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Chennai04461266666[email protected]ST Courier Pvt Ltd is located at 199 Hariyan Street C. Pallavaram, Chennai, 600 043 in Tamil Nadu, India.

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About ST Courier Tracking Status

The launch of ST Couriers, a division of ST Cargo Services, focuses solely on satisfying the commercial and personal shipping requirements of their customers in both urban and rural locations. 

They continue to serve their customers round-the-clock, 365 days a year and are quickly becoming a popular choice for “same-day” transportation. 

ST Courier constantly increases its resources to meet the requirements of its customers and their particular markets. 

Their accomplished and serious supervisory crew with more than 10 years of industry experience endeavours to convey only awesome to their clients.

Since its inception in 2007, ST Couriers has provided services to Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. 

Their 2700 delivery points make up their extensive delivery network, which handles 170,000 rural deliveries and 50,000 private bags per day.


They strive to meet the needs of their customers and become the industry leader in logistics. Through their dedicated delivery machinery, they connect the entire nation, focusing on both urban and rural markets. 

ST Courier Tracking has established itself as a leader in the logistics service sector thanks to its belief in environmentally friendly solutions, friendly business practices, and effective performance.


They are a dependable service partner who strives to meet the needs of their clients on a long-term basis by providing individualized solutions that help them achieve their personal and professional objectives. Before offering a solution, they take the necessary steps to comprehend the customer’s requirements because they believe in mutual growth. 

Persuaded to offer dependable conveyance arrangements, they have constructed a believed conveyance component sticking to severe cutoff times.

ST Courier Near me

  • Ambattur
  • Coimbatore
  • Guindy
  • Medavakkam
  • Pudukottai
  • Purasaiwalkam
  • Salai
  • Trichy

ST Courier Pincode


ST Courier Services

They have made the same commitment when entering the courier industry as they did when building a name for themselves in the cargo industry. their offer adaptable and quicker conveyance arrangements. 

With its assortment of goods and services, ST Courier Tracking has reached far and wide. They complete all of your urgent projects quickly. Their pickup and conveyance apparatus is really quick, particularly with regard to crisis conveyance. 

The ST Priority, which was launched in 2015 and is specifically designed for emergency situations, is a new addition to its service portfolio. For both bulk and retail consignments, their well-connected network guarantees prompt deliveries to any destination.

Air Mode of ST Courier

Customers who are competitive with time should use their air mode. They coordinate with significant homegrown and worldwide courses to convey the ideal objective without settling on speed.

In hundreds of trade lanes, they have partnered with leading commercial charters. The most cost-effective package for your business is selected by their expert team.

ST Courier Tracking plan well and check the delivery mechanism to make sure there are no problems or delays. They are profoundly adaptable to meet their client’s necessities. 

The visibility is provided by their tracking services. They have the tools to meet the needs of your supply chain.  

Their solutions are created specifically to meet your volume requirements. They have a customized solution for businesses of all sizes. Their multi-modal tracking system increases delivery certainty. It is simple to use their information system.

Surface Mode

For private and commercial shippers all over their nation, their surface mode is a cost-effective logistics option. They take care of many administrations and are enough prepared to convey shipments to favoured objections fulfilling severe time constraints. Your documents and packages will arrive on time thanks to their transportation partners.

Use surface mode to book your shipment and stay within your budget. Cars and pickups, box trucks and dock highs, cargo and sprinter vans, LTL and FTL, flatbeds, reefers, and specialized transportation are all part of their surface mode.

ST Courier International

At the time of consignment, they receive extensive service and are arranged for your shipping. They are experts in door-to-door, international, and express parcel and package services that make it simple to ship and track your goods. Time-distinct and speedy conveyance administrations to in excess of 220 Nations.

Their Value-Added Services (VAS)

  • They HANDLE FROM 0.50 GMS TO Lots OF Freight.
  • ST Courier Tracking deals with commercial shipping.
  • They deal with “DG” items.
  • Specializing in personal effects shipping.
  • SUPPORTING Archives – Obligatory and Nation Explicit.

ST Courier Tracking Priority

They are the first to offer parcel and document services at a speed that allows them to reach your customers the following business day.

STC Need administrations to accompany unconditional promises in the event that they neglect to keep up their responsibilities. they can deliver packages up to 30 kilograms, beginning with a one-kilogram minimum. 

The STC priority service is safe. They use a tamper-proof pouch to keep your packages safe.

Their group of prepared and prepared experts deals with your shipment at each stage. Using their software, their dedicated team ensures prompt deliveries. 

During transportation, their GPRS tracking system can locate your package. Their constant global positioning framework offers proactive conveyance of data to their clients through SMS. 

ST Courier Tracking serve a wide range of pin codes (do a search for your pin code before using their services). With a scanned POD that has the recipient’s signature, their customers can breathe easier. 

Take advantage of the assistance of their dedicated customer service representatives and have a smooth transaction.


Pre Paid Services

The product is purchased by the consignee, and their services deliver it on the shipper’s behalf.

Cash on Delivery

The messenger gathers the worth of the item from the agent on the conveyance of the item and transmits it to the transporter.

Cash before Delivery

The worth of the item is gathered from the recipient and transmitted to the transporter before the item is dispatched.

Drop Ship Service

The shipment will be picked up by the courier service and delivered to the consignees by various shippers.

Reverse Logistic Service

The conveyed shipment is gathered from the recipient and got back to the transporter.


Step By Step Procedure

Make Perfect Reservations for Perfect Delivery:

  • Utilize a folded box or an inflexible container of satisfactory strength.
  • Check the box’s or carton’s weight specifications.
  • Try not to over-stuff it and don’t surpass the weight determination.
  • With sufficient cushioning, provide adequate internal protection.
  • Utilize solid tape intended for transportation. The tape should be at least 2 inches wide, and ideally 3 inches.

Some Packaging Suggestions From ST Courier Tracking

Ensure a flawless reservation for a flawless delivery:

  • Guidelines for Packing CDs and DVDs: Blister-proof packaging or padded envelopes must be used for packing.
  • Test clinical vials: must be adequately protected inside the packing to prevent movement.
  • Destroyed paper can be utilized for pressing such materials.
  • Food item tests like Tea, Rice, Grains, Heartbeats, and so forth: Envelopes with fabric reinforcement must be used. Avoid using covers that are just plain.
  • Electronic publications: Should be stuffed in satisfactory utilised ridged containers.

A few Helpful Ways to bundle Global Shipments

No one will be held accountable overnight for any loss or damage to the shipment while it is in transit, regardless of the circumstances.

  • Guarantee that the pressing box is reasonable in size and solidarity to hold its items.
  • Because it supports even weaker boxes, strapping is an effective method for sealing the box.
  • Always pack fragile items with appropriate markings indicating FRAGILE by a professional packer.
  • When packing videocassettes and floppies, make sure to use boxes made just for them.
  • Make certain that no package exceeds 35 kilograms in total weight.

ST Courier Tracking

Prohibited Items

  • Ammunition and its components.
  • IATA defines all dangerous goods.
  • Remains that have been cremated or disinterred.
  • Perishables and foodstuffs (drinks and foods that require refrigeration or other environmental control)
  • Gambling Equipment: National, provincial, state, and local laws prohibit the sale of lottery tickets and other gambling devices.
  • Plants and living things (Note: For Canada, cut flowers are acceptable.
  • Cash (Coins, Money cash, Paper cash and Debatable Instruments).
  • Pornographic content
  • Material that is radioactive.
  • Any shipment that has the potential to harm personnel, equipment, or other shipments.