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CITYPhone NoEmail AddressCompany Address
Ahmedabad+91 – 079 – 25450506,
+91 – 079 – 25461202
[email protected]Shree Anjani House, 34, Old Lati Bazar, Near ST Bus Stand, Raipur, Ahmedabad – 380 022

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Shree Anjani Courier Track

SHREE ANJANI is the name of the business the local area trusts and depends on every day for its conveyance of time-touchy archives and packages.

Sri Anjani Courier Services Private Limited was established on November 8, 2003, with a director who had 18 years of courier industry experience.

Shree Anjani Courier Tracking has always been aware that their prompt service, regardless of the amount, has a direct impact on you and your business when they work for you. Shree Anjani Courier places a high value on providing each shipment and, by extension, each customer with individual care and attention. 

They are a business with a plan. They were empowering the sharing of groundbreaking thoughts, innovative Preparation and responsive Administration. 

Enjoy an unrivalled reputation for providing superior service and propelling their company forward with innovation, honesty, and professionalism.

At the marketing division, they have a team of professionals working in marketing and customer service. They provide price fixation for each job or lot, interact with clients and various Service Centers, and attend to and resolve client complaints. 

The division for deputation of Marketing Executives is in charge of satisfying customer requirements. They have achieved their goal of exceeding your expectations in terms of service thanks to the assistance of these highly innovative employees. Their staff will be helpful, friendly, and open to your individual requests and needs.

Their business strategy has been to maintain a happy and trouble-free customer base. Despite their best efforts, human error still occurs, resulting in an embarrassing situation for both of them. 

To address your concerns, they have highly skilled CUSTOMER CARE EXECUTIVES at each Service Center. Their clients’ “bottom line” has always benefited from this.

Shree Anjani Courier Tracking Pin Code

The Pincode of Shree Anjani Courier Services Pvt Ltd, Maharashtra is 411018.

Shree Anjani Courier Services


Gets messenger delivered anyplace in India the exceptionally following day.


Gets messenger delivered anyplace in India the exceptionally following day.


Online Immediate Delivery is available.

Shree Anjani Courier Tracking


The following items are not shipped by us:

  • Passports.
  • cellular phone
  • Stamped envelopes and postal documents.
  • Money.
  • Lottery tickets and share certificates.
  • Explosives and military gear.
  • Tobacco and Tobacco Items.
  • Articles Not Listed for Cities
  • Iata Limited Articles.
  • Materials for Pornography
  • Items in liquid form
  • Art and antiques.
  • Articles for Bearer Cheques of the APO
  • Skins and hides are prohibited.
  • Firearms and explosives.
  • Foodstuff, perishable goods.
  • Content for Cantt. Area.
  • With a Postal Box Number
  • Drinking and using drugs
  • Poultry, Domesticated animals Plants, And so forth.
  • Chemical Powders and inflammable
  • Corpses, organs, and body parts of humans
  • Diamonds, precious stones, and gold

Shree Anjani Courier Tracking Shipway


  • SHREE ANJANI Dispatch Administrations PVT.LTD. has been providing its customers with services by transporting documents or packages for delivery to a variety of locations in accordance with the following terms and conditions.
  • Procedure for delivery the following day. (Except for Special Delivery) between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. for delivery. If SACSPL was unable to complete the task because a door was closed or a person was unavailable, the company will attempt it again the following business day. 
  • The Service Seeker will receive the acknowledgement slip for each individual document within three business days of the delivery date.
  • When the proctor gets the record/package and signs on the Evidence of Conveyance ( P.O.D.), it is expected that the recipient has gotten the archive/bundle unblemished, from that point forward, any case will be dealt with the void.
  • SACSPL can take advantage of any mode of transportation for quick and easy delivery. For the explicit purpose of resolving any dispute between The Service Seeker and their customers, SACSPL will not be able to “hold” or return documents in transit for any reason.
  • On a monthly contract, one pick-up per day. The Service Seeker will send a representative with the documents to the SACSPL service centre in the event of additional pick-up. In the event of a large quantity, the documents must reach the Shree Anjani Courier Tracking service centre by 12 p.m. 
  • SASCPL reserves the right to modify, amend, or revoke any of the aforementioned terms and conditions at any time for reasons of necessity or in response to the introduction of new services.
  • Only the judicial jurisdiction of Ahmedabad applies to all legal matters.