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CITYPhone NumberEmail AddressLocation Address
Hyderabad8822892289 / 9393322289[email protected] 
[email protected]
Ground Floor, 1-8-506/4/1, PRAKASH NAGAR, Secunderabad, Hyderabad, 500016, Telangana

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Omni Express Tracking

India-based parcel delivery service Omni Express International Courier and Cargo is one of a kind. They are the only Indian international courier company that delivers food items, express baggage, excess luggage, garments and fabrics, household items, industrial items, chemical samples, express package delivery, and other items to the Following Countries

  • United States
  • United Kingdom 
  • Singapore 
  • Australia
  • New Zealand 
  • Germany
  • Dubai
  • France 

Omni Couriers are able to deliver to any location and pick up the package from any location.

They are known to be the quickest messenger giving house-to-house conveyance across the globe. 

Packages for importing and exporting to international destinations are offered by Omni Express. Their network operates in all major destinations and has a global presence.

They additionally work with Worldwide Dispatch organizations like DHL, FEDEX, UPS, dynamite Aramex, and so forth. Due to Their high volume, they offer significant discounts so that you can receive the same services at a lower cost. 

They have all the skills needed to carefully prepare your packages for shipping so you don’t have to hire a third party for packing services.

The Company Omni Express offers a solitary mark of responsibility for the whole obtainment and coordinated operations cycle from express messenger administrations to custom freedom and entryway conveyance.

Omni Express International Courier

OMNI WORLDWIDE EXPRESS offers superior courier services with a wealth of experience. Giving steady Messenger Administrations is the fundamental focal point of the firm. As a result, they give exceptional attention to customer service in order to satisfy all of their customer’s requests and questions. 

When it comes to offering a variety of courier services, the extremely knowledgeable team of specialists assists customers at every step. Their efforts are also made easier by alliances based in Indian states and other countries around the world.

Omni Tracking is proud of its highly motivated and well-trained workforce, which is adept at meeting the needs of customers. Due to a focus on assisting businesses in their need for effective logistics management and an understanding of the dynamic nature of the market, their courier services are constantly improvised. 

The company’s projects are characterized by professionalism and vitality, with an emphasis on speed, security, and dependability.

The following courier services are available to customers:

  • Global Messenger Administrations.
  • Services for Domestic Couriers
  • Express Dispatch Administrations.
  • Services for air cargo.

OMNI WORLDWIDE EXPRESS is known as a dependable Hyderabad-based provider of international courier services. The company is well-positioned in the industry, ensuring the safe delivery of all important international documents, packages, and samples. 

All of the major international courier companies, including FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, and ARAMEX, use the company as their direct and indirect channel associate. 

They are able to provide express services with the assurance of safe and timely delivery through their own network of International Courier Services. With their advanced tracking system, you can keep track of your shipments from pick-up to delivery.

Records and Bundles in Omni Parcel

SAVE MORE THAN FIFTY PERCENT ON YOUR EXPRESS DOCUMENTS AND PARCELS Omni Express will ship your important documents and samples from any Indian city. To any place in the world, They offer FedEx, UPS, DHL, and TNT wholesale international air courier shipping services. 

At the most competitive rates, Omni Express guarantees that your products will be delivered promptly, safely, and on time. All of your shipments are tracked with Omni Express International priority from pick-up to delivery, and you can even view the precise status of your shipments online in real-time. 

Conveyance of global reports and bundles as it offers Archive Express (DOX), Bundle Express (WPX) and Freight (Box – 25kgs and Box – 10kgs) administrations. Worldwide, these services are available to 220 countries and territories.

From documents to non-documents, such as 

  • Electrical goods 
  • Components, garments 
  • Manufactured goods 
  • Non-commercial shipments
  • Cargo shipments
  • Air freight—sea and air
  • Relocations—packers and movers
  • Excess baggage
  • Unaccompanied baggage
  • Medicines
  • Food items
  • Homemade eatables—all kinds of condiments
  • Savoury items—spices
  • Books—Stationery
  • Antiques—Pooja items 

All kinds of household goods—Omni Express specializes in shipping all

Express Food Products

The transportation of your valuable food products is handled by Omni Express Tracking. They are a leading provider of courier services, delivering almost anything from India to your door. 

If you live outside of India, you won’t have to worry about missing Indian goods because Omni Express guarantees that you will always receive them on time. 

Omni Express is an exclusive courier and cargo service provider for sending all types of food items, household items, and excess baggage abroad to all countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Dubai, and the rest of the world. 

They ship almost everything for you, from important documents and medicines to groceries, condiments, and food products.

Omni Logistics also offer discounts to parents who send food, books, clothes, and other essentials to their children who are studying abroad. 

They accept the following items via international courier:

  • Desserts, Bites, Hand Crafted Eatables.
  • Sambar Powder, Rasam Powder, and pickles
  • Pulses, spices, spicy masala, and savoury foods
  • Rice, Wheat Atta, and Foodstuffs
  • Spices, masalas, jaggery, and tamarind from India
  • Pooja items, masala pastes, and condiments.
  • A wide range of foods is made at home.
  • Handiworks, Photograph outlines, Pooja things.
  • Items made of wool, furniture, and cloth.
  • CDs, DVDs, books, notebooks, textbooks, and stationery
  • Utensils, household appliances, and toys for kids
  • Sarees, dress materials, and every kind of clothing
  • Corporate Gifts.

