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Bangalore+91 901 902 4444[email protected], 560102, L-374, 5th Main, Sector 6, HSR Layout

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Sequel Logistics Pvt Ltd


  • Incorporated Sequel Logistics.
  • Beginning of in-plant Coordinated factors administrations for Goodbye Gathering’s Watch division, Hosur.
  • Tasks laid out at Dehradun, North India.
  • Launch of in-plant logistics services for the Jewellery Division of the Tata Group.


  • Initiation of agreement warehousing arrangements.
  • Continuation initiates its most memorable appropriation place for adornments and design brands.
  • Started In-plant coordinated factors administrations for Ashok Leyland and warehousing answers for televisions Engines.


  • Sequel Tracking Secure’s precious cargo logistics service will begin.
  • They have established secure hubs in the top five cities.
  • The network now serves 32 Indian towns.


  • Design, testing, and implementation of the proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS) of Sequel.
  • Started forward loading and warehousing arrangements in 10 urban communities for an enormous eyewear retailer.
  • Started milk-run operations to cover Karnataka and Tamil Nadu’s tiers II and III towns for jewellery logistics.


  • Beginning of time-touchy planned operations administration – Continuation Direct.
  • Implementation of ECDS, the exclusive shipment management software developed by Sequel.
  • For real-time monitoring, a Central Command Centre was established in Bangalore.


  • Established secure hubs in the top 22 locations.
  • Network reach extended to 90 towns across India.
  • Beginning of Return and Converse strategies administration – Continuation EcoDrive.

Sequel Tracking

After 2009


  • Launched a logistics service for life sciences.
  • Life Cell International, India’s largest cord blood storage company, is its exclusive logistics partner.
  • Spin-off goes live with SAP R6 ERP, across every one of the four modules of FICO, SD, MM and HR.


  • Operational partnership with FedEx for the movement of export LVC.
  • Initiated D&J global tasks.


  • Procurement of G4S India’s money and the executive’s resources.
  • Started bullion activities.


  • In New York and Antwerp, Sequel establishes a wholly-owned subsidiary.


  • For bullion and D&J international operations, Sequel collaborates with Loomis International.
  • Send off of SEQUEL247 online interface for clients.


  • Lemuir Secure Services Acquisition
  • Launch of the SEQUEL247 client mobile app.


  • Initiation of Spin-off’s bullion vaulting office at Kandla FTWZ.
  • Under Sequel LifeCare, the NACO project gets underway.


  • Inauguration of Sequel’s GIFT City FTWZ bullion vaulting facility.


  • Sequel Tracking is appointed as the initial vault manager for IIBX at GIFT City FTWZ by IFSCA.
  • Signs a long-term agreement with India Government Mint.
  • Fair Money Priest visits Spin-off’s bullion vaulting office at GIFT City FTWZ.


  • Permission to act as Vault Manager for the Domestic Gold Spot Exchange from SEBI.
  • Continuation Operations dispatches India’s first blockchain answer for computerized gold.
  • The first shipment of exports under the new India-UAE CEPA is sent out by Sequel Logistics.

Sequel Courier

Core Values


Continuation guarantees decency, trustworthiness and moral conduct in all that they do towards their partners in general.


Continuation generally seeks after greatness and advances the most ideal norm of value.


Spin-off bravely seeks advancement to give their clients the best arrangement.


To become the most popular Supply Chain Partner by providing cutting-edge, all-encompassing, and individualized solutions, services, and goods in the “Critical Logistics” sector.


To continually improve, assemble and convey unrivalled inventory network arrangements that offer the most elevated level of dependability, Proficiency and security.

Sequel Logistics Tracking


Logistics with a High Value in Money

Their flagship logistics service, Sequel Secure, focuses on moving valuable cargo and high-value goods like gems, jewellery, and precious commodities. 

Sequel Courier committed spotlight on functional greatness, risk the board and consistency according to global principles, has won them various esteemed grants, however, has likewise helped in winning the trust of significant worldwide banks, public and confidential area banks, eminent adornments corporate stores, select gems shops, makers, merchants and purifiers. 

Diamond & Jewellery

Secured Logistics

Sequel Tracking gives homegrown and global transportation of D&J (Precious stones and Adornments) across the inventory network. 

Delivery to retail stores, collection of finished goods from suppliers, inter-warehouse transfers, and management of returns are all included in the movement. 

They fully comprehend the “value of time” and how it affects their customers’ order commitments and working capital. As a result, they deliver packages in a very short amount of time.

Vaulting exhibits at trade shows and exhibitions

They assist you in putting on an outstanding performance both domestically and internationally. They also offer individualized support for private exhibitions and road shows, even in the most difficult settings. 

Facility inspection, the installation of surveillance systems, guarding and physical security, secured transportation, overnight vaulting, customs clearance, and insurance are among the trade show services. 

Shipments of Low Value

Not all shipments are huge and high worth. However, this is a significant portion of the business, where greater reach and cost savings are of the utmost importance. 

They give house-to-house expedited shipment to in excess of 110 nations across the world, wrapped with extraordinary protection and inclusion. 

Solutions for E-Commerce Logistics

Sequel Tracking provides robust, all-around services for all of your e-commerce needs, including API integration, cash-on-delivery, and return movements, as well as a wide range of B2C services for you.

Sequel Logistics

Precious Commodities

Armoured Transportation

They manage and deliver daily the movement of heavy-duty precious metals, dive bars, banknotes, and credit cards in the most secure and compliant manner to safeguard their clients’ commercial and reputational risks. 

To keep up with changing threats and meet the specific needs of their clients, their security and risk management procedures are constantly audited, reviewed, and improved. 

They are the only business with ISO 39001 and RJC certification, demonstrating their capability and dedication.

Pick and Pack

Given the responsiveness and security takes a chance with associated with the taking care of and bookkeeping of Valuable Products, Sequel Courier Tracking follow processes that are in finished consistency as ordered by the most rumoured monetary foundations, protection reviewers and security review bodies. 


They give their customers complete peace of mind because they have one of the largest networks of high-grade vaults that have been audited and approved by banks, insurance companies, and independent audit bodies. 

Their business managers ensure that their vaults are not only in the relevant cities but also at convenient locations within the city, in order to ensure that their customers receive the fastest turnaround possible. 

Their security and infrastructure specialists are working on every aspect of the layout, equipment, process, and procedures.

Digital Gold

Services in Trusteeship

The sequel will conduct audits of the physical backup stock.

Custodianship Services

Physical gold is kept safe in Sequel’s vaults.

Delivery Services

Gold will be delivered to the customer’s doorstep upon redemption.

Sequel Courier Tracking

Value Added Services

Comprehensive protection

  • With minimal administrative requirements and quick settlement processing, their all-risk insurance coverage provides complete peace of mind.

Packaging Solutions

  • They offer master exhortation on the right bundling that supports the thoroughness of transportation and keeps your resources in immaculate condition.

Assistance with Customs Clearance and Documentation

  • Sequel Logistics Traditions financier administration guarantees that all products are appropriately characterized, and desk work is properly filled and submitted for quick traditions leeway.

SMS and email notifications enabled by IT

  • Sequel Tracking state-of-the-art innovation not just stays up with the latest on the situation with your significant shipment, through their configurable warning framework, yet additionally enables you to deal with your planned operations in the most effective way.

Daily Stock Position Reports

  • You will always get an inventory report, no matter if your valuable cargo is in a vault or on the move. This will keep you up to date on every big or small transaction.