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Paack Delivery Tracking is the future shipping option that meets your needs. To view all of your courier shipments, enter your tracking number.

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Barcelona+34 937 660 943[email protected]Via Augusta, 17 Barcelona, Catalonia 08006, ES

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You can also use our tracking tool for Patel Air Freight Express.

Paack Logistics UK Limited

A long time back they began their excursion in Dubai, assisting organizations with making mind boggling conveyance encounters.


  • Support your web-based deals by proposing to your clients planned conveyances as the new market standard.

Innovative Stage

  • In order to guarantee the best delivery experience at competitive prices, every component of their product ecosystem has been designed internally.

Conveyance Experience

  • The best-evaluated conveyance experience in Europe across various channels (Google, Trustpilot).

Network of owned transportation

  • They work their own dispersion communities and last-mile conveyance stations. All their line-pulls are devoted and every one of their drivers are proficient drivers

Public and European Inclusion

  • In excess of 60 urban communities in 4 nations and developing!


  • They are focused on accomplishing carbon net zero by 2030, 20 years sooner than the Paris Understanding.
  • Advance lives worldwide through consistent availability, rising above limits, and improving encounters with proficient planned operations.
  • Reclassify industry assumptions, encourage development, and make a future where their administrations surpass consumer loyalty.
  • Incorporate eco-accommodating works, taking a stab at maintainability, and rousing positive natural effects inside the strategies business.
  • In order to create a setting where each individual’s unique talents contribute to success, encourage diversity, inclusion, and collaboration in the workplace.
  • Trailblazer innovative progressions, driving with state of the art arrangements that hoist administrations and set new industry principles.
  • Reliably surpass client assumptions with solid, straightforward, and opportune conveyances, conveying greatness in each shipment.
  • Engage organizations with spry strategy arrangements, upgrading supply chains, and working with development through consistent and effective tasks.
  • Focus on consumer loyalty with proactive correspondence, customized administration, and proficient issue goals to fabricate enduring connections.
  • Maintain the best expectations of respectability and moral lead, laying out trust among clients, accomplices, and partners.

Paack Logistics Services

Eco-Friendly Options

  • Earth cognizant delivery decisions, like carbon-unbiased transportation or green bundling, to decrease the environmental effect of conveyances.

Insurance Options

  • Far reaching protection includes choices to safeguard your shipments’ worth against unexpected occasions or harms during travel.

Bulk Shipping Discounts

  • Practical answers for organizations and people sending numerous bundles, with limits and mass delivery choices.

Returns Management

  • Services for hassle-free returns management that make it simple for customers to return goods and for businesses to quickly process returns.

Temperature-Controlled Transportation

  • Services that are specialized in transporting goods that are sensitive to temperature and make sure they arrive at their destination in good condition.

Saturday and Sunday Conveyances

  • Expanded conveyance choices, including end of the week conveyances, to oblige clients with occupied plans.

Customs Documentation Help

  • Master help with getting ready and overseeing customs documentation for global shipments, guaranteeing consistency with guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions By Paack Delivery Tracking

How do I submit a claim for a package that was lost or damaged?

To begin the claims process, contact their customer support with your tracking number and relevant information.

Might I at any point follow different bundles with a solitary following number?

No, each bundle has a special following number. You want individual numbers to screen various shipments.

What is the distinction between standard and express delivery?

Compared to standard shipping, express shipping typically entails shorter delivery times and may incur additional costs.

Is there a weight limit for bundles?

Yes, there is a weight limit for bundles, and it changes given the picked delivery administration.

I want a copy of the delivery confirmation. How can I get it?

Their customer support can be contacted to request the delivery confirmation, which may include a photograph or digital signature.

Is it conceivable to follow the dispatch on a guide continuously?

No, ongoing guide following isn’t as of now accessible. On their tracking platform, you can see your current location.