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Coimbatore+91 0422 4333666[email protected]ABT Parcel Service, 180, RACE COURSE ROAD, COIMBATORE-641018

Official Website Link: http://abtps.com/

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About ABT Parcel Services Tracking

From a Little Seed, a strong trunk might develop The Coordinated operations behemoth ABT, a powerful trunk established from the idea seeds of their incredible Visionary, their Pioneer Late. P.Nachimuthu Gounder started his business in 1921 by renting bullock carts in Pollachi, a bantam town in Tamilnadu, far from the city of Coimbatore.

Later in 1931, as perennials grew, their company grew to 21 buses and grew into a well-known passenger transport company called Anamallais Bus Transport.

This company owned 150 buses and operated 110 routes in and around Coimbatore that were comparable to the services provided by public transporters.

ABT Parcel Services Tracking is proud to be a leader in the transportation industry because of the diversity of its divisions, which has energized them to create a milestone. Sri AV Giri, the brother-in-law of their legendary chairman, invoked ABT Parcel service in 1964 when Dr N. Mahalingam, son of P.Nachimuthu Gounder, felt the need for diversification.

The company was then taken over by the son of their legendary chairman, Dr M. Manickam. Since then, the company has grown into a major player in the logistics sector. Mr M. Harihara Sudhan, the current Great Grandson of their Founder and Chairman, is their Young and Dynamic Executive Director.

He oversees the business and implements new Business Strategies and advanced Technology that reengineers the traditional ABT to meet the current trends.

Their pride is that their valuable and brand-loyal customers prioritize them, which is why ABT entitles has been successful.

What Makes are ABT Parcel Services Tracking Special?

  • Reliable Franchise

ABT Parcel Services Tracking have franchisees who have been with them for more than three decades and have extended their faith and dependability in the business’s practices, which has contributed to the company’s goodwill toward expansion.

  • Customer Support

ABT Courier Tracking Customer Support Team works around the clock in both the administrative office and the branch office to ensure faster delivery and to resolve any issues that may arise.

  • Punctuality and dependability

Regarding the client’s needs and significance of the their property, ABT Parcel Services Tracking take most consideration on the treatment of the property. and keep up with the commitment of constancy.

Clients Worldwide110+
Owned Vehicles240+
Tonnes Transported2340


  • More than 350 containerized vehicles belonged to the company.
  • Over 120 routes connect eight states.
  • Running 216 lakh kilometres annually.
  • 6 million tonnes of goods are handled annually.
  • Rs. 2400 crores in annual goods booking value.
  • 1 billion articles booked annually.
  • All District headquarters had warehouses owned by the company.
  • A devoted workforce of employees.
  • Agents Network has a wealth of experience.
  • Drivers with training own a workshop.
  • TATA technicians with training.
  • Branches with computerized operations.
  • Centralized cargo tracking using computers.
  • Today, there are more than 500 stations in eight states: Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry, Goa, and Gujarat.


Cost-effective performance and quality

Utilize team-driven niche markets with fervour rather than leveraging platforms. Monotonectally restore technically sound deliverables and tactical “outside the box” thinking.

Utilize novel opportunities to persuasively develop process enhancements based on extensive research. Produce highly effective potentials for vertical core competencies in a credible manner. Avoid low-risk, high-yield processes and focus on pandemic experiences.

Packaging and Storage

ABT Parcel Services Tracking want to make sure that no matter how big or small your business is, they have the tools to choose the right way to store your supplies’ packaging and keep it in a climate-controlled area to avoid dust and dirt.

Quality and safety

ABT Tracking has a robust safety and quality system that is managed by trained employees, with the goal of reducing risks, errors, and harm that could occur during the transportation process.

Care for Climate

ABT Courier Tracking office is integrating digital technology, reducing its environmental impact. which contributes to a cleaner environment.