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Kolkata+91 9830060760  +91 9123828266[email protected]155/C, Mahatma Gandhi Road, 1st Floor, Kolkata-70007, West Bengal, India

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About Secure Express Tracking

They are delighted to introduce themselves as a leading courier service provider under the brand name SECURE EXPRESS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, with corporate offices in Mumbai and a registered office in Kolkata with the mission “SECURE & BE ASSURED.”

They are serving practically in terrifically significant urban communities of India and abroad with an organization of in excess of 588 Focuses.

In addition, Their call centres are well-equipped to listen to and comprehend customers’ needs and provide immediate solutions to achieve them.

 “Excellence in Service and Quality Services.”

In a relatively short amount of time, SEIPL has opened more than 4182 locations and franchisees, witnessing unprecedented industry expansion. 

It would be pertinent to mention that SEIPL has completely automated and computerized all of the reporting departments.

The veterans of India’s express and logistics industry are pushing Secure Express. Over the course of more than two decades, this team has specialized in the logistics sector. Secure Tracking thinks It can connect the seemingly impossible and simplify the most difficult task.

Secure Express intends to provide its services to all significant international locations. They know that customers expect flexibility and a high level of mental satisfaction, so it’s not enough to just deliver.

Secure Express Tracking Strength

Their network covers more than 40,000 square feet. The current capacity to handle more than 2 million shipments monthly.

  • One delivers about one million documents each month.
  • Completely computerized branches with a facility for online web tracking.
  • System of customer support that is available around the clock For secured products like credit cards, chequebooks, pin mailers, demand drafts (DD), and so on, their OPERATION TEAM consists of professionals who are committed and have undergone formal training.
  • Secure Express Tracking guarantee their customers world-class service 24 hours a day, seven days a week thanks to their professionally trained staff.
  • This Tracking ensures to submission of the MIS and updates the system in real-time, while their CRM team works around the clock to maintain up-to-date data.
  • Secure Tracking guarantees to regularly submit 100% soft copy PODs, and if a hard copy POD is necessary.
  • Spanning the entire region, with more than 200 stations and nearly serving each and every part of the region.

Integration of Secure Express System

Secure Tracking has developed a complete set of individualized solutions that incorporate the best global practices and are tailored to the Indian business environment based on their operational experience.

Tools for managing global inventory, distributed order management, channel integration

Their solutions’ seamless integration with existing ERP platforms minimizes the go-live cycle. Their solutions’ seamless integration with existing ERP platforms minimizes the go-live cycle.

With this unified platform, you can better market your products, distribute orders across channels, manage payments, and provide value-added services like reverse logistics, call centre support, and flexible payment and delivery options.

Secure Express Tracking bring the reach, speed and force of Secure tracking’s restrictive, adjustable trade innovation tool compartment to your retail activities.

You can select from a variety of modules and manage all of your sales channels with our unique toolkit: mobile storefronts, in-store sales, and the internet.

At Secure Express, they focus on increasing your revenue. You can reduce total logistics costs while maintaining same-day or next-day service levels by optimizing inventory allocation across the country with the help of their distributed fulfilment network and inventory management toolkit.

Through their numerous centres connected to the cutting-edge computer network, they guarantee you the highest quality services and prompt delivery.