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Safexpress Courier Tracking

In 1997, Safexpress set out on its journey with the goal of providing superior logistics to its clients and ensuring their success. 

The company has established itself as India’s “Knowledge Leader” and “Market Leader” in the supply chain and logistics sector.

Express Distribution, 3PL, and Consulting are just a few of the innovative supply chain services that Safexpress provides. 

The company offers value-added logistics services to nine distinct business sectors, including automotive, engineering and electrical hardware, FMCG and consumer electronics, publishing, healthcare, hi-tech, and apparel and lifestyle.

Customers of Safexpress Tracking are able to concentrate on their core competencies because the company provides cutting-edge logistics solutions. 

From providing world-class warehousing support to guaranteeing on-time deliveries of goods anywhere in India, the company adds maximum value to businesses at every level.


“To become the most preferred partner to provide a single-window solution for the entire supply chain and logistics needs of their esteemed customers throughout India and thereby contribute to their and the country’s growth through their impeccable, continuously evolving strengths and expertise, as well as maintain the established knowledge leadership” and “market leadership” in the industry.”


“They shall internalize a customer-centric and people-centric work culture that demonstrates a proactive, result-oriented, zero-conflict, and problem-solving attitude toward exceeding company objectives through perfect alignment with company policies and guidelines and an undistracted focus on continuous improvement to beat their self-created benchmarks of unmatched, most advanced tech-enabled service quality, consistently striving for market dominance,” reads the policy.

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Value – Their Culture of Respect

  • They value healthy relationships with their employees, partners, and clients.
  • They continually endeavour to Develop from an ‘Exertion based Association’ to a ‘Result-based Association’.
  • Safexpress Courier Tracking make sure that their self-discipline makes it possible for them to fully own and take responsibility for their work, as well as to follow their procedures and policies.
  • They take great pride in their work and in their organization.
  • By constantly seeking knowledge, they explore uncharted territories.
  • Products and resources belonging to them and their clients are held in trust by them.
  • They are of the opinion that Talk can resolve any issue.

Safexpress Pin Codes

This service is available in every one of India’s 31,188 pin codes.

Safexpress Services



“Campus2Home” is a specialized service for graduating students who want to move on to the next phase of their lives and need streamlined logistics services to move their belongings and baggage to their home or another location. 

To help understudies in pressing their effects, dissimilar to different packers and movers, Safexpress gives remarkable 20 kg-limit ‘Grounds to Home’ Box liberated from cost. 


  • Door-to-door delivery at the destination and pickup from the hostel or PG.
  • Free limited liability insurance in the event that the package is lost in transit.
  • Pressing and documentation support.
  • Added conveniences and services.
  • Safextension: Delivery throughout India.
  • On the web and Versatile applications based on transfers.
  • All of the services you need are just a phone call, SMS, or email away.
  • centralized customer support at 1800 113 113 (toll-free).

Try not to pay overabundance things accuses of Easy2Move

Assuming you are moving to another city and pondering “How to book overabundant things?”

This is the end of your search. Simply use Safexpress’s Easy2Move service to book your excess baggage.

Safexpress Courier Tracking “Easy2Move” is an unparalleled door-to-door delivery service that can move your baggage anywhere in India and save you more than 90% on airline excess baggage fees.


  • Cartons, polybags, tape, and other items of high quality are provided for free. for pressing.
  • Door-to-door delivery and pickup.
  • streamlined flat rate for each box.
  • Pickup and delivery on Sundays and holidays are free.
  • Pressing and documentation support.
  • Digital payment options include digital wallets, credit and debit cards, and more.
  • Free protection (restricted risk).
  • Online service or booking inquiry.

Safexpress Logistics

Sainik Express

By providing specialized baggage delivery services to Indian military personnel, Safexpress acknowledges their contribution. The job requires a lot of travel, either alone or with family, because of its nature. 

Additionally, they are required to transport their entire baggage in trunks whenever they travel. They deal with conveying their own possessions securely, helpfully and in a savvy way while they deal with their country’s security. 

Safexpress Tracking can relax about moving their belongings because of special discounts, simple payment options, built-in risk coverage, and convenient pick-ups and deliveries.


  • Fastest time to transit
  • Distribution across India.
  • Special deal on price.
  • Pricing for moving safes and trunks is simple.
  • Pressing and travel documentation support.
  • Risk coverage is built-in with limited liability.
  • Baggage pickup and delivery at the door.
  • Delivery on Sundays and holidays are free.

