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CITYPhone NoEmail AddressCompany Address
MUMBAI (Head Office)+91 22 2497 8815/16/17 [email protected]Dr. 610 of the Shah & Nahar Industrial Estate E. Moses Road, Worli, Mumbai, IN – 400 018, India
Patna (Registered Office)+91 22 2497 8815/16/17 [email protected]Bldg. Ashok Cinema, Buddha Marg, Patna, India, 800001

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About Scorpion Express Tracking

Mr J P N Singh established Scorpion Group of Companies in 2001 with the intention of leading. Pvt. Scorpion Express Ltd was founded in 2002 and quickly experienced phenomenal growth and a nationwide presence. 

Scorpion Packaging Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2005 to solve the problem of pharmaceutical packaging by establishing R&D-based manufacturing units and custom packaging solutions. While these are their beginnings, their story is still evolving.

Scorpion Tracking Custodian First Carrier Later

Pvt. Scorpion Express Ltd. is more than just a transportation and third-party logistics company; it is also a guarantee of excellent shipment and consignment delivery, customer satisfaction, and ethical behaviour. 

Through their CRM Process, Scorpion Express Tracking have technology backing them, and they offer you real-time track and trace visibility as well as remarkable coordination and accuracy in consignment management. They are committed to safely and punctually delivering each and every shipment.

Packaging Your Brand

Scorpion Packaging Pvt. Ltd.’s primary focus is on the production of packaging solutions. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, they offer pharmaceutical companies individualized packaging solutions. 

To ensure that all of their client’s requirements, from design to usability, are met accurately, they devote a significant amount of time to research and development. 

Scorpion Tracking is an expert in their field, and they can help you with everything from commercial production to drawing approval, prototype development to scaling up batches, product quality assurance, delivering the commercial product for final packaging, and designing the right packaging for everything from samples to the finished product.

Scorpion Express Values

Corporate Social Responsibility

By aligning their ethics with the requirements of their customers, they achieve long-term success.

Scorpion Packaging Pvt. Ltd.’s Professionalism

They provide their freedom, opportunities, and resources for advancement and success.

Scorpion Express Tracking Quality Focus

Their clients receive value for their money from them.

Capable of Leading

They train their employees for a variety of positions across various industries.

Connects Leadership of Scorpion Courier

To achieve excellence, they collaborate with world leaders.

Welcoming Work Culture

They continue to strive for alignment-based long-term success.

Focus on the Client

The requirements and wants of their customers are their top priority.

Rise to Keep Going

They prioritize environmental benefits when they work.

Scorpion Express Tracking Services

Transport of Freight in Scorpion Tracking

The foundation of any business is the prompt delivery of shipments. Be it unrefined components, completed stock, vital hardware or some other transfer, on the off chance that your conveyance accomplice isn’t gifted with cargo dealing with the executives it can risk your business tasks. 

Companies rely on their freight transportation services because of this. They are skilled professionals who use a sophisticated system to make sure that no shipment gets lost or is delayed.

Their highly trained staff specializes in freight management. Their “Hub and Spokes Model” of the delivery system enables them to deliver and maintain their performance, and their “Turn around Time” is phenomenal.

With Scorpion Express’s “Track and Trace” feature and complaint registration module, their investment in information technology has made the entire process of freight transportation and management systematic for them and transparent for their customers. You can rely on them for any and all of your company’s requirements.

Scorpion Express Pvt Ltd Tracking Warehousing

A warehouse is more than just a big building; It plays a crucial role in a company’s distribution and supply chain strategy. Corporate development, changes in assembling and the smallest upgrade in the conveyance example can affect your warehousing needs. 

Your company should build the warehouse to meet its needs in two, three, or even five years and ensure that it has enough strategic features.

One cannot plan, design, and expand a warehouse in a hurry.

Moving to another office is a drawn-out responsibility; Furthermore, you only have one shot at success! Scorpion Express Tracking enter from here. “SEPL” can help you develop this strategy.

Scorpion Courier Services and its knowledgeable consultants will collaborate with you to design a new warehouse that meets your current and future needs.

Scorpion Tracking Clean Tech Technology

The pharmaceutical industry places a significant emphasis on pharmaceutical waste management. 

Squanders are undesirable materials which can as of now not be utilized in the assembling processes they can ultimately transform into unsafe or non-dangerous material, to people/climate hence they must be disposed of right away, or else may cause serious well-being-related issues in humans. Otherwise, waste should be recycled into new, useful products.

Wastes can take many different forms, including sewage, sludge, waste from manufacturing, packaging, old televisions, discarded cars, garden waste, and so on. As a result, Daily activities may generate a wide range of waste from a variety of sources, which one must dispose of. 

SEPL plays a crucial role throughout the entire process, which Scorpion Express Pvt ltd tracking refers to as “Cleantech Technology,” from the collection of waste to the issuance of a certificate of destruction.