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CITYPhone NumberEmail AddressCompany Address
New Delhi011 – 2831 5810
011 – 4254 9802
011 – 4254 9807
[email protected]H.O., Rajdhani Interstate Transport Co. 31, Transport Centre, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi – 110035. INDIA

Official Website Link: https://www.rajdhaniinterstate.com/

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Rajdhani Interstate Transport, India

Rajdhani Interstate Transport Co. (RITCO) is now recognized as one of the best providers of nationwide logistical services. They are a dependable business partner thanks to their exceptional performance in the LPI components of infrastructure, logistics quality and competence, tracking and tracing, and timeliness.



Mr. R. S. Chadha, the establishing individual from RITCO, started his campaign in strategies, as the overseer of New Kashmir and Oriental Vehicle Co., liable for activities in the Delhi locale. It is from here that he obtained the space ability as far as activities, conveyance, client support, and the subtleties of the business for the organization, which had tasks all over the nation.


After consideration and vital preparation, Mr. Chadha chose to go free and, in this manner, disappeared from the previous organization. In 1978, he and a partner set up RITCO. His capability drove business in the right direction from the very beginning.


Ritco Logistics Tracking improved itself by adjusting to provide solutions based on technology. ERP, a web-based electronic programming system, made tasks of all branches internet-based, empowering ongoing coordination and following among 250 areas. 


In recent years, they decided to introduce CNG trucks in Delhi as an example of environmental responsibility. Drivers were provided with toll cards, pre-paid debit cards, and other forms of plastic currency following the demonization of the currency. 

Services of Ritco Logistics


RITCO is a herald to change the Warehousing scene of India with its best-in-class offices currently set up. They have supplanted customary stockrooms, which simply worked as uninvolved extra rooms for products until dispersion, with greeting tech destinations of significant worth.

Ritco Logistics Tracking addresses Indian manufacturing’s global competitiveness by reducing logistics and warehousing costs through a well-coordinated framework.


  • Any business’s success depends on efficient supply chain logistics.
  • Operating costs can be reduced, customer service can be improved, and the supply chain cycle can run smoothly and continuously with a robust logistics system.
  • Truth be told, a dismissed production network strategy can decrease working benefits by 50–70%, so associations are these days reevaluating their production network coordinated operations.
  • Businesses are choosing RITCO because they make sure that their logistic services help them increase productivity by synchronizing and integrating the delivery of goods and services.


Rajdhani Interstate Transport has been able to surpass industry norms thanks to its extensive knowledge and decades of experience in part-load services. They are quickly moving in the direction of altering the nature of logistics services, particularly in India’s Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. 

Ritco Logistics Tracking additionally offers expanded assistance by giving safe storerooms to clients for their bundles booked with them in every conveyance area. Their capability to meet each assumption for their clients makes them matchless in their area.

Frequently Asked Questions By Ritco Logistics Tracking

What is Rajdhani Interstate Transport Tracking?

Ritco Following is a complete following and strategy arrangement that empowers constant checking of shipments, bundles, or resources during travel. It gives organizations an approach to productively dealing with their store network and further developing permeability in the development of merchandise.

How does Ritco Following function?

Ritco Following uses advanced GPS, RFID, or sensor-based innovations to accumulate information about the area, condition, and status of shipments. This information is then communicated to a focal point where clients can get continuous updates, examinations, and bits of knowledge to improve their strategies and tasks.

What advantages does Ritco Tracking offer?

The ability to identify and address potential supply chain bottlenecks, improved inventory management, shorter transit times, increased security against theft, and improved customer service are all advantages of utilizing Ritco Tracking.

Is it possible to customize Ritco Tracking for various industries?

Yes, Ritco Tracking can be used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, e-commerce, healthcare, and more. To ensure seamless integration with existing workflows, the solution can be customized to meet the specific tracking needs and requirements of each industry.

How might I carry out Ritco Logistics Tracking for my business?

To execute Ritco Shipping for your business, you can reach out to their deals or client care group. They will direct you through the most common way of choosing the right innovation, coordinating it with your frameworks, and arranging the stage to line up with your business objectives and tasks.