Safexpress Courier

Exhibition Returns

A one-of-a-kind service that Safexpress provides specifically for attendees of exhibitions and expos. By ensuring the hassle-free return of their products and demonstration pieces after the exhibition is over, this service enables company delegates to make timely exits from the exhibition centres. 

Presentation Returns’ gives pick-ups at wanted times, i.e., when the occasion is finished and gives entryway conveyance to any place in India. For all returns, a group of experienced and dedicated exhibition-handling staff works in conjunction with the customer.


  • Pickup at the exhibition site.
  • Convenient time of pickup.
  • Competitive offer at a price.
  • The choice of “To-pay” freight.
  • Delivery to any door in India.
  • Managing more than 100 events annually.

Safexpress Private Limited

Retail Returns

A one-of-a-kind service that enables retailers and shopkeepers to send back to manufacturers their unsold, end-of-season, damaged, and expired stock. 

The goods move upstream from retailers to manufacturers, warehouses, and other locations in such cases.


  • Shipments from retail establishments in malls, shopping complexes, retail streets, and other locations.
  • Free pressing help by giving new Safexpress marked pressing containers.
  • Paid booking only, with the consignor paying for the freight.
  • Provide services that are dependable to retailers to guarantee prompt and accurate returns to the company.
  • Their small containerized vehicles handle pick-ups.

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The first of its kind, their “Stock2Shelf” service involves identifying a retail store’s demand, evaluating the feeder warehouse’s stock, and delivering the necessary quantity within the allotted time frames. The service has been especially effective in megamall-based retail establishments with a lot of foot traffic

The distribution company saves money by not having to manage and own warehouses near the point of consumption, the outlets save money by not having to store large quantities of inventory in their back rooms, and customers always have access to their preferred brands. 

This mutual benefit win administration involves the exact last-mile conveyance aptitude that they have gained throughout the long term serving different retail outlet designs.

Through a professionally trained staff that manages stocks and the necessary paperwork to enter malls due to increased security checks, it ensures “time-definite” delivery.

Safexpress Tracking Shipway

Seller Oversaw Stock

  • VMI began because of the nick of time necessities of OEMs, essentially in the car section.
  • Suppliers assumed inventory management responsibility.
  • “Assembly line-ready deliveries” are taken over by suppliers and put directly into production.
  • OEMs determine the quantity and frequency of deliveries and communicate them to suppliers.
  • Providers re-appropriate stock administration to operations specialist co-ops.
  • Inventory is kept close to the manufacturing facilities of the OEM.
  • When it comes to recommending logistics service providers to their suppliers that meet their needs, OEMs play a crucial role.

Safexpress lR Tracking

Virtual Warehousing

  • Model for replenishing warehouses across multiple states for VAT optimization.
  • Invoicing and processing of orders.
  • Clearing and Sending.
  • efficient order fulfilment and quick last-mile delivery.
  • IT systems that are dependable to support inventory visibility and operational efficiencies.

Safexpress Parcel Tracking


The trailblazer of Express Circulation in India, Safexpress keeps on enhancing new contributions to address requests for express operations in India. 

They guarantee time-distinct conveyances through their strong organization upheld by the ‘Center Point and Talked’ model, which is planned to limit the distance voyaged and vital administration of strategies.

Their nationwide fleet of more than 9,000 containerized vehicles offers a comprehensive selection of prompt, effective, and prompt transportation and logistics services. They can deliver to or pick up from any location in this country as long as there is a road to it!

Customers’ requirements for “Just in Time” and a lean supply chain are met by this offering. This help likewise permits clients to design their on-the-way stock – a significant contribution to cutting-edge materials and dissemination necessities arranging. 

They completely use their foundation, innovation assets, research and improvement, organization, armada and their environment of accomplices to give an unparalleled express coordinated factors insight in India.


SafeAir is their specialized air service that provides faster deliveries and optimal multimodal solutions in addition to surface logistics. 

Safexpress Tracking Company’s involvement with surface and air network configuration brings about savvy steering of significant airworthy freight. This house-to-house pickup and conveyance administration is upheld by 54 cutting-edge air centres. 

Due to its subtle and time-sensitive nature, air cargo requires careful handling. These hubs are staffed round-the-clock by a dedicated group of specialists in air freight.

This team knows how to complete the various documentation formalities that are required for various product categories from various airlines travelling to various states.