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CITYPhone NumberEmail AddressCompany Address
Pune020-25650429[email protected]1036, Model Colony, Deep Bungalow Chowk, Shivaji Nagar, Pune – 411 016. Maharashtra. India.

Official Website Link: https://www.obnexpress.com/

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OBN Courier Tracking

One Brand Network Express is a technology-enabled courier and logistics company that was founded in 2012 with the goal of offering integrated logistics and courier services. 

With framework, ability and innovation, OBN upgrades the skill of brands and pleasure clients through their spearheading dispatch and calculated encounters that are subjective and dependable. 

Their service chains are precisely conceived, implemented, and managed from a global perspective. They connect individuals, organizations, and groups in order to foster long-term growth and development with a futuristic vision and understanding.

Planning and carrying out the elite messenger and strategies systems is how they help the activity of an ideal store network. 

OBN Logistics are experts in both domestic and international logistics and courier services; fortifying coordinated efforts and unions with the best players in the business. By consolidating their network and reaching the country’s smallest interiors, they simplify logistics.

OBN Express


  • To provide services that are safe, quick, and effective; for customer satisfaction with their expertise and knowledge at reasonable rates and consistently.
  • To focus on the needs of the customer and envision providing services based on the highest ethical standards.


  • Their goal is to become a dependable partner for all of their customers and a leading courier and logistics provider in India.
  • To connect people, businesses, and communities through their innovative and skilled services and to foster technology-driven, long-term economic and national growth.

WHY OBN Tracking?

OBN Express provides round-the-clock, comprehensive, and competitive courier and logistical services. They make it possible for unwavering and accountable services by integrating order creation and completion in a single process. 

With the scholarly version of innovation, they are making business laid-back for the average person. OBN Logistics is democratizing eCommerce logistics by covering more than 19000 Pin Codes and 11000 ODA (out-of-delivery area) locations, making them one of India’s most popular domestic and international service providers. 

To meet the needs of every customer, they have collaborated with leading indigenous courier and logistic services. The OBN Company power sped up high-level Online business strategic arrangements, airship cargo and transportation administrations to various objections in the country.

As Pune’s premier cargo and courier hub, they have successfully entered the new millennium. They are the most dependable and dependable providers of domestic services, express parcel and document delivery, reverse pickup management, mailroom management, value-added services, and packaging solutions in this highly competitive environment. 

For both domestic and international courier services in India, they are the best logistical and courier company.

OBN Courier


Domestic Services

OBN Tracking is relentless in furnishing its customer base with the best quality of homegrown administrations by maintaining greatness and steadiness. 

They value their customers and strive to meet or exceed their expectations by going above and beyond. They provide complete perceptibility, tractability, and optimization throughout the entire service chain.

Express Parcels & Documents

  • Conveyance network length Dish India covers 19,000 pin codes including 11,000 ODA (Out of Conveyance Region) areas.
  • Depending on the origin and destination, quick services like NDD (next-day delivery) and SDD (same-day delivery) are available.


OBN Express caters its cargo services to customers from all parts of the business. Their approach to courier and cargo delivery is completely individualized. With the utmost safety and efficiency, they handle shipments of any size and shape. 

  • Partially loaded trucks
  • Air Freight.
  • Cargo can travel in multiple modes.

Delivery Management Service

Businesses can plan, manage, monitor, fulfil, track, and optimize logistics processes and deliveries in the hyperlocal ecosystem with the assistance of their hyperlocal delivery management solutions. 

With guaranteed same-day conveyance, they amplify the utilization of accessible assets in the most ideal manner. Because each delivery is one-of-a-kind and important, they carefully time their procedures and processes to ensure that the items arrive at their destinations as quickly as possible.

Control of the Mailroom

They have sorting room answers for dealing with all your inbound, outbound packages and archives. They are the right tool to give you that competitive edge because they have extensive and widespread expertise in handling and shipping bulk mail and implementing digital mailroom solutions for on-site or off-site requirements. 

OBN Tracking

Value Added Services

Their customers benefit from the expediency and prosperity of business and work because they provide value-added services. They have the poise to provide value-added services without any obstacles, which is why they are the first choice of many of India’s largest corporations and institutions.

OBN Courier promises their customers superior services that help businesses cut costs and increase productivity.

  • Delivery with cash (COD).
  • To pay for delivery and the freight (FOD).
  • Protection of Shipment.

Packaging techniques

They bargain for the chief quality and most efficient bundling answers for their customer base. With their expertise and dedication, they have increased their clientele’s confidence and trustworthiness. 

They enhance the competence of the entire packaging process while also providing premium packaging solutions. OBN Express offers cost-effective options for all of your packaging requirements.

OBN Express Courier


OBN Tracking unites the world when the convenient conveyance of products matters with their solid and reasonable messenger and strategic administrations. Using cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge innovations, they come up with innovative concepts for faster and better shipping. 

They operate with the utmost care and caution when handling their services in order to shape the businesses of their clients in the most unique way possible because they understand the importance of safe hands.

Express Parcels & Documents

OBN Express gets and conveys significant presents and reports on global objections ideal, with practically no issues through a quick custom leeway channel. For flawless execution, they keep the procedure simple and uncomplicated. 

They will meet all of your business needs and provide you with a superior customer experience thanks to their tech-driven processes, capabilities, and service for quickly and efficiently delivering your posts and documents. 

Because they are aware of the significance of each spell, they provide the quickest delivery services to businesses with tight deadlines.

Air freights

OBN Courier Express Tracking is a conspicuous organization giving dispatch and freight administrations through airship cargo universally. They are steadfast and dedicated to their clients and in this way, they guide their transfers quickly and safely to objections with very modernized administrations and dependable systems. 

They figure out how to give you the most significant Air Express Administrations additionally prevalently called moving cargo. 

Import and custom clearance services

OBN Express provides its customers with import and customs clearance services without having to worry about cumbersome or frustrating procedures.

One Brand Network


Assuming you are keeping watch for the right internet business calculated administrations and arrangements that you can depend on and trust, then you are at the perfect location. Orders, shipments, and warehouses are all part of a multichannel organization that is driven by technology. 

OBN Tracking is a well-known company that serves customers both locally and nationally from one location. They now have a solid foothold in the e-commerce sector.
Customer satisfaction drives growth, enabling the company to gather a loyal online customer base that continues to expand.

Internet business is tied in with associating every one of the specks and connections to the components of the production network. Consistently, they guarantee their clients top-notch e-commerce services.

E-Commerce Express Services

The most secure, most dependable get and conveyance of items from stockrooms to end-customer base involving mechanized data frameworks for start-to-finish request following.

The service guarantees last-mile delivery of orders in India within 24 to 72 hours, every day of the year, including Sundays and holidays. It also includes pre-paid and collect-on-delivery (cash and digital) payment options.

E-Commerce Ground Services

The service, which is specifically designed for the transportation of large and bulky products that require a greater degree of delivery care and precision to ensure an improved customer experience, is a mid-weight express service for products ordered online.