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Chennai+91 93495 41717, +91 97464 83336[email protected]Modern Avenue Road, Under Edapally Railway Overbridge, Edapally PO, Ernakulam – Kerala – 682041

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Stun Sign Tracking PVT LTD

They are one of the Main Public Vehicle organizations that provides quick and Safe transportation administrations with a solid conveyance network all through Kerala.

Stun Sign Logistics Tracking Pvt. Ltd. is an expertly calculated administration organization with high industry guidelines. From the development of their organization starting around 2008, they centred on Full Truckload administrations all over India and providing dedicated vehicles to Clients. In 2010, they entered into nearby package administrations inside Kerala. 

Over the course of the years, Group SS has consistently put resources into individuals, framework, dispersion, organization, and deals, to develop into a really current client-engaged and enhanced coordinated operations organization. 

The SS, driven by the elevated expectations of its organizer, Mr Sreejeev Chandran, is profoundly respected in the business for giving creative thoughts and reliably conveying an unrivalled help quality.

Their Dynamic Group handles tasks really utilizing the most efficient strategies while keeping all the Business norms which guarantee clients an elevated degree of Planned operations at a reasonable cost.

Services of Stun Sign

FTL Services

The Service FTL Truck Burden Administration choices on any shipping lane with contracted rates or best spot rates help to get the space, portion, timing, valuing, and recurrence of your shipments. 

FTL is the most advanced transportation way with respect to cost, volume, and weight of the freight. They make extraordinary consideration at each stride of the cycle which includes fixing contracts evaluating with transporters, holding A Vehicle, making a booking, picking up the material at the Distributor’s office, and shipping by truck by street for the definite conveyance to the recipient.

For every transfer booking, they participate in checking each step and keep their clients/recipients informed at all stages.

PART LOAD Services By Stun Sign Logistics Tracking

With regards to transportation burden, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmadabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. Your administration group guarantees your Merchandise show up on time and you can reach them any time, day in and day out.

Stun Sign Logistics is the trusted hotspot for the most dependable, not exactly load transportation administration.


Stun Sign Logistics is exceptional in dealing with the warehousing of different products. The board is a vital piece of the inventory network and essentially means control of the development and capacity of materials inside a distribution centre and interaction with the related exchanges, including delivering, getting, setting aside and picking. 

With permeability into processes that continue and follow the store network, your stockroom will turn into a gas pedal and not a road obstruction to drive more prominent benefits and consumer loyalty.

The goal of SS is to deal with stock receipts and oversee supplies. SS today is essential for the production network of the board and furthermore, is requested by the executives. It additionally covers compartment stockpiling, stacking, and dumping.

Frequently Asked Questions By Stun Sign Logistics Tracking

1. What is STUN Sign Logistics?

Stun Sign Logistics Tracking is a comprehensive system used to monitor and manage the movement of goods and shipments throughout the supply chain. It employs advanced technologies to provide real-time information about the location, status, and condition of items in transit.

2. How does STUN Sign Logistics work?

Stun Sign utilizes a combination of GPS, RFID, and other sensor technologies to gather data from shipments. This data is transmitted to a central platform, allowing stakeholders to access real-time updates on the location, temperature, humidity, and other relevant conditions of the goods being transported.

3. What are the benefits of using the STUN Sign?

Stun Sign Tracking offers several advantages, including enhanced visibility into the supply chain, improved inventory management, timely alerts about potential delays or deviations, and the ability to optimize routes and resources for more efficient operations.

Who can benefit from STUN Sign?

Stun Sign Logistics is valuable for a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, and perishable goods. It benefits manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and even consumers by ensuring transparency and reliability in the movement of products.

Is the STUN Sign System customizable?

Yes, STUN Sign Logistics Tracking Systems are designed to be scalable and adaptable to different business needs. Companies can choose from a variety of tracking devices, software features, and integration options to create a solution that aligns with their specific logistics requirements.