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Moscow+7 (495) 956-20-67[email protected]Varshavskoye Shosse, 37, Moscow, 131000, Russia

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Russian Post Delivery Company

One of Russia’s largest employers and a digital logistics company, Through a thorough and generally created network, It can convey to any point in Russia rapidly and proficiently. Each year, the company handles approximately 3.5 billion postal items. It is a supplier of postal, social, monetary and computerized administrations for the populace and a dependable accomplice for web based business organizations in Russia and abroad. 

It has developed consistently throughout the last years. They can now offer their administrations to clients all over Europe. Their organization of three ETOEs (Extraterritorial Workplaces of Trade) in Germany, the Unified Realm and Finland empowers them to send your shipments to Russia as fast as could be expected. 

The official subsidiary of it, RusPost GmbH, is based in Berlin, Germany. JSC Russian Post owns all of the shares in RusPost GmbH. It is the main authority branch office of it beyond the Russian Alliance. The organization offers its administrations to both Russian and worldwide clients they want to guarantee quick and solid conveyance of shipments to the Russian Alliance, hence overcoming any issues between the Russian and European financial regions. 

Offering types of assistance to people and organizations, they find the right item for any transportation need to Russia. Having achieved significant modernization in 2015, they presently keep a functioning presence on the European market. 

This company’s Branch Office is situated in Berlin, featuring a cutting-edge logistical hub spanning 3,900 sq. m. To work in collaboration with global clients and reduce delivery times, they launched their operations center in Berlin. The facility, accompanied by a neighbouring Fulfillment Community, strives to streamline international shipment processes.


International Express Logistics

Their organization specializes in efficient, fast delivery services, connecting points within Russia and extending to Europe. Handling 3.5 billion postal items yearly, they ensure reliable, timely deliveries for individuals and businesses.

Extraterritorial Trade Offices (ETOE) Network 

Utilizing three decisively found ETOEs in Germany, the Assembled Realm, and Finland, they work with quick shipments to Russia. This organization ensures its services transcend borders, serving clients across Europe and bridging Russian-European financial regions.

Cross-Border E-commerce Partnership

As a trusted partner for e-commerce in Russia and abroad, they play a crucial role in the digital landscape. Offering postal, social, financial, and digital services, they ensure a reliable and efficient supply chain, contributing to e-commerce success.

European Fulfillment Center

Arranged in Berlin, the modern logistics hub spans 3,900 sq. m., serving as a branch office and fulfillment center. This state-of-the-art facility, designed for collaboration with global clients, enhances operational efficiency and reduces delivery times for global shipments.

Tailored Transportation Solutions

With an emphasis on gathering different transportation needs to Russia, their organization offers a scope of custom-made administrations for people and organizations. Following critical modernization in 2015, they keep a functioning presence in the European market, guaranteeing that their clients track down the right transportation answers for their particular prerequisites.

Frequently Asked Questions By Russian Post Tracking

What is the yearly volume of postal things taken care of by your organization? 

Their organization processes roughly 3.5 billion postal things every year, exhibiting their broad capacities and proficiency in dealing with a high volume of conveyances. 

In what ways do your Extraterritorial Trade Offices (ETOEs) aid in international cargo?

With decisively found ETOEs in Germany, the Unified Realm, and Finland, they guarantee quick and effective shipments to Russia and other European objections, giving consistent cross-line planned operations arrangements.

Might you at any point expound on the advanced administrations proposed to people and organizations? 

In addition to traditional logistics, their services include postal, social, financial, and digital solutions. They take care of the assorted requirements of the two people and organizations, supporting the advanced scene and upgrading general client experience. 

Where is your European Satisfaction Community found, and how can it help global clients? 

Arranged in Berlin, their cutting edge satisfaction place covers an all out area of 3,900 sq. m. This office fills in as a branch office and assumes a vital part in lessening conveyance times for worldwide shipments, and cultivating cooperation with global clients. 

Since the significant modernization in 2015, how has your business adapted to the shifting landscape? 

Following a significant modernization exertion in 2015, they have effectively kept a presence in the European market, offering fitted transportation answers for people and organizations. They are able to keep up with changing customer requirements and industry trends thanks to their adaptability.