Omni Parcel Tracking accept all packages, no matter how big or small: They guarantee door delivery within 5 to 6 business days. 

There are many advantages to using Omni Express to ship your goods:

  • Highlights and Advantages:
  • Services from door to door.
  • Streamlined documentation
  • Custom Leeway.
  • They ship anything worldwide.
  • Online tracking with specifics.
  • Free shipping.
  • Guaranteed refund.
  • Payment can be made online.
  • Home pick-up is free.

Omni Express Tracking for Excess Baggage.

Through its courier and cargo services, Omni Express specializes in shipping excess baggage as well as unaccompanied baggage to any international location. Because Omni Express lets customers ship all of their excess baggage, it makes it simple to get around the strict airline rules about extra luggage. 

It even offers the choice of sending unaccompanied baggage from Bangalore to any objective around the world.

The amount of checked baggage that can be carried aboard an aeroplane is restricted by each airline. Aircrafts heading out from India to Europe, Center East, Far East and Asian nations permit their travellers to convey just 23kgs as free recompense stuff. 

Express from University

Omni Express has launched the STUDENT EXPRESS, a one-of-a-kind program to cater to the requirements of students. Fastway College Express is an elite assistance exceptionally intended to convey understudy applications to colleges abroad in the most dependable, quick and secure way across the globe.

Omni Express offers University Express, an exclusive air express service that is designed to deliver student applications to universities abroad in the most reliable and efficient manner. 

Understanding the need for timely delivery of crucial documents like college applications, Omni Express offers University Express. You can save more than 50% on Omni Express’s premium express services when you use University Express, and these services come with additional special service features. 

You additionally appreciate extraordinary understudy explicit advantages and worth of remunerations. In this way, the more you transport, the more you gain.

Omni Express Provide:

  • Home pick-up is free.
  • Numerous choices for tracking shipments.
  • Omni Express – International Student Identity Card has a 24/7 customer service line.
  • Additionally, special perks for overseas applications.

List of Prohibited Items in Omni Tracking

  • Precluded Things in Dispatch.
  • Envelopes and packages that are postally prepaid and stamped.
  • Gems, precious stones, and jewellery
  • Semi-liquids and liquids
  • Items that are susceptible to spoilage.
  • Uncrossed (Carrier) drafts/checks, cash and coins.
  • Explosives, weapons, and military gear.
  • An item containing flammable materials.
  • Radioactive substances and hazardous substances.
  • Noxious articles.
  • Substances that swell.
  • Food sources and food items.
  • Powders.
  • Chemicals that are solid and liquid.
  • Gas appliances’ compressed air and toxic gases.
  • Bottles or cylinders pressurized.
  • All things that encroach the Indian Postal Demonstration of 1898 and generally confined things according to the rules of IATA.
  • Gear for the military.
  • Produce from unauthorized forests.
  • Notes of money.
  • Plants and live animals.

Dangerous Products

  • Acid.
  • Adhesive products (containing a liquid that is flammable).
  • Aerosol cans (e.g. spray for hair).
  • Gas or battery-powered alarms
  • Alcohol.
  • Alkaline.
  • Aluminium granules.
  • Products with ammonia.
  • Ammunition.
  • Anti-freeze.
  • Appliances (with batteries included).
  • Asbestos.
  • Charcoal.
  • Chlorates.
  • Corrosives, such as nail polish
  • Disinfectants.
  • Dyes.
  • Things that are electronic (with batteries).
  • Fertilizers.
  • Flares.
  • Gas (for example Propane, butane, hydrogen, helium).
  • Glue (such as quick-drying, flammable, etc.)
  • Hair shading/blanches.
  • Highly magnetic, polymerizable merchandise.
  • Insecticides.
  • Fabric softeners.
  • N2O in liquid form.
  • Attractive material.
  • Matches.
  • Fuels for motors
  • Nail clean.
  • Organic substances that oxidize.
  • Oxygen cartridges.
  • Products for perfumery.
  • Petrol.
  • Liquid for plastic.
  • Propane.
  • Shock Absorbers (compressed air or gas).
  • Solvents.
  • Acid sulphuric.
  • Oil of tea tree.
  • Dramatic flares.
  • Toner, such as in a photocopier
  • Turpentine.
  • Batteries
  • Automobile or wet cell batteries
  • Battery fluid.
  • Aerosol deodorant
  • Drugs (Medication).
  • Essential oils
  • Firefighting equipment.
  • Solids and liquids that are flammable.
  • Aerosol hair spray
  • Kerosene.
  • A thinner fluid.
  • Lithium-ion batteries.
  • Magnets.
  • Mercury.
  • cellular phones
  • Remover for nail polish.
  • Broiler cleaners (which incorporate harsh pop).
  • Peroxides, such as hair dye
  • (Oil-based) paint