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APS Tracking is the next-generation shipping remedy for all of your needs. To check all of your Courier shipments, enter your docket number and simply access all of your Alleppey Parcel Service Tracking shipments.

Alleppey Parcel Service Number

CITYPhone NoEmail AddressCompany Address
Kerala0477 2410380477 2240 900[email protected][email protected]In close proximity to the Kaithathil Temple, in South Aryad Alleppey, Kerala, India’s 688 006 Avalookunnu P.O.

Official Website Link: http://www.apscargo.com/

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ABOUT Alleppey Parcel Service Tracking

Mr T.T. Kuruvilla founded Alleppey Parcel Service after gaining extensive experience working with international logistics and supply chain management companies. The company has been around for less than three decades.

He was able to establish APS as a leading transportation player from the beginning thanks to the exposure and knowledge he gained during his career abroad. The driving force behind APS is his unrelenting efforts to innovate, keep his promises, and attain unmistakable perfection.

APS stands out from competitors thanks to its constantly evolving management style, ability to keep up with the latest technology, regular fleet and truck upgrades, and training and knowledge sharing with management and team members.

Other specialities include professional accounting and reporting systems, regional interactive sessions with clients, customer support, and a centralized monitoring system.

The booking and delivery offices in prime locations that are easily accessible to businesses and trading houses enable the APS group to save money and provide more efficient services because the group owns a fleet of more than 400 trucks that operate throughout India and a number of other carriers in tandem.

APS Tracking invites you to experience their professional logistics expertise, dedicated and dependable service support, and, most importantly, their technology-focused workflow management.

Branches of Alleppey Parcel Service Tracking

  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Delhi 
  • Gujarat
  • Haryana
  • Karnataka
  • Kerala
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • Puducherry
  • Punjab
  • Rajasthan
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • West Bengal

Services of APS Tracking

The experts in surface transportation with a large network and more than 30 years of experience have seen a significant increase in the size and volume of parcels they handle. Their speciality is prompt, dependable, and careful delivery. APS Tracking believes that keeping its promises helped shape who Alleppey Parcel Service Tracking are now.

With highly professional workflow and the use of cutting-edge technologies, Alleppey provides transportation and parcel services with fixed routes that guarantee daily prompt delivery and pickup.

  • Cargo Reefer.
  • Cargo Project
  • Intermodal.
  • Solutions for Storage and Warehousing
  • Trading in pairs.
  • eBusiness.
  • Logistics by third parties
  • Priority Mail.

Their software solutions and IT infrastructure are among the best in the industry, providing maximum flexibility, control, and transparency. 

The services are never disrupted or delayed, even when unexpected or sudden circumstances arise, thanks to the effective fleet and traffic management team.

Export/import, spice, retail distribution, traders and channel distributors, textile, FMCG goods, telecom, hardware, automobile parts, press, media, and publishers, computer hardware, pharmaceuticals, banking institutions, electrical goods, etc. are just a few of the industries and business sectors they serve.

Alleppey parcel tracking can arrange door pick-up upon request, and their door collection representatives can promptly assist you with billing and delivery inquiries. These inquiries can be tracked throughout the transportation process.

Networks of APS Tracking

Their strongest asset is their network; they are all around associated all through India, with their own workplaces and assortment/conveyance focuses at even the remotest spots.

The primary feature of their branch network, which is present in the majority of locations of commercial significance, is that they regularly visit each destination. It makes it possible for them to pick up and deliver the packages in the shortest amount of time.

With the help of technology implementation, their centralized control system monitors all movements and delivery assurances and immediately addresses any bottlenecks. 

In addition to facilities for immediate Godown delivery and collection procedures, the majority of their branches provide individualized door delivery and door pick-up services.

Customer Care of Alleppey Parcel Tracking

One of the pioneers in providing customers with transportation support services that are superior and dependable is APS Tracking. They are proud to have pioneered this idea when the majority of transportation companies hesitated to meet with customers.

Alleppey values providing clients with high-quality services; Give their customers the best they can when they need them the most; this tenet has brought them rich dividends and the best clients in this industry.

Alleppey Parcel Tracking makes all of your deliveries fully transparent and visible; Consignors and consignees can accurately track and trace their consignments through their cutting-edge customer portal. 

The entire procedure is automated and continuously updated to ensure that no promises or misconceptions are made to you.

In addition, Alleppey Parcel Service Tracking provide customers with secure online access to print the LR form and account reports. Customers can use this facility to track their business with them and receive assistance with financial transactions.

Their highly automated report generation and enterprise solution system enables them to provide clients with any type of report and detail they request. All of India, they have a single-source call centre for customer support.

APS Tracking stand by its word; To provide a superior logistics experience, it will make every effort and use all of its resources with honesty, integrity, and experience. They would become one of your most sought-after future transportation partners.