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New Delhi+91 11 4503 2237/+91 11 4503 2239[email protected]
[email protected]
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Room No. 18, 1st Floor, Import 3 Building, CELEBI TERMINAL International Cargo Complex, IGIA, New Delhi 110037, India

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Finnair Cargo India

Finnair Cargo is one of the biggest air freight transporters in Northern Europe. It is an auxiliary of the traveller carrier Finnair, which is perhaps one of the most seasoned working aircraft, established in 1923.

The company’s fundamental centre is situated at Helsinki Air Terminal in Finland, giving short flight times between Finnair objections in Europe, Asia, and the US. They work with all significant urban communities in Asia, north of 100 objections in Europe, and seven in the Americas.

They represent considerable authority in conveying temperature-controlled freight, like fish, drugs, and different perishables. On average, they convey approximately 800,000 kilos of freight every day.

Finnair Cargo Tracking has one of the most current air freight terminals, which opened in 2018. Present-day air freight terminals require mechanical advancements and information-observing frameworks to fundamentally further develop the straightforwardness and effectiveness of the air freight transporting process. 

The high-level observing framework gives constant information to the Control Community in Helsinki, showing where each truck, plane, and shipment is. It shows the appearance times and associated transport and, later on, will screen the temperature of freight at each step of the excursion.

Mission, Vision and Values


Finnair is committed to providing individuals and societies with protected, dependable, and maintainable air travel. They endeavour to offer extraordinary support, a consistent network, and creative answers to improve the movement experience of their clients while adding to a more economical future for flying.


To be the preferred decision for voyagers in Northern Europe, Finnair Cargo Tracking imagines turning into a worldwide innovator in feasible flight. They mean to accomplish this by constantly developing their administrations, growing their organization, and focusing on their natural obligations. They want to make noteworthy excursions that advance the existence of their travellers and take advantage of the networks and conditions they serve.


Finnair qualities have been constructed along with their representatives during various periods of their organization’s set of experiences. These qualities guide the manner in which they execute their work day-to-day across functional units.

  • Simplicity.
  • Courage.
  • Obligation to mind.
  • Cooperating.

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Add travel-related items well ahead of time and save money on air terminal costs. In Oversee Booking, you can:

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Frequently Asked Questions By Finnair Cargo Tracking

What is Finnair’s essential centre?

Finnair’s essential centre point is the Helsinki-Vantaa Air Terminal (HEL) in Finland.

How might I book a trip with Finnair?

You can book a trip with Finnair online through their authority site, versatile application, or by reaching out to their client support.

What is Finnair’s strategy?

Stuff stipends differ by ticket class, course, and toll type. If it’s not too much trouble, really take a look at their site or get in touch with them for explicit subtleties.

Does Finnair offer an inflight diversion?

Yes, Finnair furnishes inflight diversion with a choice of motion pictures, network programs, music, and games on most long-stretch flights.

What is Finnair’s approach to pets travelling with travellers?

Finnair permits little pets to go in the lodge or take a look at stuff, dependent upon explicit guidelines and charges. Actually, take a look at their site for subtleties.

Could I at any point change or drop my Finnair Manage booking?

Yes, you can change or drop your booking; however, charges might apply depending on the toll type. Allude to their site for data on their adaptable booking arrangements.

What is Finnair’s supportability drive?

Finnair is focused on maintainability, meaning it decreases discharges and limits its natural effects. More deeply, study its endeavours on its site.

Could I at any point acquire preferred customer credits with Finnair?

Yes, Finnair is essential for the Oneworld coalition, and you can acquire and reclaim preferred customer credits with Finnair in addition to program or accomplice aircraft.

What coronavirus safeguards is Finnair Cargo Tracking?

Finnair has carried out different well-being measures to safeguard travellers and staff, including improved cleaning, veil necessities, and adaptable rebooking choices. Actually, take a look at its site for the most recent reports on movement during the pandemic.