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Kochi+91 484 4096000[email protected]PARK, XIV/396-C SEAPORT AIRPORT ROAD, CHITTETHUKARA KAKKANAD, COCHIN – 682 037

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TransAsia Group Transport India

Trans Asia gathering of organizations is a secretly held, family-run organization with 32 years of Operations mastery. They have been a believed store network accomplice to almost 30,000 clients. They have dealt with freight going from messenger estimated shipments, individual movement freight, and committed satisfaction communities to project (out of check) freight for their clients. 

It is known for its commitment and obligation to give tailor made answers to their clients. Impacted by a culture of transparency and long haul administration, they are a gathering of organizations focused on creating and offering magnificent support to their clients, workers and society. They think about ability goals and relationships as lord. 

Trans Asia empowers employee growth, fostering learning opportunities that contribute to societal development. Established in 1992, headquartered in Cochin.

They are effectively taken part in assorted exercises with the centre business being delivery and related exercises. They want to become coordinated factors and accomplices of their clients, to assist them with meeting the steadily changing requirements of the worldwide scene. 

  • To develop to turn into a main worldwide specialist organization of incorporated coordinated factors, giving phenomenal client driven calculated arrangements. 
  • To stay focused on creating and reliably offering excellent types of assistance and items to their clients consequently working on their efficiency and productivity.

Trans Asia Services

Liner Service

Participating in Liner Administration, their organization gives exhaustive and solid delivery arrangements, guaranteeing the productive transportation of merchandise across different courses. With an emphasis on ordinary timetables and consistent networks, they offer an imperative connection in worldwide exchange. 

India Coastal Service

Exploring the tremendous seaside districts of India, the India Waterfront Administration has practical experience in productive and savvy transportation arrangements. By utilizing how they might interpret nearby elements, they guarantee dependable availability and convenient conveyances along the Indian coast. 

Real Estate

In the Land area, they give significant arrangements customized to meet different property needs.

Container Rental & Leasing

Working with worldwide exchange, their Compartment Rental and Renting administrations offer an adaptable way to deal with holders the executives. Clients can effectively lease or rent holders, upgrading their coordinated factors tasks and adjusting to changing shipment volumes. 

Ship Owning

As shipowners, they put resources into and deal with an armada of vessels, adding to the sea business’ development. Transport Possessing is a foundation of their tasks, permitting them to give solid and practical delivery arrangements. 


Their Office administrations assume a vital part in working with consistent tasks for vessels. Going about as mediators, they guarantee proficient coordination, correspondence, and consistency with guidelines, supporting the smooth progression of sea exercises. 


Taken part in the Estate area, they add to the farming scene. Their Estate administrations center around maintainable practices, dependable development, and the proficient administration of rural assets to satisfy market needs.

Frequently Asked Questions By Trans Asia Shipping Tracking

What administrations does the organization propose under the Liner Administration? 

Their organization has practical experience in Liner Administration, giving extensive delivery answers for proficient and solid freight transportation across different courses universally. 

How does the Strategies Administration smooth out the store network? 

Their Coordinated Operations Administration offers start to finish arrangements, including warehousing and conveyance, to guarantee a consistent and improved store network and the board cycle for their clients. 

Could I at any point lease or rent compartments for my shipments?

Their Compartment Rental and Renting administrations give an adaptable methodology, permitting clients to effectively oversee holder strategies and adjust to changing shipment volumes. 

What is the focal point of the Land administrations advertised? 

In Land, their administrations are custom fitted to meet different property needs, guaranteeing clients find reasonable spaces that line up with their necessities for different purposes. 

How does the India Beach front Help add to proficient transportation? 

The India Seaside Administration use nearby comprehension to give productive and savvy transportation arrangements along the tremendous beach front areas of India, guaranteeing dependable availability and convenient conveyances.