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AumEx, a rising force in the messenger and planned operations industry has encountered an exceptional excursion of development and change since its origin in July 2011. Established by the visionary business person Mr. Chandan Kumar Sharma, the organization began its unassuming starting points with only a solitary room office. Be that as it may, energized by energy for straightforwardness and consumer loyalty, AumEx immediately developed into a force to be reckoned with in its area. 

The early years were set apart by huge achievements. In 2013, AumEx made significant progress from an ownership to a confidential restricted organization, implying an essential shift towards versatility and formalized tasks. This change additionally saw the foundation of workplaces in key vital areas like Bhubaneswar and Guwahati, establishing the groundwork for territorial extension. The ensuing years saw fast development and expansion. 

By 2014, AumEx wandered into warehousing administrations, answering proficiently to client requests and upgrading its administration portfolio. This essential choice exhibited AumEx’s readiness as well as cemented its situation as a thoroughly coordinated factors arrangement supplier. The year 2016 denoted a huge defining moment as AumEx extended its impression dramatically, scaling from a solitary branch to six branches across East and North East India. 

This extension was supplemented by a prospering group, with the organization currently bragging a labour force of more than 80 devoted experts. With an unflinching obligation to support greatness, AumEx has proceeded to flourish and enhance. The expansion of workplaces in Delhi and Hyderabad highlights its desire to enter and fill in key business sectors across North and South India, displaying an unmistakable direction towards cross country conspicuousness.

AUM India Services


Their coordinated operations services provide tailored solutions for modern businesses, optimizing efficiency and reducing costs. They leverage industry expertise and robust infrastructure for seamless supply chain operations. From inventory management to order fulfillment, their solutions enhance overall productivity. Designed to meet unique requirements, their services ensure smooth logistics operations. With them, businesses benefit from improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced productivity.


Their warehousing services offer secure and efficient storage solutions for businesses of all sizes. Strategically located warehouses ensure safe storage and easy accessibility of goods. Equipped with advanced technology and inventory management systems for optimal operations. Customizable solutions accommodate varying storage needs, providing flexibility and scalability. Adapt to changing business demands with their warehousing solutions for improved efficiency and accessibility.


In their transportation services, they provide a reliable and cost-effective means of moving goods. Whether local or long-haul, their fleet and network ensure timely and efficient delivery. Real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities offer visibility and transparency throughout shipping. Benefit from their dependable transportation solutions for streamlined and effective logistics operations. Ensure timely and efficient delivery of goods with their reliable and cost-effective transportation services.

3PL Logistics

Their 3PL services seamlessly integrate with your supply chain, adding value and specialized expertise. As a trusted provider, they manage various aspects of logistics operations for enhanced efficiency. They handle warehousing, transportation, inventory management, and order fulfillment, streamlining your logistics processes. Outsourcing to them allows businesses to focus on core competencies, benefiting from improved efficiency. Reduce costs and enhance customer satisfaction with their comprehensive 3PL solutions for logistics excellence.