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Overseas tracking

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Mahipalpur+91-11-47244444[email protected]Mahipalpur Extension, A-260/1, Rd. 6, Block RZ, Mahipalpur.

Official Website Link: http://www.overseaslogistics.in/

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About Overseas Logistics Tracking

OVERSEAS is a courier company that has been accredited with ISO 9001-2000. It has made a name for itself as one of the most prominent channel partners in India for all of the major multinational courier companies. It offers international courier and freight forwarding services, and it delivers goods all over the world for both private and business customers.

OVERSEAS offers a comprehensive selection of express services, including door-to-door courier service and air and sea freight for export and import to nearly every country in the world.

Over the past two decades, OVERSEAS has collaborated with a variety of organizations and experienced steady expansion.

Their dedication to providing prompt, cost-effective express delivery services and excellent customer service is largely responsible for their success.

Overseas Courier Service is continuously searching for ways of working on its clients’ insight.

Overseas Logistics is a global service provider in the international courier and logistics industry that was established in 1991 by Mr Ashok Gupta.

Their goal is to be recognized as the leading provider of integrated logistics and distribution solutions in India while maintaining high standards of work quality and customer satisfaction.

Overseas Courier Services

Air Freight of Overseas Express Logistics

To keep your supply chain running smoothly, you need a partner who can provide stability and dependability given the constantly shifting needs of customers worldwide. 

Overseas Logistics can provide you with custom-tailored solutions for all of your needs, regardless of whether your shipments require specialized freighter aircraft or commercial planes.

Speed is a key consideration in air freight; However, customer requirements may range from expedited to economical deliveries. Overseas Logistics has specialists who can manage door-to-door, time-constrained Fast Track solutions without causing any delays.

We provide door-to-door air freight services through Overseas Tracking, delivering your documents and packages promptly and securely to any location in the world.

You can choose from a variety of transit time options to suit your needs. You can get information about your shipments’ PODs and track them, and you can ask for special delivery notifications.

Custom Clearance Overseas Tracking

The Imports team supports a supply chain solution, ensuring its smooth and efficient functioning. With the ever-expanding global market and the current trend for businesses to outsource, using custom clearance services is an essential component of any successful supply chain solution. Their in-house brokers focus on accuracy.

Through Overseas Logistics Pvt., customs clearance Ltd. gives a wide range of customs financier benefits that decrease the chances related to bringing in and trading products and speeds up the vehicle of merchandise across borders.

Their in-house customs brokerage staff can provide guidance regarding commodities, tax rates, duties, and import and export restrictions as well as the preparation of import and export documents following customs regulations, laws, and procedures.

Additionally, their team can arrange payments for incurred costs like storage, taxes, duties, and others.

To guarantee that goods in transit travel smoothly and effectively from source to destination, Overseas incorporates your specific requirements into more comprehensive and prompt processing of all shipments.

Domestic Cargo of Overseas Courier Service

Customers who deal in heavy goods and require transportation of these goods within the country can take advantage of their domestic cargo services as well. 

Overseas Tracking ensures that the shipment is delivered to the consignee in secure packaging and without any damage. Our area of expertise is cargo shipping.

Domestic Express in Overseas Container Logistics

With their domestic Express products, you can take advantage of streamlined procedures, expedited delivery times, online status updates and proofs of delivery, and additional options. 

You can choose to receive a confirmation mail of delivery, information about the progress of an Express shipment, any potential delays, or both.

Pvt. Overseas Logistics Ltd.’s distribution network spans all of India’s major regions. Overseas Logistics Private Limited will locate a service that meets your requirements, regardless of size or deadline.

Express Same Day: Do you need a shipment delivered right away? Subject to when the shipment is collected and the availability of domestic flights, if applicable, this service will ensure that the package is delivered to you on the day you lodge it with them.

Overnight Express: This service promises to deliver your order by the next business day.

Import Services of Overseas Tracking

Overseas takes care of all aspects of the highly specialized logistics requirements that their clients face and has the expertise to move documents and goods around the world legally, safely, and quickly.

To guarantee the smooth movement of the goods, Overseas Container Logistics provide their clients with guidance regarding the most effective shipping method, documentation, and any other relevant information before shipment.

  • Organizing pick-ups according to the client’s requests.
  • Completing all required paperwork;
  • Orchestrating Customs assessment and leeway;
  • Getting the goods to their final location;
  • Providing clients with guidance regarding regulations, storage, and the reexport of imported materials;
  • Coordinating the return or forwarding of materials and shipments following the requirements of the client.

The Imports Team keeps an eye on and takes care of each stage of the process at all times.

International Express Services of Overseas Tracking

Worldwide, express documents and packages can be delivered efficiently door-to-door with the International Express Service.

Overseas Logistics will assist you every step of the way when time is of the essence by collecting the shipment, completing security and customs requirements, paying any applicable taxes, and then handing over the package. Pick up the phone or send them an email to get in touch with them.

Overseas Tracking put in a lot of effort to earn the trust of their customers and is aware that a person is in every document or package.

  • Time unmistakable help accessible on demand.
  • Quick despatch of reports and bundles around the world.
  • Speed, adaptability and unwavering quality.
  • On-request assortments.
  • Full track and follow offices.
  • Simple to utilize administrative work.

Sea Freight in Overseas Courier

When it comes to the transportation of cargo shipments, sea freight plays a crucial role.

Shippers frequently encounter a wide range of unexpected shipping surcharges due to the constant fluctuation of sea freight buying rates. Overseas Logistics Private Limited are pleased to collaborate with its customers to satisfy their transit time and cost requirements.

Third-Party Pick-up in Overseas Container Logistics

Senders can request that the shipment be picked up at a different location than the sender’s registered location. The sender has more flexibility and convenience with the Third-Party Pickup service.

It needs to be planned for at least a business day. Due to the shipment’s multiple routing and customs clearances, this prevents any time delays.

Warehousing in Overseas Logistics Tracking

Warehousing, distribution, and fulfilment are critical business functions that directly correlate with customer satisfaction.

Overseas has the expertise, people, and resources to provide you with solutions that affect your distribution network at every stage. Their clients save a lot of money thanks to a modern freight handling system and a streamlined supply chain.

They offer prompt, dependable logistics and distribution to a wide range of locations, as well as a variety of warehousing and storage services that are both cost-effective and efficient.

Personal Baggage in Overseas Logistics Private Limited

With them, you can send your baggage anywhere in the world. When it comes to luggage delivery, you can save money, time, and stress.

Overseas Container Logistics are pleased to announce that Overseas has simplified the procedure and reduced costs!

Every day, Overseas Express Logistics assist students, tourists, ex-pats, and business users. Send bags ahead of time to their destinations as quickly as possible.

Their baggage service can be more than welcome news for those who want to avoid the dreadful task of carrying luggage from home through train stations, taxis, and airports. It’s the best alternative to baggage from airlines.

At Overseas Logistics, Overseas Tracking make it so that you won’t have to wait eagerly for your suitcase to appear on the conveyor belt—not to mention the possibility of it not appearing at all—which is every traveller’s worst nightmare!