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Official Website Link: https://www.vxpress.in/

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About V-Xpress Tracking

V-Xpress is the most reputable and expert logistic service provider in India for a variety of industries. Profit from their nationwide network, on-time delivery commitments, zero theft and shortage, and real-time tracking facilities to expand your business.

V-Trans India’s express cargo division is called V-Xpress. They are a result of the late Shri’s establishment of a company that was previously known as Vijay Transports Ltd. in 1958, Kunverji K. Shah

They are ISO 9001:2015 certified and strictly adhere to established standards for compliance and systems and processes at all branch levels. They have nimble administration practices and current advances and a foundation to effectively lead.

The Mission of V-Xpress Courier

To be the leading provider of Express Logistics solutions in the Indian Subcontinent. They accomplish this through self-belief and commitment, broadest reach, organization development, IT-enabled infrastructure, standard operating procedures, and brand development; to boost the Indian economy’s wealth by reducing logistics costs by making timely and secure deliveries; thus lowering the cost of inventory.

The Vision of V-Xpress Tracking

They achieve this through self-belief and commitment, widest reach, organization development, IT-enabled infrastructure, standard operating procedures, and brand development in order to rank among the top three Indian Subcontinent Express Logistics solutions providers. 

To boost the Indian economy’s wealth by reducing logistics costs by making timely and secure deliveries; thus lowering the cost of inventory.

The Infrastructure of V-Xpress Tracking

  • Control Room keeps an eye on their vehicles and consignments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • GPS is installed throughout the fleet.
  • Their proficient V-Xpress MyPackage armada works in the safe transportation of high-worth and fragile freight.
  • occupy platform-level bays in weatherproof, insured warehouses at all locations.
  • They use mechanized handling equipment in their major hubs and transhipment centres.
  • the devoted team that works across locations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that services run smoothly.
  • Risk management strategies for transit risk management.

ERP Technology

You will receive up-to-date information regarding the web-based tracking system via their technology platform. In order to guarantee that you are pleased with the delivery, their customer receives real-time updates via email, SMS, or the website. This helps with important packages and cargo.

  • All of their centres, branches, and hubs are connected by a single system through their virtual private network (VPN), which enables them to guarantee nationwide fast, accurate, and efficient deliveries.
  • Their eCargo technology product tracks all destinations and delivery methods from pickup to delivery.
  • V-Xpress Tracking has access to real-time data on the cargo’s status from their internal MIS and databases. This makes it easier for their clients to get up-to-date cargo information.
  • They utilize their own IT staff to guarantee that their frameworks are cutting-edge, modified if vital and at least personal times so their focuses are upheld with productive frameworks.

V-Xpress Logistics

Xpress Air Services

The Express Logistics Sector has come to know and trust its business. In addition, they have a network that spans India and seasoned professionals who work hard to meet their customers’ requirements. In addition, they offer a number of additional advantages that make them the best choice for their customers.

Services Include

  • Express Logistics from Door to Door or Airport to Door.
  • Cargo movement from airport to airport and door to the airport.
  • Multimode service combines air and surface modes perfectly.
  • All domestic carriers organize space in the most effective manner.
  • Payment options include billed, paid, and to pay.
  • They offer services on Sundays and holidays.
  • Deliveries and pickups are late.
  • They offer POD in both soft copy (preferred to save paper) and hard copy if customers insist.

V-Xpress Tracking Air expedited administration works in moving pressing or security-delicate items to conveyance areas easily and within the most limited conceivable time. 

Xpress Multimodal Logistics

Ask for express delivery powered by multimodal expertise, it’s the best option as a customer. This Courier provides unparalleled assurance, security, and convenience for express, time-bound services.

V-Xpress provides its customers with flexible services and complete in-transit movement information in addition to delivering shipments with excellence through their extensive network, partners, and nationwide reach. 

V-Xpress Surface Logistics

They are a secure and dependable express logistics company in India that focuses on providing complete logistics and cargo distribution services. 

Since they have been in business for more than two decades, they are recognized as a solid, dependable, and long-lasting business.

They offer adaptable and adjustable benefit-added administrations to fulfil the requirements of clients. Express Arrangements have a span of the north of 1 lac areas and completely containerized armadas.

V-Xpress Tracking Industry Expertise

V-Xpress is an authority on industry-specific logistics solutions.

This V-Xpress Logistics assist its clients in achieving shorter turnaround times, immediate product upgrades and modifications, policy modifications, and consumer demands.

V-Automobile Ancillary

The automotive ancillary sector is comprised of individual components. Product upgrades, new designs, the most recent technologies, and a highly engaged customer base present challenges for automobile manufacturers today. 

  • Quick and exact conveyances of your shipment.
  • Multi-modal services and a national presence
  • reduced transit times with the assistance of infrastructure and technology.
  • With On-Time deliveries, inventory levels were reduced.
  • Improved post-sale services to ensure customer and partner satisfaction
  • Services that are in line with your priorities for manufacturing

V-Xpress Core Values

Provider of one-stop logistics services for a variety of industries. Their nationwide network, on-time commitment, real-time tracking, e-billing, and expert customer service platform will help you expand your business.

Reliability in V-Xpress Tracking

They carefully and on time deliver your cargo. They offer assistance via their tracking services and customer support channels to guarantee that you will always be aware of where your package is!


You will receive updated information via SMS and email from their technology platform. In addition, they send their customers instantaneous proof of delivery (POD) via mobile to guarantee your satisfaction with delivery.


V-Xpress Tracking employees are dedicated, trustworthy, and well-versed in handling your industry’s logistics. They put in a lot of effort to get your cargo there safely. Superior customer service is their primary focus.

National Presence

A vast network throughout India to serve expanding industries. branches that are open around the clock and efficiently collect and deliver cargo.