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Phone Number0474 – 2593069
Email Address[email protected]
Company AddressPeringappuram, Mylakkad, Kottiyam Kollam, Kerala

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Bon Cargo Transport India

This company, which has been in business for more than ten years, has established itself as a major player in providing access to an expanding global market. They specialize in providing innovative and individualized transportation solutions from a single source and provide a comprehensive network of supply chain, transportation, and business-related information services. Their breakthrough idea of sending out information before the arrival of cargo, which significantly speeds up the delivery process, is the foundation of their success. 

They offer a dependable road-based service to both private and commercial clients. With support from a vast and reliable road network, the company provides service to more than 1,087 destinations. They deliver over 150,000 boxes each month, travelling approximately 8,500 kilometres per day along Kerala’s 550 kilometres.

The company provides online account verification, e-POD (electronic proof of delivery), and web tracking and tracing to further streamline their services. Transparency and real-time updates for customers are provided by these features, ensuring a smooth and trustworthy delivery experience.

Their comprehensive services and dedicated approach satisfy diverse customer requirements with tailored logistics solutions. Sophisticated information systems enable effective cargo management, ensuring prompt delivery and customer satisfaction. Extensive network coverage enhances the logistics experience, providing reliable and efficient service to all customers. Advanced technology streamlines operations, resulting in faster deliveries and improved customer satisfaction. Tailored solutions cater to unique needs, making logistics seamless and efficient for every client.

Bon Parcel Services

Customized Transportation Solutions

They are known for their innovative and individualized transportation services that are tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and logistics strategies, their services are designed to guarantee prompt and dependable delivery. 

Advanced Information Systems

The utilization of cutting-edge information systems to send out cargo information before its arrival is an essential component of their success. The delivery process is significantly sped up by this system, making it possible to handle goods more quickly and effectively. 

Real-Time Tracking and E-POD

They offer online account verification, electronic proof of delivery (e-POD), and web tracking and tracing to increase transparency and customer satisfaction. Customers are provided with trustworthy delivery services and real-time updates through these features. 

High-Volume, Efficient Delivery

Their ability to manage large volumes and ensure timely deliveries throughout the region is demonstrated by the fact that their operations require them to travel approximately 8,500 kilometres per day.