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LocationContact NoEmail AddressCompany Address
Jaipur+91 92140 97167, +91 92140 97172[email protected], [email protected]B1/B2 RPA Road, Sanjay colony, Nehru Nagar, Infront of Police Intelligence Academy, Jaipur, 302016

Company’s Official Websites Link: https://www.pushpakcourier.net/

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About Pushpak Courier Tracking 

PUSHPAK COURIER, founded in 1985, is a leading Indian courier company with a large network in Rajasthan. Because of its guarantee of more than 25 years of experience, Pushpak Logistics has grown and established itself as the best service provider in the Indian courier industry.

Pushpak Courier Tracking started with the goal of making physical transfers easier, saving your time and delivering goods according to your preferences and convenience.

By successfully completing tasks assigned to them, They are simultaneously achieving reliability and satisfying their customers.

Providing complete satisfaction to their prestigious clientele is their only guiding principle. It has established its credibility and reputation in a variety of organizations, including projects, banks, exporters, manufacturers, corporate houses, government and non-government organizations, and trading and business houses.

Mr Pawan Sharma, the company’s founder, led the courier industry and now boasts 25 years of experience. Pushpak Logistics has grown at an exponential rate under his direction, making him a successful businessman.

Its primary objective is to offer its customers prompt, hassle-free pickup and delivery of their documents, packages, and cargo to a variety of destinations at the lowest possible service charge.

Numerous high-end institutional and private clients have chosen them because of their dedication to providing high-quality service and their work environment.

Pushpak Courier Services

1. Cost-effective Performance And Quality

  • Utilise team-driven niche markets with fervour rather than leveraging platforms. Monotonically restores technically sound deliverables and tactical “outside the box” thinking.
  • Utilise novel opportunities to persuasively develop process enhancements based on extensive research. Produce highly effective potential for vertical core competencies in a credible manner. Avoid low-risk, high-yield processes and focus on pandemic experiences.

2. The Essence Of their Goal Of Providing More

  • Delivering more is always striving to go above and beyond, setting new standards, breaking new ground, and leading from the front.
  • A customized, dedicated Internet server with lease-line internet connectivity that provides shipment tracking in real-time within thirty minutes of parcel booking.
  • A can-do attitude, competitiveness, forward-thinking, responsibility, care, and ambition are all part of delivering more.
  • Delivering more makes them stand out from the typical Online Tracking of documents with specific dates and times in their Timely, on-the-dot collections!
  • Delivering more is optimistic, and Pushpak Courier Company is confident that it can overcome obstacles and achieve its ambitious goals.
  • Attending pick-up calls, no matter how many there are, without charging extra. At all times, their service is completely confidential.

3. Pushpak Courier Tracking Packaging and Storage

They offer a specialized packaging service to clients who book in bulk and on a daily basis.

4. Safety and Quality

Assurance of safe shipment is their guiding principle. Simply hand over your package and rest assured that it will be delivered securely. 

5. Concern for the Environment

Pushpak Courier uses eco-friendly stationary and packaging materials with environmental safety in mind.

Why Are They Special?

  • Customer Service: 24 X 7, their phone lines are open round the clock to ensure that your cargo is collected and delivered on time and within your budget. You can also track your consignment’s instant position through their website.
  • Technology: They make investments in cutting-edge technology and have a comprehensive inventory of equipment to provide a high-quality courier service. All of their equipment is completely ready for the future. In order to maintain efficiency and guarantee on-time deliveries, tracking systems have been installed in their vehicle fleet.
  • People: They also put money into their workers. From the drivers to the top management, everyone on their team shares the core value of meeting customers’ needs and expectations. Their staff is trained to go above and beyond for their clients’ comfort.