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CITYPhone NoEmail AddressCompany Address
Mumbai(022) 2508 8088 / 2508 8080
8451000444 / (022) 2508 8055
[email protected]
[email protected]
17, Mehta Chambers, 127-A Kalyan Street, Danabunder, Mumbai, India, 400 009
Delhi(011) 4623 2323[email protected] / [email protected]NEW DELHI City

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About Lalji Mulji Transport Tracking

The company, LALJI MULJI TRANSPORT is a Kutch-based partnership firm that was founded in 1965 by the late Shri Lalji Mulji Bhanushali.

Shri Lalji Mulji Bhanushali traded oil and oil barrels prior to establishing Lalji Mulji Transport Co. 

He took a significant risk by diversifying his transportation industry business using his entrepreneurial skills. When he entered the road transportation industry by opening offices in Mumbai, India’s business capital, and important Gujarat cities, his vision took shape.

The tree’s branches reached not only every nook and cranny of Gujarat, but also various regions of the nation, including Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Goa, and vice versa in north India. 

It now has more than 200 locations across the country. To accommodate daily traffic, their fixed and appointed vehicle supplier with a variety of load capacities and a fleet of more than 350 vehicles have been added.

Since its inception, Lalji Mulji Transport Tracking. has been the most popular transporter between Gujarat and Mumbai and back again, as well as between North India and Gujarat and back again. 

This is due to the high quality of its services. It rose to prominence in the road transport sector and earned the moniker “KING OF GUJARAT.”

After the end of Shri Lalji Mulji Bhanushali, the reins of the organization were taken over by his child Shri DHIRAJLAL LALJI BHANUSHALI and grandsons Mr Harish D. Bhanushali and Mr Dharmendra D. 

Bhanushali proceeded with the business and today Mr Hiren H Bhanushali and Mr Kushal D Bhanushali ( the fourth era and the incredible grandson ) joined hands and the development of the organization went on upward.

Why Lalji Mulji Transport Tracking?

Serving customers quickly, safely, and promptly is the company’s adage. Consider that growth can be achieved by upholding moral standards.

Projects Done 230
People In Team1500

IDEOLOGY of Lalji Mulji Tracking

The late Shri Lalji Mulji Bhanushali, the company’s founder and an example of integrity and human values, serves as the company’s source of inspiration.

The company’s only motto is “Speed, Safe, and Prompt Service” for its clients. 

Service is regarded as the most significant aspect in the current scenario because of Lalji Mulji Transport Tracking’s work in the service industry. It also believes that ethical business practices are essential to achieving growth. 

In addition, all transportation-related government regulations are strictly adhered to. Their company’s additional USP, which assists in conducting business without heartbreak, is honesty.

OBJECTIVES of Lalji Mulji Transport CO

  • Delivering services that delight customers.
  • Attainment of a yearly growth rate of 20%.
  • Maintaining a healthy level of competition in the transportation industry.
  • Utilizing cutting-edge technology to revolutionize and improve service quality.
  • Services that are free of charge for all customers and prompt resolution of any complaints
  • Executing cost effectiveness to bring economies of scale.

Services Of Lalji Mulji Transport CO

Full Truck Load (FTL)

Customers will be able to move goods in high volumes and at a low cost with the help of a Full Truck Load (FTL). Lalji Mulji Transport CO offer services throughout India. Their clients can get individualized services at reasonable prices.

Parcel & Part Truck Load (PTL)

Lalji Mulji Transport Tracking designed the Part Truck Load (PTL) in the best interest of its customers. It is faster than LTL, requires fewer transhipments, and is cheaper. They match their customers’ requirements with the industry’s best carriers.

Value Added Services

  • SMS ALERT-Constant BKG& DLY.
  • One-stop shopping for all of your transportation needs.
  • GPS tracking of vehicles
  • Pod online.
  • Conveyance against proctor Duplicate.
  • MIS assistance at the Customer Desk.

CONTAINER Of Lalji Mulji Transport Tracking

When transporting large quantities of cargo, the best method is container shipping. Lalji Mulji Transport CO offers savvy types of assistance in an expertly overseen way on Dish India’s premises. Their individualized solutions guarantee the efficient and controlled assignment of all kinds of goods.

TRAILER Of Lalji Mulji Tracking

Moving over-dimensional cargo is not an easy task. Lalji Mulji Tracking is always prepared to offer individualized solutions to its clients while promising services that are both safe and cost-effective. The trailers are customizable for each customer.

Lalji Mulji Transport WAREHOUSING

They offer affordable warehouse services for the short-term storage of goods or commodities. The company gains assets from their cutting-edge warehousing facilities at key locations.

Parcel / Sundry

Their knowledgeable staff makes certain that small parcels are booked and delivered to their final destinations in a disciplined manner, as well as that they arrive promptly and safely. To meet the needs of their customers, Lalji Mulji Transport Tracking adhere to stringent safety regulations.