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Chennai+91 74054 77780[email protected]Door No. 21, Wood Creek County, 6th Cross Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600089

Official Website Link: https://www.oxyzenexpress.com/#/

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OxyZen Logistics India

OxyZEN Express has been brought about by a gathering of industry veterans, with 200+ years of cross-useful Store network and strategy experience in homegrown and worldwide business sectors.

The Coordinated factor industry in India has certainly seen ceaseless advancement throughout the past 10 years. Notwithstanding, they accept that the computerized time supply chains will presently require troublesome change before very long, as opposed to steady upgrades. 

Advancement and Scale are both fundamental for the following period of Proficiency and Greatness in coordinated factors. The business is looking for state-of-the-art innovation with amazing skill and consistently extraordinary execution.

OxyZen Logistics Tracking resolves to be that much-needed refresher that follows through on the consistently expanding assumptions from clients, accomplices, workers, financial backers, and other partners.


  • Gain the trust and appreciation of clients, organizations, and networks by reconsidering operations.


  • Make reliable incentives for their clients, and to their clients, by conveying trendy store network arrangements that assist them with winning in the commercial centre.

Identity of OxyZen Logistics

Keep it Basic

  • Wipe out the waste and centre around the main thing.

Inhale Client Fixation

  • Make the client the existing force directing every one of their activities.

Regard Work, Regard Individuals

  • Endeavour to bring out the best in individual people.

Be Better Regular

  • The quest for greatness is a deep-rooted venture.

Make the NEW Future

  • Each issue is a development opportunity in Mask.

OxyZen Careers

OxyZen Logistics Tracking has been brought about by a gathering of industry veterans with 200+ years of cross-practical, cross-topography Production network, and Operations experience. 

The vision of the organization is to make an incorporated Planned operations Foundation that will “Gain the Trust and Appreciation of Clients, organizations, and Networks by considering Coordinated factors.”

The Individual ways of behaving that each OxyZENer will really focus on for this vision to awaken are:

  • Keep It Basic.
  • Inhale Client Fixation.
  • Genuinely honest act.
  • Regard work; Regard Individuals.
  • Be Better Regular.
  • Make The New Future.

They are increasing exceptionally quickly and searching for Enthusiastic and skilled experts who are:

  • Committed to Client Fixation.
  • Enthusiastic about learning and ceaseless self-development.
  • Unconstrained in their commitment to aggregate exertion.
  • Self-propelled and have an incredible capacity to finish things.
  • Brave to conquer the most troublesome obstacles.
  • Sympathetic towards colleagues and individuals

OxyZEN is recruiting!

Kindly drop them an email at [email protected], if you are intrigued to be a part of a thrilling mission to drive operations change in India and build an extraordinary establishment!

Frequently Asked Questions By OxyZen Logistics Tracking

How might I follow my shipment using OxyZEN’s Planned operations?

To follow your shipment through OxyZEN Operations, visit their authority site and find the “Following” or “Track Shipment” area. Input your remarkable following number given by OxyZEN Coordinated Factors to get constant updates on your shipment’s area and conveyance status.

Where do I find my OxyZEN Planned operations with the following number?

Your OxyZEN Operations number is a particular code doled out to your shipment. This number is regularly given to you when you organize the shipment. Keep the following number open to screen the advancement of your bundle.

Is it conceivable to follow different shipments all the time with Coordinated operations?

Indeed, OxyZEN Strategies frequently offers the comfort of following numerous shipments simultaneously. Search for choices like “Various Following” or “Clump Following” on their following site page. This empowers you to enter numerous numbers and view far-reaching subtleties for every one of your shipments.

What data is accessible through OxyZEN Coordinated Operations’ global positioning framework?

OxyZEN Coordinated factors’ global positioning framework gives fundamental data, for example, the ongoing whereabouts of your bundle, expected conveyance date and time, any conveyance-related notices, possible deferrals, and an outline of the conveyance course.

How would it be advisable for me to respond on the off chance that my OxyZen Logistics Tracking updates are not advancing?

In the event that your OxyZEN Operations following data isn’t refreshing, practice tolerance, as following updates could experience delays. Should the absence of updates persist, or, on the other hand, assuming you have worries about your shipment’s status, make sure to OxyZEN Coordinated Factors’ client service. They can offer bits of knowledge and address any inquiries you have with respect to your shipment.