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Indira Gandhi International Airport New Delhi – 110037,

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Acme Cargo Tracking

ACMES is a digital single-window platform that makes it easy for all Air Cargo community members to move goods and information seamlessly. The platform makes it possible for Forwarders and Customs Brokers to automate and digitize shipment data, which makes doing business more effective, consistent, and transparent.

Expanding on state-of-the-art Cloud innovation, ACMES can be gotten to from any place, whenever, on any gadget including PC, Tablets and Mobiles.

In order to guarantee that standards and regulations are adhered to, ACMES has digitized standard industry workflows and integrated rule engines. It works with IATA CARIMP/XML, ICEGATE, Cargo IQ Standard Activity, and other industry standards.

Through a single interface, ACMES enables complete process management of Shipping Bill/BoE, eAWB, eCSD, eDO, and IATA Messaging (FSU), thereby increasing productivity and decreasing costs.


  • ACMES Tracking has Customs Merchants, Cargo Forwarders, IATA Specialists, Control centre Specialists, Exporters/Shippers, and Carriers – All associated at one stage to exchange a stream of data with one another filling in as a solitary framework interface.


  • They offer a cloud-based platform with seamless connectivity that can be accessed from any internet browser at any time.

Developing an Ecosystem

  • They are making a more extensive digitized biological system, empowering straightforwardness at each point.

ACME Tracking System

The cargo industry in India is being transformed by ACME’s cutting-edge tracking system, which gives cargo businesses the tools they need to improve productivity and reduce costs. 

ACME’s tracking system provides cargo companies with a comprehensive solution that meets the ever-increasing demands of the logistics industry. It ensures that shipments can be tracked accurately and openly throughout the delivery process.

In the Indian cargo industry, where the vast and diverse landscape can present numerous logistical challenges, this feature is especially important.  With Summit’s global positioning framework, freight organizations can proactively screen the development of products, empowering them to advance courses, limit delays, and guarantee ideal conveyances to their clients.

ACMES tracking system has a variety of advanced features designed to meet the specific requirements of cargo businesses in addition to real-time tracking. Cargo companies are kept informed by automated alerts and notifications about significant events like delays, deviations from the route, or temperature fluctuations for perishable goods. 

Additionally, ACME’s tracking system provides comprehensive analytics and reports, enabling cargo businesses to gain valuable insights into their operations, identify areas for improvement, and make decisions based on data that improve operational efficiency.

ACME’s tracking system ensures that data flows seamlessly by integrating with fleet management software, warehouse management systems, and other logistics platforms. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and lowers the likelihood of errors. 

ACMES helps in:

  • Making use of a single interface to control all processes.
  • Bringing data into harmony for optimal use.
  • Quicker and more powerful handling of business cycles and correspondence.
  • Reducing the amount of manpower needed.
  • Minimizing paperwork.
  • Checking and killing mistakes.
  • A more serious level of control through finish-to-end tracking.

FEATURES of ACMES Cargo Tracking


  • Checking the status of one interface.

Continuous Notices

  • Check the status of any Indian Terminal.


  • Documentation and standardized data.


  • CHA/forwarder, transporter, carrier, CTO, Customs-All connected at one stage.


  • Prompt notifications for all activities.

Digital documentation

  • Get, download, share – whenever, anyplace.


  • Seamless connections and linkage

Based on cloud

  • Accessible via any browser, from any location, on any device.

Analysis and MIS REPORTS

  • Comprehensive analytics in real-time and visibility from all angles


  • At various stages, monitor your cargo.