier, Anand Nagar Cross Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad, 380015

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About Shree Nandan Courier Tracking

SHREE NANDAN COURIER LIMITED was established in June 2013. has emerged as the most prominent national player in the logistical support sector. In less than two years, the company has grown from 90 branch offices in particular parts of Gujarat to more than 750 branches and approximately 1,300 service centres in 22 states. 

Even though the company has grown a lot, it is now one of the fastest-growing courier service providers in the country. However, the company’s main focus is on delivering packages on time and with confidence.

The fact that Shree Nandan Courier Limited’s services are both practical and competitively priced is demonstrated by the fact that the company’s clientele includes some of the most prominent players in industries like banking, oil and gas, telecom, chemical, healthcare, insurance, and media.

Service Guide of Shree Nandan Courier Limited

Shree Nandan Courier Tracking Personalized Services

Shree Nandan Courier Limited offers a variety of services that are tailored to the specific requirements of customers in terms of the nature of the consignment, the urgency, and the location of delivery. 

This takes advantage of the promoters’ more than three decades of experience in the field of courier services.

Domestic Courier

Shree Nandan Courier Tracking Enables document and small package delivery that is both certain and time-bound.

Domestic Cargo in Shree Nandan Courier Limited

Designed to transport heavy loads via air and land transport, requiring specialized vehicles, material handling equipment, and dedicated staff.

Express Service

Particular help for safe and guaranteed conveyance at all conceivable times.

Shree Nandan’s Core Focus

  • Determination to provide high-quality, cost-effective service to all customer segments.
  • Nonstop advancement to meet the always-changing necessities of the clients.
  • A strong incentive for the workforce to keep up the quality of services.

Prohibited or Restricted Goods

Banned and Restricted Products

  • Fluid, semi-fluid and gases.
  • Currency.
  • Items that violate the Indian Postal Act of 1898, including Indian Postal Articles.
  • Gems, precious and semi-precious stones, jewellery, and other similar items.
  • Perishables.
  • Material that is magnetic or radioactive.
  • Instruments that Can Be Negotiated (Bearer Form)
  • pornographic content
  • explosives, weapons, and military gear.
  • Items that Burn.
  • Items that pose a threat to health
  • Corrosives.
  • chemicals and powders.
  • Drugs.
  • parts of machinery that contain fuel, oil, grease, or batteries.

Contaminated Goods in Shree Nandan Courier Tracking

Dangerous goods are commodities with potentially hazardous characteristics, according to the IATA definition. The following is a classified list of such goods:

  • Explosives
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Corrosives
  • Radioactive Material
  • Combustible Fluids
  • Gases
  • Harmful and Irresistible Substances
  • Oxidizers and Natural Peroxides
  • Combustible Solids
  • Void Chambers
  • Different for example Magnets – a threat to plane hardware

Surcharge on Fuel

The recent wild fluctuations in fuel prices have ultimately led to an increase in various airlines’ fuel/freight charges, major co-leaders fuel surcharges, airport authorities’ handling fees, and railway freight fees. 

Considering this, the organization is constrained to build its fuel overcharge, occasionally, pair with the climb by the said administrators.

Volumetric Weight of Shree Nandan Courier

In the Shree Nandan Courier Tracking industry, volumetric weight is a widely used measure of a shipment’s density. At the point when the thickness of a thing is less, it tends to consume more space than a thing with high consistency. 

Because of this, a shipment’s cost of transportation is mostly determined by how much space it takes up during distribution rather than by its actual weight. Volumetric weight, also known as dimensional weight, is a way to figure out how much space the shipment will likely take up. This weight is determined by the accompanying strategy.

Technique for Estimation: The shipment’s volumetric weight in kilograms. is the gross cubic cms it has. i.e., divide the length by breath times height times 5000.